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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 37
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“What do you mean by that?” I wasn’t curious, I was sure she was joking.
“You are a brother to me David, your Dad was my biological Dad.” She said sadly. That was too much for a joke, had she come to mock me? There was no doubt that her dad was Minister Ndegwa, the minister for transport and communication.

“Joyce! Do you have anything sensible to share with me apart from your childish tales and jokes?” I was already furious with her, I wanted her to leave and never visit me again. Maybe she had gotten a lover and now wanted me to play the part of ‘brother in Christ.’ If only she knew how her engagement would amuse me then she would be long married by then.

“David, calm down, we need to talk and take a revenge against our father’s murderer.” Her words startled me. How did she even know that my Dad was killed?
“Who told you? I think my Dad is alive, the minister, Mutua and yours minister Ndegwa, go home and rest Joyce.” “My mother was your late Father’s secretary, when he died in the hands of Mutua, she was already pregnant with his child, two months later after his death, I was born. Later, my mother, who had been his secretary for long and his secret lover, got married to Ndegwa who had been our Dad’s personal driver.” She explained thus increasing my shock, it would take me centuries to believe that Joyce and I were a brother and a sister. But then, i had witnessed how difficult it had been for me to try and love Joyce as a lover, I had tried to figure it out making love to her but all I saw was darkness. I had liked her but I felt nothing for her. My question was, if at all Joyce was my sister, why on earth was our parents so commited in wanting us to marry? There was no doubt that there were so many secrets in my life, no wonder I had to write my autobiography and name the book “the hidden secrets.”

“Who told you all these?” I enquired. How I wished it was a dream.

“My mother did, she narrated everything to me.” She confessed.
“In the afternoon when I vowed to do something and revenge against you for rejecting me and disgracing me. She warned me that I shouldn’t and when I dug deep, she narrated to me the whole story. My mother and your mother, as much as they never wanted us to marry each other for it was uncouth, your Dad and my Dad forced them to support the marriage.” She explained sadly.

I was totally confused, I didn’t know how to take the news, should I take Joyce as the only family member left to me now? According to her, everything was ruined because on top of being married, we had lots of love. It was an abomination for a sister and a brother to make love on each other.
“I wept the whole of last night David, there is no doubt we are living on a curse, all they wanted was to ruin and destroy our lives.” She said breaking into tears. I had no idea on how to handle her, I still saw her as a bad person who had brought nothing but sufferings into my life.

I hesitantly took her into my arms and she held me tight as she flooded my chest with her tears. I wondered how she would react to discover that Judas had made love to her and not me. Judas, a guy from a poor background had almost fathered her first child had she not miscarriaged. I cleared my throat.

“Joyce? I want to tell you something.” I started as she raised her forehead from my chest to place her wet eyes on me.
“Go on dear.” Her voice was weak.

“I don’t know how you will take it, am sorry about it, am truly sorry.” I looked into her curious eyes.

“David! Tell me everything dear, am desperate!”
“I have never slept with you, Judas did….

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