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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 42
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“Serena?” She asked in disbelief.

“Its me madam, thank God Mohammed traced you. Please, how is David? Where is my love David?” Serena was curious but before she got her answer, David’s mother passed out. She was not only tired , hungry and thirsty but she also suffered from body pains, she had been tortured and beaten by her kidnappers.

When David’s mother gained her conscious, she was in a hospital bed, Serena sat beside her.

“Where am I?” She asked. “You are in hospital madam, you collapsed after we saved you from the hands of your kidnapper.” Serena explained patiently.
“In what part of Nairobi are we?” She asked ones more.
“Nairobi? You don’t remember anything?” Serena was concerned.
“Tell me please, my son needs my help, I must see him!” She insisted.
“We are in Mombasa, after ….”
“Mombasa? Oh no! I must get back to Nairobi.” She demanded trying to get off her bed, the pains on her back stopped her, she had no choice than to sleep back.
“The don’t requires you to have more rest as he treats you. Nairobi is also too dangerous for both of us.” Serena explained, she pitied her, she knew she was a good lady, rich but humble. Serena was glad to have saved her life, it was like a payback since David’s mother had saved hers too. “I want to see my son!” She cried helplessly after discovering she was too weak to leave her bed.

“I also want to meet David, that’s all I dream of, that’s all my heart desires, even it means giving out my life for the same, but remember what you told me? David would love to see me alive not dead, you told me to be patient, I hearkened to that, you have to be patient too madam, David loves you, he will die of stress if he learns your death.” Serena convinced. She had no choice than to take her words, as a mother of fact, the city was a dangerous place for both of them. They needed to take more cover as they tactically planed on how to help David.

David’s mother looked at the clock on the wall, it read 0900hours in the morning, she remembered something. Tears started forming in her eyes, she was in great terror.
“Are alright madam?” Serena was concerned.
“No, my son, my son was supposed to die last night…” She let her tears flow freely.
“What? But….but…” Serena couldn’t find her words.

“A dangerous assassin was hired to kill him, his name is Joe, David believes him to be on his side, I was told that they were to have a meeting last night where Joe would kill him.” She broke into fresh tears.

Serena was moved by the news but she believed in David, she had lived to trust his strength. She felt it that David was alive, she now believed in David. His mother had explained everything to her concerning David’s life, she now believed him as a supernatural being.
“David is alive.” Serena said shortly as she wiped away her tears.
“How do you know?”
“Because I feel it, If he was dead, I would feel it, maybe I would be dead too.” Serena explained, her eyes lit with hope. David’s mother saw new future and hope in those eyes of Serena.


David was not used to much drinking but on that night, he took more than enough. It was difficult to maintain his balance.

His friends were no exemption , Mercy ,Maccain and Rozina were more than drunk. On the other side, Joyce and Joe Ngigi had taken little beer and therefore they were still sober.
Joe was sure of his victory, killing David and Rozina would be an easy task. He thanked his gods for the promising victory, he foresaw his wage after the task, he would be billionaire.
Joe knew that his cousin Mercy would blame him assassinating David, he believed that a few millions to Mercy would make her heart soften towards him, he knew ladies loves money.

It was few minutes to midnight, Joe’s phone rang and he moved out to pick it.

He stood at the parking zone and picked the phone, he was sure no one was around to eavesdrop.

“Hello sir.”
“Have you done it?” There came the minister’s voice.
“Almost sir, they are totally drunk, I will drive the two home and finish them on the way.” He said proudly, he had never failed in his mission. He was sorry to had disappointed the minister when he failed to kill Rozina. The minister had threatened to kill his cousin Mercy if he failed to kill Rozina and David. Of all the people, he wouldn’t loose his precious cousin.


Everyone agreed that Joe should drive David and Rozina home. He appeared less drunk and strong compared to the rest. As he sat on the driver’s seat, he felt for his gun beneath his belt. David was already snoring at the back seats , Rozina sat beside him.
Joe smiled and he started the engine….

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