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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 41
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“The minister was forced to resign this evening, this was after the vote of no confidence was passed against him by the members of parliament.” Maccain explained, it was the best news I had received on that day.

“What a news! That’s gorgeous!” I remarked clapping my hands and thus attracting the nearby waitress.
“May I help you?” She inquired.
She seemed so ready to serve us, it was her job of course.

Everyone on the table turned their looks on me expectantly.

We had enough drinks on our table, I couldn’t order for more.
“Which beer do you take?” I asked her.
“Tusker, sir.”
“Three bottles on my bill, I mean five.” The news of the minister loosing his post had caused more than joy to me, for the first time I felt that the world was moving towards my fate. For the first time I was cerebrating ‘my father’s’ failure and loss.
“Why would they do that to him? ” Mercy asked.
“The case we filed against him is grave, he can’t be a minister for security yet he is accused of murder. If at all he wins the case, he might take back his post as the minister.” Maccain explained.

“Now that he isn’t a minister, he is less powerful, it’s our advantage.” Joe put in.
“Yes and no, he might be less careless and more dangerous now that he has no office to protect.” I argued. I knew him, he was the worst man the world had ever produced, his office as a minister had always been his concern, he did everything with care not to loose it.


Somewhere away from David.


She felt so weak to move, every part of her ached. She prayed that she would see David , her only son ones more. She would beg for his forgiveness, she saw Mark’s image all over in the darkness. Mark was her late husband, David’s father. She knew that she had caused his death, now her death was near. For three days now she had not taken anything, not even a drop of water.

She remembered how she had said goodbye to David, its like she knew the Minister’s plan of having her kidnapped and killed, she regretted having not kissed her son David goodbye. She prayed that one day the court may release him to fight for justice, she had confidence in her son, David was extraordinary, in him there were powers, powers that no was would contain, as his mother, she knew how truth it was. David would never rest before achieving his goal, she was happy to die in such a great hope. She wished to have lived long to see her own son bring justice and redeem millions of lives, she knew it was too late for her. The sound of an opening door confirmed her fear, she knew whom it was.

Man Kennedy appeared with his bright touch, from the day she was kidnapped, she had been under his custody. Though she believed that the minister had a hand in it, she had not met him. The huge man (Man Kennedy) had not bothered to explain why he kidnapped her or what he needed from her.
He unwrapped her mouth and produced his gun at the same time.
“What do you want with me?” David’s mother asked in a weak voice, a voice of a starving lady.
“I want to kill you, it’s my job.” He cocked his gun.
“Why should you kill me? Am just like your mother…”
“I never got to know my mother or Dad, she left me by the roadside to die, since then I have known nothing but trouble, I wouldn’t hesitate killing her.” He roared.
“If she wanted you to die, she would have killed you herself .” She argued. “Bullshit! I have a mission to kill you, are you not the minister’s wife?”
“I am.”
“Good, he wants you dead, he would have been here to kill you himself but he is mourning…”
“Mourning?! My son is dead?!!! Uuuuuuui!” He gave her a heavy blow which took her sometime to regain her breath. She was breeding through her nose and mouth.
“Make more noise and I will make your death slow and painful, you should be greatful that I chose to shoot you , its a fair death, no much pain.” He smiled mischievously.

He produced a roll of tobacco and handed it to her.

“Lit it for me, I have good news for you before you die, its about your son David.” She had no option, she really needed the news. “Good. Now, the first one, David was set free from prison, second, the minister, your husband lost his job and a murder case awaits him next week and that’s why you must die, you are an eye witness. The minister fears you might be found and give a testimony against him.” He raised his gun to shoot her.

She was happy to hear that her son was free. She now felt free to die.

“Look into my eyes.” She said emotionally.”One day, my son will kill you for this, he will revenge for my death, he is stronger than any born son of a woman. Shoot me.” She knelt down so that the gun pointed her chest.

Man Kennedy let out a loud laughter that left the ironsheets vibrating.

“Your son dies tonight, Joe Ngigi, your gateman will kill him tonight in a restaurant where they have a meeting. He pretends to be on his side, they trust him.” He laughed ones more as he reached for the trigger. She closed her eyes as tears flown down her cheeks, she waited for her death. There came a loud gunshot, she knew she was dead, she wondered why it took her so long to die. She opened her eyes to see Man Kennedy on the floor, two figures approached her, one was a man and another one was a lady.

“Maddam? Are you alright? Its me, Mohammed, you are safe.” She couldn’t believe it.
“Mom, its me…” She said bending to support her. “Its me, Serena.”

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