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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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By the time I got into our compound, it was around 1830hours. I knew I had no much time, if at all I meant to save Rozina’s life and to find my mother, I had to be swift. The gateman had shown some shock on seeing me, he had not expected me.

“Good evening sir, welcome back.” He saluted, his name was Joe Ngigi.
“Hello Joe, is the minister around?”
“You mean your Dad?”
“We don’t have any other minister around, do we?” I was loosing my patience with Joe.
Its a weakness to almost every African, they will have to repeat your words before answering your question, no matter how direct your question seems to be.

You meet an African lady in a public spot.
“My name is Kim, what’s your name?” You are so expectant, eagerly waiting for an answer so that you can ask your next question, she answers; “Oh! My name?” Had you not been so clear in your question? To survive in Africa patience is a basic key, Joe was no exception. “He is in sir.” He answered.

“When did he come back?” I was curious.
“At around five this evening sir, is there any problem?” He sounded alarmed.
I ignored his question.

“If anyone asks you if you have seen me say you haven’t, OK?” I ordered.
“But sir…”
“No buts!” I yelled, I needed to be tough.
“OK sir.”
“Secondly, nobody should get into this compound from now till further notice.” His face portrayed more confusion, he had no option than to take my orders.
I hurried towards the parking where I had no trouble in locating my gun where Rozina had placed it. I didn’t stop to think or consider the intensity or consequences of what I intended to do. I had to do all I could to protect whatever gave meaning to my life, if it would meaning killing Dad to have Serena and my mother back, I was ready to do it.

I walked straight into the rich bungalow, it looked lonely and deserted, I didn’t sense my mother’s presence. The welcoming warmth was no longer there, the atmosphere was cold and sad, I had no doubt that my mother was in danger.

There was no light in the living room
downstairs , I didn’t hesitate going upstairs but before I took to the stairs, Angela appeared from the kitchen.
“Sir?” She was obviously shocked.
“Angela, good evening.”
“Good evening sir, glad to see you back, welcome.” She had a lovely innocent smile.
“Thank you Angela, have you seen Rozina?” I was getting worried, Rozina was incharge of everything, she has always been there to see who gets in and out of the house, she used to monitor the other maids as they did their duties. Her main duty was to be my mother’s personal maid.

“Your Dad called him upstairs and…” I didn’t wait for the rest, I ran upstairs feeling my gun which was held tightly against my waist by my belt.

The silence upstairs was suspicious, if two people were in the upstairs, then some movements or some activities would be evident. There was light in my Dad’s study room. I hurried and pushed the door but nobody was inside. The room looked so disorganized, books and old newspapers were all over the floor, it wasn’t the room I was used to.
I checked into all the other rooms, including washing rooms but there was no sign of Dad or Rozina, there was only one room left, my parents bedroom. I didn’t mind the uncouthness of getting into it, I had no choice. I tiptoed towards the door and placed my left ear on the lock of the door. At first I didn’t hear any movement but with time, I could hear some faint voices inside the room. I wondered what would happen if I broke in to find my both parents on bed, it would be a taboo. Now that I couldn’t hear anything apart from the faint voices which I wasn’t sure of what they were saying, or even to whom they belonged, I decided to be less hostile. I wanted to knock and be opened for, incase Mom was still not around, I wound then point my gun to him until he would tell me where she was.

I was almost placing my knuckles on the door and make a polite knock when I heard a sharp scream from inside, it was a lady’s scream.
My one shoot kick flang the unlocked door open. There he was, with his pair of pants and the naked Rozina on the carpet, her chest was bleeding, on his right hand, he held his pistol. How I prayed that Rozina be alive. I reached for my gun before …..

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