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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 35
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“This court should be aware that my client have continuously been intimidate and its time for the truth to be revealed.” Maccain paused as the judge continued writing something on her file.

“Your honour, please allow me to ask few questions to the nurse whom my client is accused to have raped.”
“I object against any intimidation, may this take precautions of having the evidences being interfered with. Your honour….” Achieng’ defended.
“Silence in court!” The judge ordered.
“Proceed.” The judge nodded at Maccain to proceed. I sensed victory.

“Thank you my lord, now I would like to interview Lady Mercy.” I saw Mercy move to the bench and being sworn that she was bound to speak nothing but the truth. “Kindly, tell this court your full names.”Maccain requested.
“Thank you, your honour, my names are Mercy Wambui Maina.”
“What is your occupation madam Mercy?”
“I work in the prison clinics as the chief nurse.”
“Thank you, now tell us what happened on 12th this month this year, where were you?”
“Your honour, on that particular date I was in the clinics as usual.”
“At around three in the evening, did you encounter my client in ward nine? What happened?”
“Yes, he was brought when he was unconscious, I treated him as it has always been my duty. When he gained back his consciousness, I discovered that his state of mind was not sane, as a proffesional nurse I knew he was suffering from temporal insanity caused by stress but before I could inject him for some rest as I seek for a solution, he grabbed and tied me on the bed.”

“What then?”
“He made away with the keys.” She concluded.

“Objection your honour! The lady was completely naked when she was found!” Achieng protested.
“Your honour, I protest against any intimidation and insult to my personality, I have never been raped in the whole of my life, am saying nothing but the truth.” Mercy protested.
“Then explain to the court why on earth you were naked and why you had semens on your lower parts of the belly….” That was Achieng.
“Your honour, I won’t stand here and watch this honourable court see my client being intimidated. Mercy puts it clear, she wasn’t raped.” Maccain put across.
“I had no semen on any parr of my body neither was I naked. I would like to file a case against that insult to my reputation.” Mercy was turning more strong and interesting, I was liking every word she spoke.
“Your honour…” Achieng tried to chip in but the judge cut her short.
“The story about the nurse being raped has turned out to be a mere allegation and this court has wipes it out unless the defendant side seek to file a case against the complainant side. This court would also like to listen to Rozina’s story from her own mouth.” The judge opened a new page on his file and I saw the minister wipe his face with a handkerchief, he must have been sweating.

“Thanks your honour…” Maccain started.
“Your honour, our main witness on that case is yet to arrive, we pray that this court bear with us and the case be adjourned up to the afternoon hours.” Achieng pleaded.
“In that case, this court has been adjourned and resumes at two in the afternoon.” The judge stood and left. I didn’t bother minding on why the minister’s team wanted the case adjourned, there was no doubt they wanted to buy more time.

I was still under my initial sentence in jail and therefore I was not free like the rest of my team. We all moved into the waiting room each with bright smiles for our promising victory.

On my side, deep within me there was sorrow, all was not well, I needed my family, I missed my family. What I was passing through was not all I wished for, I missed my mother, I missed those days when we all cared for eachother , when I hugged the minister who by then I reffered to as my Dad and kissed my mom for a goodnight, those days were long gone but hard to forget. Now
we were great enemies, enemies who would kill each other.
“Yes sir.”
“Will you confess against the minister?”
“Yes I will.” He smiled and I smiled back.
Somebody knocked the door, it was Achieng, the Minister’s lawyer.

She told me that the Minister had a message for me, she switched on a certain video on her phone. There she was , my own mother , wrapped around on her mouth. There were tears on her eyes….

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