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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 36
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“This is my mother! Where is she? Tell me now!” I held her by her neck, there was no doubt that my mother could be alive but in trouble, I would do anything to save her. “You are hurting me David!” She screamed causing some alarm, one of the cops standing few yards from the door approached us.

“What is it? Young lady?” He was addressing Achieng whom I had let her neck go.

“It’s nothing, thank you.” She said with finality as she straightened her collar.
“But you shouted, was he harassing you?” He nagged.

“The lady said it’s nothing! Don’t you have ears? ” I interrupted rudely. The cop just glared at me and moved away. To survive in prison you needed to act tough, everyone would take advantage of you on your slightest softness.

“I wish I said the truth .” Achieng said with a low tone.
“What truth?” “That you strangled my neck.” She complained.

“I will not only strangle you but also kill you, a painful death is all you deserve, how can you? Achieng? Try to stop justice?” I argued.
“You know it’s my job to defend the minister, David.”

“By accusing me falsely? You pretended to be a family friend, how then do you side with one of us to intimidate and ruin all of us? Achieng?” I complained.
“David, you won’t understand, now please, I have a message for you…”
“You aren’t waiting for a bell to ring , are you?”
“What bell?” She asked.
“A bell to let you deliver your message, wil you deliver it and evaporate from my sight? You must be the devil’s wife if at all he has one!” I insulted. “Whatever that means, now, You must not say anything against the minister in the court, that’s the message.” She said seriously.

“Are you insane? We are here to accuse each other, are we not?”
“Yes or no but my message was clear to you, nothing against your Dad, in short , Rozina should not confess.” She warned .
“What if she does?”
“Then your mother dies.” She threatened.
“What? Who?! My mother again? What has she to do with all these?” I was so furious but a bit glad that my mother was alive.
“Your Dad knows it, he sent to deliver all I have told you, he alone knows where your mom is, her life depends on your decision David.” She convinced.
“But, Achieng’, why do you do this to me? Why value money than the truth? Why value money than human life?” I asked sadly.
“Your mother is a good lady David, she has always been good to me, I accepted to come and warn you so as to have her life spared.” She said softly.

“I don’t trust you at all Achieng!” I protested.
“No one does, in fact , I don’t trust myself too. But, I advise you to dismiss everything if you love your mother.” She advised.
“What do you mean?” I was confused.
“Right now, your Dad and the judge are having a breakfast together in her office, you still expect her to give you justice and jail her boss the minister?Are you even aware that Mercy the nurse has officially been dismissed from her duties as the clinic nurse and her certificates cancelled for not complying with the minister to have you jailed?” She explained, confusing me even more.
“Fighting with a man in power can never be in a court of law, you know our institutions well David, corruption, why not to choose rescuing your mother by letting everything go? Just finish your jail term and spare your mom’s life.” She advised.

Achieng confirmed to me that that the Minister’s would have my mother killed if at all I tried to have anything confessed against him.

Having my mother live meant everything to me, it would have cost me anything, even if it meant loosing the case which I eventually lost and the minister went free.

I still hoped for one day in which my mother and I would reunite and gang up against the minister in a just court of law.


Two weeks gone since my lost case, I still had not seen mother even after stopping Rozina and Joe from confessing against the minister. I had gone back to my prison life, I always thought about my mother, I knew she was alive somewhere.

On that day, I was informed that I had a visitor. I was escorted to the waiting room where I pushed the door open. Joyce Ndegwa stood up and opened her arms for me, I went ahead and hugged her, it was months since I saw her.

” I am sorry for everything David, at least I know the truth, count me on your side! Our father’s betrayed us!” She cried.
“Joyce?” I called in curiosity.
“Yes bro!” Joyce Ndegwa replied.

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