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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 38
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“You have to stop crying Joyce, is it not good that I didn’t sleep with you? How would it be to discover that I made love to my own sister? You must understand me my dear.” I tried to calm her down.

“You never knew that I was your sister, you did it out of hate David! You hated me! You still do!” She cried.

“How would I be so foolish to hate my kid sister? Its not that i hated you, I only felt it that it was wrong to make love to you, I couldn’t do it Joy, my conscious couldn’t allow me.” I pleaded.

“Do you love me?” She asked weakly.
“More than you can comprehend, you are the only family am left with Joyce.”
“I have always loved you David, I always saw future and hope in you brother David.” She confessed. “Any girl would have loved to be with you.” She confessed ones more.
“And any man would have loved to be with my lovely sister.” Joyce was beautiful, it wasn’t a mere praise, I was proud to be her brother.

“Now you must get me out of this d--n prison Joyce.”

“In the shortest time David, am still unable to call you , bro David.” She joked and laughed.

“With time you will learn to do it, meanwhile, you have a responsibility to take care of me as my sister, putting me in prison isn’t part of it, is it dear?”
“No David, in fact I will live to regret it.” She confessed.

“You have only one option sister, join hands with Maccain and get me out of prison.” I advised.

“I will do all it takes, should I rush and bring you some food?” She asked.

“That would be time wasting , my mother is still alive and I need to find her.”

After few minutes more, Joyce left to search for Maccain, in two days time she would demand my release, I wanted everything to remain a secret so we never involved the minister in it. Now that Joyce had been used to file the case against me, she was the only one the court required in the appeal.

I really longed to be out, I would do all I could to have my mother and Serena back, I still felt that Joe knew a thing or two about them.


After two days , Joyce , Maccain and I met in the courtroom. The proceeding was short and brief. There were few people in the room, there wasn’t a single Journalist.
“David Kamau Mutua, according to the information in this file, information given by Joyce Ndegwa, you are innocent. She says that she fell on her own gun after shooting you on your shoulder.” She, the Judge, stopped to look at me.
“Yes my lord. She was mislead.”
“Do you wish to file any case against her or anyone?” The judge opened her file.
“Yes your honour.”
“Go ahead, who do you want to accuse?” She asked.

“My Dad, the minister for the internal security.” The judge tried to hide her shock but it was clear, the prosecutor seemed so afraid too.
“What did he do? ”
“Am accusing him of murder, murdering my real Dad and kidnapping my own mother so as to hide the evidence. It have been a secret but its now revealed that Mutua,the minister is not my real Dad.” The judge seemed so afraid to ask a question.

“Do you have an evidence to all these allegations? Do you know the consequences of these kind of allegations?” The prosecutor sounded so serious.
“Of course I do, I have eye witnesses, all I need is a little more time my lord, a week will be enough your honour.”

The judge looked at the prosecutor before opening her file and she wrote something.
“On Monday next week, your case will be listened to, this court demands full evidence of your allegations, failure to which you will not like my ruling against you.” She sounded gravely serious.

“Thanks your honour.” I thanked though I didn’t know why I did, did I thank her for threatening me?

“Now, this court finds you, David Kamau innocent and officially releases you.”

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