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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Mercy and I left the office after a little more chat with Monica who had lots of apologies to make. We went straight into her car and I was more than willing to drive, it was long since I sat behind the sterling.

As I started off the engine, I remembered someone, Brian. He had always sat beside me during my both official and secret journeys, the young boy had known me better than anyone else, I had entrusted him with all my secrets. Brian would have never failed me, I would live to regret his death. He was so young, so immature to die, he had been so precious to me. Brian had not worked for money, he whole heartedly worked to sew me comfortable. There was a bond between us, he was like a little brother to me.

“Why are you crying?” Mercy startled me from my memories.
“Crying?” I tried to cheer up.
“Yeah, you have tears on your…”
“Well, its just a tiny fly that have entered my eye but…”

“But you have tears on your both eyes David.” She said smiling though she sounded concerned. I had no otherwise than to tell her the truth, I had only Joyce and her to talk to, my mother was in unknown place. I needed to be listened to, I needed to be comforted.

“I told you about Brian, I still blame myself for his death, I shouldn’t have involved him, he was too young for…..” I must have been emotionally sad, a condition which makes a man look like an idiot, a fool.

“David! Do you want us to revenge for Brian’s death or not?” She asked almost harshly.

“I want!”
“Good, if you want it and you still want to find your mother and Serena, if you want justice for your family, then, you have to be strong, be a man.” I found wisdom in her words, I liked her personality, she would have sat there trying to mourn with me but she was different, she was an iron lady. Strong, intelligent and focused, those are the three dangerous qualities that a Lady can posses. A lady that you can’t fool and you can’t scare with a slap is dangerous to live with.

We arrived at her apartment in forty minutes time, Rozina, who now lived with her, had gone out with Mercy’s younger sister.
Mercy was an organized lady, her house was well fitted, everything in it appeared rich, considering her age and her former job, she was doing just perfectly. She was no doubt living slightly above her class, or maybe, I underestimated her.

“You must be more than a nurse Mercy, this place is awesome.” I remarked.
“Say that again and I will still tell you, am jobless as we speak, not even a nurse.” She joked as though she didn’t mind. I knew it would take me almost a lifetime to understand the kind of a person she was. A lady who appeared so simple, open, careless but in real sense very organized, lovely and focused. I wondered if I would have married her if we had met before I met Serena. She was ever happy, always cracking a new joke, I always enjoyed her company. But then, there was only one Lady meant to marry me, Serena, thinking about another lady would be a betrayal itself.

Mercy directed me into the shower after which we had some drinks as we chatted on our way forward.
Later in that evening we drove to City View restaurant where we had to meet. Joyce, Rozina,Maccain and Joe were to be part of the meeting. We needed to discuss our way forward, my main aim being to find my mother. According to Rozina, my mother was the only one who knew where Serena was, after leaving the hospital, she had taken her to unknown place, fearing for her life.

Joyce and Maccain joined us fifteen minutes after our arrival, we had found Joe already settled with some bottles of whisky.

I ordered some drinks for all of us after the introductions, I was glad to introduce Mercy to them, I knew they would like her character.
“Sir.” Joe began.

“I propose that I may be addressed as David, my digestive system has a problem with the title ‘sir’.” They all laughed but I was serious.
“OK David.”

“You can call the minister sir but not me, you are my brothers and sisters.”
“He is nolonger a minister though.” Maccain put in.
“What do you mean?” I was curious.
“You haven’t got the evening news?”
“No Maccain, tell us, what happened to Minister Mutua?” Joe asked for the benefit of all of us, none seemed to have heard about it.
“The minister has….

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