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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 34
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“Tell me Joe! Where is Rozina?” I was already on his collar.
“Sir? Am…am…sir..” He stammered.
“Have you killed her?! Talk to me!” I shook him vigourosly.
“David! You are hurting him!” Mercy pleaded.
“I will kill him right now! Unless he confesses!” I threatened.
“But you promised!”
“Not all promises can be kept, some are beyond agreements!” I held him by his neck.
“I will call the police guarding this door and you will be arrested.” I threatened ones more. “But David! David you promised.” Mercy was weeping, she was guilty of betraying her own cousin.
“There is only one way to save your skin, confess to me, be ready to work with me even if it means confessing against the minister, I promise that you will be safe and free. I fight for justice and equality which you stand to be a beneficiary, for how long will a rich man use you to do evils he fears to do with his own hands? Just for a few coins?” I guess I was emotional .
“David, as much as I want to help you, its not simple.” He confessed.
“Go on, all I need is the truth, you have already killed Rozina, haven’t you?”
“Rozina is alive, I kidnapped her yesterday as your Dad instructed me.” I was relieved by his words.
“Thank the gods, where is she?” I was curious. “Under my custody, I won’t harm her if we agree that I will be safe from the cops.”
I promised him, he had my words, all I needed was for him to work with Mercy, Rozina and I to see the Minister suffer for his crimes.

Joe promised to lie to Dad that Rozina was already dead from her worsened wounds. Mercy would take care of her until when she would be strong enough to stand before the judge and confess against the Minister.


Two weeks later, the minister’s lawyer, the minister himself, Mercy, Maccain, Joe and I met in the court. The courtroom was into its capacity, the journalists were everywhere. The case was to be broadcasted live on various media houses. I was sure of victory over the minister, he had no option than to confess and be judged. My heart was still in pain, the pain of loosing my mother, deep within me , I felt that my mother was still alive. I prayed that one day, my mother , Serena and i be reunited again, that’s alone would restore my joy. The three of us would discuss the wisdom of my dead servant and friend Brian, we all loved him, the four of us had something in common.

Eventually, the judge entered and all of us stood on our feets
As the rest sat, I made my way to the defendant bench.

“You have to be strong David.” Mercy had advised, she had turned to be a very important person in my life, she was a source of motivation and consolation.
“Thanks dear, thank you for everything.” I had pecked her and left.
Now in the courtroom, I looked at her and she winked at me, we smiled at each other.
Eventually, the judge opened her file.
“David Kamau Mutua, you are now popular to this court.” She paused to look around.
“Today you have been accused of escaping from the prison, attempting to rape our nurse madam Mercy Maina, threatening to kill his Excellency the minister who happens to be your Dad and shooting his maid Rozina who died days later.” He paused and lowered his spects.

I had not expected such grave accusations, I smiled as Maccain stood from his sit holding Rozina by her right hand.
“Your honour, I object to all the accusations and allegations against my client, first of all, let me enjoy the pleasure of introducing Rozina Njabi, the minister’s maid who is said to be dead by the hands of my client.” I saw the minister’s face turn pale and in shock, it was clear he hadn’t seen her…

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