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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 26
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“I won’t file a case against Joyce, mother.” I informed.
“But she has caused you all this trouble my son.” There was no doubt that my mother supported the issue of me accusing Joyce for accusing me falsely. The judge had promised to return in the afternoon and give the judgement if I would file a case against her, that meant both of us would be in prison.

According to me, Joyce was just a victim of injustice and parental dictatorship like me, having her arrested wouldn’t help much.
“I beg you to spare her David, she is just a girl, she did it out of bitterness.” Judas advised. My mother had no option than to agree with us, the best thing was for us to get involved in filing an appeal so as to get me out of prison the following week. I was glad that the judge was already suspicious with the case.
On that afternoon my mother escorted me to the cells, Joyce and Judas had already gone home. I felt that my mother had something to tell me. She looked so restless, her face did not give me the confidence it had always given me. She had tried to smile but behind the smile I saw pain, there was a cloud of tears in her eyes. I knew there was something troubling her, all I wanted was to know what it was, I would do anything to restore her sweet smile.
Just near the door to my cell, my mother held me by my left shoulder. Her hand was trembling. “Are you alright ma’?”
“Yes son, you will have to forgive me David.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, she looked so weak. To me, my mother was like a stable mountain, I had always seen strength and stability in her, what would make her so weak? Was my Dad harassing her to that extent, then I had no choice than to break from the prison and teach him a lesson, I would make him taste the new David, he would know the kind of son the prison had made me.

“Forgive you? I don’t understand mother.”
“It wasn’t my fault David, it wasn’t my fault.” She was now sobbing, my mother was sobbing.
“Mom, please you have to be strong, whatever it is, just feel free, I love you so much.” I used my thumb to wipe her tears.
“My son, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart,am proud of you, you stand for the truth. You have always been my strength and my hope. Always remember my love.” She said emotionally.
“But mother,why speak like this? Why mom?” The atmosphere around us seemed so sad and agonic. I feared, I was afraid, afraid of the unknown. Whatever she seemed ready to tell me seemed so heavy for me to bear, I was already tensed.
“My son, will you forgive me?”
“Yes mother, whatever it is, I promise.” My voice trembled with fear.
“It wasn’t my fault but I had to keep the secret for the sake of your life.” She paused to wipe her tears.
“Mother?” My voice was weak.
“Mutua is not your Dad…”
“Your Dad was murdered, its the ripe time to revenge for his death.” She was no longer weeping, her voice came out so strong and bitter. I was so confused to speak, I was not the minister’s son? Who killed my Dad? Why had my mother kept everything from me?
“Who killed my Dad?” I managed to ask.

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