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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 44
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“Yes Joe, I overheard it from my Dad as he was talking to minister Mutua about it, it seems he nolonger trust you and so he wanted you dead after the mission.” Joyce explained.

Joe seemed so shocked to believe it but he had no choice. We had no time to waste standing there since the explosion was already attracting security officers. Cops are known for always arresting someone around a crime area even it the crime was committed days ago, furthermore, being an eye witness to a crime is a crime by itself, you become the first suspect. A cop will arrest you to cover for his job, he or she has to arrest someone to begin their prolonged investigations.

“You better get into the car , all of you, before the cops gets us here.” I advised or rather ordered. Having ‘Dad’ trying to kill me was not to be taken simply, if Joyce had not been so sharp, I would be dead. Her mother was worth my gratitude, she had overheard everything as the two minister’s planed to have us killed. She told Joyce everything, being my sister, Joyce had not hesitated in trying to save me.

Joyce had told me everything and we faked our drinks to fool Joe who had obviously seen his mission almost succeeding. Joyce had visited the restaurant during the day and had soft drinks transfered into beer bottles. It was a nice game for us all as we pretended to be so drunk, I wondered if i couldn’t make a good acter. Maybe I would write my life story and make sure it was acted, I would then play part in it. But then, acting my life story wouldn’t be nice, I would have my son act it then, by then I would be an old man, but wait, would I imagine my own son in such kind of a life? Maybe I would have just anybody act it, anyone not my own son and not me. I wondered if anyone would love to be Judas or Joe Ngigi, it would be hard to find such characters. These all passed through my mind as we drove towards the city, everyone seemed so preoccupied with their thoughts to speak, it was already 0300 dawn and everyone seemed sleepy, Maccain was behind the sterling, he seemed more active. The following morning we all woke up to find what we expected, all the newspaper had the news that there was a car explosion at the bypass and it was feared that the former Minister’s gateman had died in the explosion, according to media, the minister needed more security for it seemed that his life was in danger too. Later that day, the minister was seen speaking to the press, he looked so scared for his own life, in fact he almost shed tears as he mourned ‘Joe’s’ death. He really was a good acter too, Joe watched everything silently.

At the afternoon news, the Minister also sent a message to the media houses, he feared that his son, David was also in the car. According to him, I was with Joe the previous night and we were seen getting in to that car. At that point, the minister could not hold his tears.

“Though their bodies haven’t been traced, we fear that they perished in the flames…” The minister was taken away by his guards as he wiped his tears, ‘he was overcame by grief.’ Inside him, I knew he was really enjoying his victory.

The news about my death spread like fire on dry grass, mourning was to start immediately after my remains were traced.

On that evening, I called one of my friends working in a media house. At first, he doubted my voice, he was sure I was dead, in fact he cut the line so fast. I had to call him with a different line and convince him that it was me.
I begged him not to say anything to anyone, as the nation mourned my death, I wanted to appear on the TV station that evening and fight it out with the minister, the public must know the truth…

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