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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 39
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“My name is David, am looking for lady Mercy, the nurse in charge.” I said politely to a lady who was sited in her office.
“My name is Monica.” She started. “Mercy is no longer with us, I replaced her.” She explain causing my worry.

“You mean she nolonger works here? What happened her?” I was curious but as though she didn’t discover it, she took her time before answering me. “She was sacked for going against the seniors, you know it’s unforgivable crime in our country.” She said firmly.

“How did she?” I wanted to know.
“She protected a rapist, a prisoner raped her but she was influenced to protect him, something that the seniors disapproved.” Monica was sounding interesting, it seemed she hadn’t recognized me.

“That’s strange! How could she do that? Protect a rapist? Cruel of her! Who was he?” I asked.

“I hear that he was the minister’s son, she feared that she might get herself in trouble if she got him jailed.” She whispered after looking through the door to make sure nobody was around.

I enjoyed the moment, rumour mongers sometimes can be funny, they will mislead you at anytime you depend on them as a source of your information. They hear something but whisper quite a different rumour.

“Where is the minister’s son now?” I asked in a whisper as well.

“In prison, he is serving a life sentence for raping his wife and trying to kill her, are you not from this country? Everyone knows these things.” She said, she seemed so proud to have been the first one to inform me about it.

“Raping his wife, did you say?” I was offended by her words. How could it be that now the public took me for a rapist? Or was she the only one with the same information?
“Yeah, he raped his wife.”

“I don’t think that is true, how can a man rape his own wife?” I tried to hide my offended moods.

“You don’t know him, do you? People are different.” She said.

“His name is David, right?” I asked. “Yes, that’s what i hear.”

“David was forced to part with his lovely fiancee so as he can marry Minister Ndegwa’s daughter. He was unable to leave her and that created the animosity between him and his Dad, Minister Mutua. One day the two girls collided in a hotel and the minister’s girl produced a pistol. By the end of the conflict, David and the Minister’s daughter were badly wounded. That is the real story.” I concluded. She seemed so keen.

“How did you know all that?” She sounded amazed.

“I worked as David’s driver.” I lied.
“Waoh! Am humbled to meet you, please sit down and tell me more.” She offered smiling broadly.

“Thank you, I must take my leave now.” I didn’t smile back. I hated her clear hypocrisy, she had kept me standing but now she was offering me a seat just because she believed I was David’s driver, what if she knew I was the David himself?

“No please, just sit down, I will order a cup of tea or coffee if you don’t mind.” She offered.

“Some other time my lady, for now I must get going, I have a message, an urgent one for Mercy.” I excused myself as I moved towards the door.

“Who is she to you? Sorry to ask.” I turned to her sharply and she smiled.

“A good loyal friend, the one that will always be genuine to someone.” I explained knowing that she would hate it, her face frowned.

“Give me a break, do you even know her well?” She sounded disappointed.
” Yeah, I know her more than I know you Monica, trust me.” I laughed to ease the tension.

“You love her?” She asked but before I could answer her, the door was pushed open after a brief knob. Talk of the devil and there the devil appears! Mercy stepped in and the two of us were shocked and excited to see each other. She rushed towards me and we embraced.
“Hello My lady!” I greeted her.

“Hello David, are you unwell again? How did they send you without an escort today?” She looked askance.

“It’s a long story dear, am a free man now.” I announced, I had not expected her to look so happy. On her side, Monica seemed so confused.

“The minister’s son is free now?!” Mercy asked in disbelief.
“Wait wait wait,,,,can someone tell me,,,,,,what is going on here? Mercy, who is he?” She sounded anxious.

“You don’t know him? Is that why you keep him standing yet there are seats in the room?” Mercy asked harshly, her voice still carried the joy with itself.

“He refused to sit down, he told me he was the minister’s son driver.” She confessed.
Mercy made a prolonged laughter thus causing more confusion in Monica.
“His name, did he tell you his name?” Mercy asked.

“His name is…..”Monica paused and stood on her feet. She placed her both hands on her head as though about to scream.

” David! Are you the minister’s son?” Monica asked in disbelief.

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