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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Before Joe took off, Joyce approached. She wanted him to open the door for her. Though he didn’t like it, as he had no room for more delay, he had no option than to open for her. His prayers was that , whatever she wanted , she would be gone in one minute time. He feared that David might sober up before his mission was over.

“Madam, you need something from any of us?”

“No and yes, Maccain and I will travel together with you.” She said, she was already squeezing herself inside, beside Joe.
“The space ain’t enough for us all madam, why don’t you…” Joe complained, trying to hide his disappointment.

“There is more than enough room for us all, Maccain is already comfortable with David and Rozina in the back seats.” Joyce said with finality.
“What about my cousin Mercy, where is Mercy?” He sounded alarmed.
“She is in good hands, drive now, its an order.” Joyce ordered.
“Are you threatening me? I won’t drive until I see my cousin.” He barked.
“Then she will die, you will have to follow our instructions if you want to save her life.”
Joe pulled out his gun and pointed it to Joyce who just smiled, she wasn’t moved.
“I will shoot you right now if you don’t tell me where Mercy is!” He threatened.
“Look behind.” She giggled. Joe turned to see three guns pointed at him. David, Maccain and Rozina had guns pointed at him.
He couldn’t believe his eyes, were they not supposed to be drunk?

“But you were drunk and asleep!” He said desperately.

“Now we are awake and sober, hand over your gun to Joyce, now!” David ordered.
Joe had no option, though he hesitated, he feared for his life, of all the things, he would never risk his cousin’s life too.
“Good, now, let’s drive to the by pass.” David ordered.

“And my cousin? What are we going to do there? At the bypass?” He sounded weak, beaten and alarmed.

“Your cousin is there, we need to rescue her. Secondly, at the bypass is where you were to meet the minister after assassinating me.” David’s words made Joe run out of words, he couldn’t figure out how he had come to know all about it. It was true, he was to meet the minister and receive his cheque at the bypass after assassinating David.
“But sir,,,,,” He stammered.
“No more words from you, drive! Now!” Joyce threatened to shoot him.

“The court of law will determine your fate but if you misbehave, we will have you dead. A traitor is not worth living.” Joyce said harshly. Joe had no otherwise, a great assassin like him was now being ordered by a lady, he smiled at what he thought as his foolishness. If he would get a single chance, he swore upon his soul that he would kill all of them, even Joyce the minister’s daughter, had he not killed more prominent people? Ndegwa himself had given him a job to kill his political opponent.


In thirty minutes time, they arrived at the bypass, he was eager to see his cousin Mercy.
“Where is my cousin? You said he was here!” Joe barked.

Before David answered him, Joe’s phone rang, he checked it, it was Minister Mutua. He hesitated to pick it.

“Pick the phone and tell him you have killed us already. Everybody, get out of the car!” David ordered as he threatened to shoot him.
“Your cousin will die within one minute if you don’t pick the call and say as I told you to!” He threatened. Joyce, Rozina and Maccain were already out of the car.
Joe picked the call.

“Yes sir, they are dead……yes… At the bypass…” David grabbed the phone and turned it off. He ordered Joe to get out and follow others into a saloon car that was parked some yards ahead.
He hesitated but he had to, he feared for Mercy’s life.

“Your cousin is at home, no one touched her.” David informed him as they approached the saloon car.
“What? You mean…”
“I mean, Mercy will drive us home, she is in that saloon car.” Joe couldn’t believe his ears and eyes as he saw Mercy get out of the car and hug all of them, had she double-crossed him? He would blame her for that, he felt that he hated her.

Before he thought of what to do, there was a loud explosion that sent everyone on the ground. They looked back to see the car they had come with in flames. Joe could not understand but the rest did.

“You see? The minister wanted you dead too…” David told Joe.
“It was a set up?!”

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