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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“Drop your gun Dad!” I ordered pointing my gun on him. He glared at me angrily.
“You son of a b---h! Your dare point at me? Your Dad?”
“You are the b---h, I am not your son! Now drop the gun before I release a bullet through your skull!” I fired a bullet to the ceiling and I saw him shiver. Before he knew it I had already kicked the gun out of his hand, Dad was a heavy man and it wouldn’t be simple to take him to the ground. My interest was to rescue Rozina’s life and to know where my mother was. Regardless of him not being my real Dad, I still had no courage to land my hands on him, he had brought me up, he had
educated and provided for me. Dad had failed in one thing, my freedom, he had denied me my precious freedom. He still wanted to control my life even at my age of 26years, that was unbearable.
“Why all these my son?”
“Your son? Me? Look at me sir.” I raised his face from his chin using my gun. I looked onto his face.

“Look at me, am I your son? Am I?” I guess I was becoming weak with emotions, staring in his wet eyes was not simple, the same red eyes that had always scared hell out of me with commands. The eyes looked weak and in despair, the old man was now scared.

“David, I can explain please.” He pleaded.
“Tell me everything, where is my mother? Where did you take her? Answer me!” My body was shaking with fury, a force inside me assured me that I was doing the right thing. “Your mother deserted us David, can’t you see am dying of missing her?” He wiped his crocodile tears.

“An old man is now crying? You remember what you did to me when I fell from a pawpaw tree in the orchard? You beat me for crying, you said men don’t cry, yet how old was I? Sixty years like you? No , thank you! I was only ten, you slapped my poor mom for complaining, in my sight Dad, how do you think I felt? Had I my strength I would have killed you, that pain eats me up to date. Now, produce her!” I pushed him to the corner with my gun squarely on his chest.

“My son, I will tell you the truth, please keep your gun off me.” He pleaded.
“I will count up to ten and then shoot you to death and I will return to prison if you don’t cooperate!” I ordered and started to count.
“Will you forgive me David? If I tell you the truth?” His voice shook with fear and sadness. He looked more old and exhausted, he now had developed indefinate wrinkles on his face.

“If there will be an forgivable sin, if its about my mother then I promise you a painful death.” I grinded my teeth with bitterness and fury.

“Am sure your mother is safe David but…” Before he completed, the door flung open.
I swiftly turned to see Judas pointing his short gun at me.
“Drop your gun David! I will shoot you if you don’t!” To my disbelief, Judas ordered.
“Judas? Why do you betray me always?” My voice was in disapointment.

Dad grabbed my gun swiftly and used his right hand to punch on my face. I still had no strength and courage to fight him, I still saw him as my Dad.

I lost my ground and consciousness when something heavy landed on the back of my head.


When I came to, my body was completely wet, someone had been pouring cold water on me. My hands and legs were tied, Dad sat on a simple chair infront of me, he held his gun.

“David, it was simple to kill you when you were unconscious, but I want you to know the truth before you die.” I saw Judas get into the room.

“Judas is my son, I killed your Dad and mother, the same way I will kill you tonight…

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