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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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On that afternoon, I was glad to meet Rozina in the waiting room. She told me that everything was set. She also informed me that Joyce had relocated to their home, she no longer lived in my house.

I received the two cakes and a bottle of lemon juice in a black paper bag, there was little time left, I said goodbye to her and returned to my cell.

“Be careful Sir.” She had warned.
“Thanks Rozina, take care of yourself.” I shook her hand and left. Into my cell, the clock read 1400hours, I needed to start my mission right away. As I unwrapped one of the cakes, I remembered one thing, Rozina’s life could be in danger. In my parents bungalow, there was CCTV cameras in almost every room, there was no doubt that the Minister would see that Rozina had seen and even touched my mother’s phone which would be used as an evidence against him. I regretted for having not thought about it before she left, it would have been wise not to let her return into that house. Now her life was in danger, Dad wouldn’t mind putting a bullet into her skull, to him, a mere servant was not worth to be termed as a threat. I had to act swiftly, I wouldn’t allow him to kill somebody else.
I didn’t bother informing my cellmates about my plans. I made a big gulp of the lemon Juice and accompanied it with one tablet, two more gulps then I gave my cellmates the rest to share, I always shared with them. I left them scrambling for the cakes as I headed to the corner where I sat leaning on the wall. Mushtafa joined me shortly.

“You don’t seem well captain.”
“Am just fine Sheriff.” We used to call him Sheriff.
“You seem stressed today, please tell me, a problem shared….”
“Its not yet solved.” I concluded for him.
“No Captain ,its halfway solved.” He corrected.

“That’s an old saying, when a saying becomes so old, it could become a lie, tell me Sherry, would you kill your Dad?”
“Captain! How I wish he was alive, you know how it hurted to see him die? How can I even imagine of killing him?” He sounded so sad.
“If he threatens to kill the people you love, if he threatens to kill your mother maybe.” “I would think of other things to do to protect them but, killing my Dad, hell no!” He swore.
“Sherry, one day you will know whom I am and what I am fighting for, for now just call the warden and tell him that am dying.” I show his face turn pale and surprised.
“Dying? What do you mean?”
“I will be back before the third day.”
“Are you Jesus? Are you sober Captain…” I didn’t here his other words, I was in a new world, a world in which you hear and feel nothing.


The room was not new to me, the young nurse knew whom I was, we were already friends. I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me, she was obviously glad to see me regain my conscious.

“How do you feel David?” She place her hand on my neck, maybe to feel my temperature.

“Not fine, am not sure, what happened to me?”

“You collapsed, are you stressed about something? That might have been the cause.” She sat on the bed.
“Am not stressed.” I said shortly.
“You can count on me David, share it with me.” She held my hand warmly.
“I have nothing to share.” I was getting agitated. Why was she so stubborn?
Eventually the door was pushed open, a cop appeared at the door. I knew what it meant, I lied back on the bed.
“How is he? We need to take him back into the cells.” The cop spoke.

The nurse, her name was Mercy, she glanced at me and I winked at her.
” I need to treat him for some more hours, he isn’t fine.” She answered him.
“Alright, call the office when you are through with him.” He instructed before he left.
“Say thanks .” she teased.
“For what?”
“Ok, let me call him back.”
“Go ahead please.” I dared her.
“You are thick headed David.”
Mercy was young girl who seemed so social, I needed to use her to get out of prison.
“Your head is thicker than mine Mercy, do you have a boyfriend?” She had not expected such a question, she looked away in shyness.

“Its complicated. Why do you ask?” Did she think that I wanted to be her boyfriend? She obviously knew that I had a marriage ceremony with a minister’s daughter. “Maybe I am attracted to you Mercy.”
“The minister’s son is a joker.” She smiled.
“I am serious, you are likeable and lovable Mercy.” I confessed.
“You are flattering me, are you serious David?” She wore an innocent face.
“Yes, you will know the truth soon.” I pulled her on my bed.
“Let me lock the door David.”
“I will lock it, don’t bother.” I looked at the clock, it read 1645hours. There was no time to waste.

I la!d her on the bed and started my hands on her, she had nice young body but my mind was far from that. She placed her hands around my neck and kissed me.
“Making love with the minister’s son, what a day!” She remarked trying to push my trouser down word. I pulled out her top so that only her red bra was left on her blown body , her trouser was already on the floor body , her trouser was already on the floor. I began by tying up her hands on the bed.
“What are you doing sweetheart?” She wasn’t suspicious, if at all she was, she didn’t sound so.

“The Minister’s son makes love in a special way. Please close your eyes.” I reached for her pants and pulled them to the floor. I had an instinct to make love on her but then there was no time for that , besides, my Serena could never be betrayed.

I frisked her trouser and eventually a bunch of keys, there was no doubt that my mission was halfway successful.

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