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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 27
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“Rozina? What’s wrong Rozina?” I was so uneasy. I felt as though I couldn’t stand for one more second. My body was so weak to stand firm, it was difficult to take more breaths.

“Rozina please! Speak up dear.” I was already shaking her by her shoulders.
“You are hurting me sir.” She cried.
“Am sorry Rozina.” I apologized letting her go. “Please sit down.” I pushed the simple chair for her and she sank on it. I picked mine and sat opposite to her, not even minding that our knees were interlocking. All I needed was to know what had brought her.

Her sadness caused lots of anxiety in me, I feared for the worst, my prayer was one, for her to inform me that my mother was safe. I longed to see my mother even for a second and tell her how much I loved her, I would crack a little joke and snap her while smiling, I would forever put her picture as my phone’s profile picture. I would do anything that I have failed to do for her, anything to make her happy. I wondered why I had never thought of taking my mother for a lunch or a lovely dinner, I would have made her feel important and young. My Dad was so much occupied with ‘building the nation’ and taking university girls for meals to think of my mother. I wondered if such girls knew what kind of damange they were causing to our family, did they know the kind of loneliness it caused my mother for them to enjoy their hypocritical company with my so called Dad, the minister? Why was it so difficult for them to wait upon their young men Than to date such an old man? They obviously had no reason to care, all they needed was money to survive.

“Tell me Rozina, how is my mother?” I saw her raise her face and break into fresh sobs. I had no more patience , I needed to know the truth.

“Listen to me Rozina! I need to know about my mother! If you can’t then leave!” I yelled, by then my body was shaking with fury or maybe fear, fear for the unknown.
“Am sorry sir….its…its why am here, for three days now she can’t be traced.” She cried. By the time she completed i could hardly breath, I tried to stand but I fell back to my seat. In front of me I saw darkness, I saw no hope. “My mother?” I managed to ask with a weak voice which I guess was trembling.

“Yes sir, on the evening you were in court she never returned home. The minister said that you should not be informed because you may get alarmed and break from the prison yet maybe she was safe.” She explained sadly and wiping her tears.
“And why have you disobeyed him?”
“Because I feel that Madam is not safe, she might be in danger.” She said seriously.
“Tell me Rozina, please tell me, have you found any suspicious thing? Please?” I begged wiping my tears.
“Tell me Rozina. Please.”
She looked around the room fearfully as though confirming that no one was around apart from the two of us.
“I found her phone under the Minister’s pillow as I made his bed, the screen was broken , it had some traces of blood.” She whispered. How I wished it was just another terrible dream , my Dad would dearly pay for everything, she had better be alive.
“Are you serious it was her phone?” How I wished she wasn’t sure, but then she had been her personal maid for more than ten years since she was about fifteen years old.
“I have been the one charging her phones, I know the kind of phone she had gone out with on that day.” She confessed.
“Do you think my mother could be dead?” I couldn’t help it as I broke into tears, it was so difficult for me to take, I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. Some occurrences knows no man, if at all Dad had succeeded in eliminating my lovely mother, then he had destroyed me, he had outdid me.
But then, how could I believe that such a strong lady would get uprooted? One thing I was sure about was that my mother couldn’t just die and live me alone , I refused to believe that she could be dead. All I needed was to be out of jail even for a minute, my Dad would have no choice than to produce my mother, I would make him aware of the fact that I already knew that he was not my real Dad.

“You must know what to do sir, she might be in danger.” Rozina advised.”And you must be strong if at all we want to save madam.” Rozina had a point, strength was no longer a choice but a key requirement in saving my mother if at all she lived. I believed she was alive.

“Did the Minister discover that you saw the mobile phone?” I tried to be strong.
“No, I found it this morning after he left.” She said.

“OK, you returned it to its position?”
“Yes sir, I did.” “That’s good, I will have to get out of here, I want to send you to my friend Maccain, take this number and call him when you get out of here.”
“Yes sir.”
“Tell him to search for me a certain tablet that will make me unconscious for some hours, am forgetting the tablet’s name, he knows it.”
“But sir…”

“Then make sure you sneak into my house without Joyce’ knowledge and pick my gun with Anjela’s help. At exactly 1900 hours, place the gun under my white BMW.” I whispered , she was so stranded to speak, she just shook her head .
“When Maccains gets the tablet, fix it in a cake and bring it to me in the afternoon.”
“Ok sir.” She trembled.
“No failing please, its about my mother’s life.” I urged. “I will do anything to save her life sir.” She said serious, there was firmness and strength in her voice, strength that gave me hope…

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