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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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“Your honour, I beg to object, as per my knowledge Serena is dead and buried, I have been in prison for a month now, how did I do all that?” I saw the judge note something on her file. A tall black guy with a suit who was obviously the prosecutor cleared his throat.
“Your honour, I beg to ask some questions to the accused and then to our first witness.” The judge nodded her head to give him a go ahead sign.
“David Kamau Mutua, did you attend Serena’s burial?” The prosecutor asked.
“I obviously did.” I answered shortly.
“Did you had a talk with any of the Serena’s family member?”
“I don’t remember holding any conversation, after all I was guarded by two police officers.”

The prosecutor thanked me and now turned to the Judge.
“Your honour, my other questions goes to our first witness. One of our policemen who guarded him in the burial.” The judge noted something down then raised her face.
“Francis Njoroge, swear before this honourable court that the information you are about to give is nothing but the truth.” I saw the cop hold a Bible and swear. The guy had no choice than to speak the truth, he said that I left the tent and took Daniel at the backyards where we seemed to have a conversation for long. The judge seemed so busy writing, my hope was now on Daniel, if only he was wise, he would deny everything, he would say that he never saw me in the burial, the court would have no choice than to believe him.
The judge was still writing when I saw Joyce coming to my direction. She came close to my ear and whispered.

“David, you are finished, you have only one option, confess that Serena tried to kill us, give her to the police and I will stop Daniel from witnessing against you.” She parted my shoulder as though she was comforting me and left to the benches. I felt so agitated, there was no doubt that Joyce was behind everything. My mother was wiping her tears. The prosecutor, as if he knew what Joyce had told me.

“Your honour, I open this chance for the accused to deny or object the charges or even give us more details about it.” He bowed to the court and sat back on his bench.
“Your honour.” I cleared my throat. “I know nothing about these accusations, if at all this court finds it just to judge me let it be done, the truth will come to be known one day. I am done your honour.” I must have been emotional. Joyce had no choice than to have Daniel confess against me. Daniel answered all the questions as expected, Joyce had obviously corrupted his mind.

He told the court that I confirmed to him that his sister was alive, I even offered to let him talk to her via phone.

“Your honour, its clear that my accusers have corrupted and mislead my brother Daniel to confess against me. Its so unfair for them to accuse me of kidnapping my own girlfriend and faking her death when I still have great pains for loosing her.” I mourned but the judge seemed so busy operating something on her desk. I knew I had lost the case but all was not lost, I would never give out Serena. I would rather die in prison than get her accused.

It was now time for the judgement, I knew I would have more than ten years added on top of my seven years jailterm, that would make up to about twenty years in prison.
The judge opened her file and switched on her microphone.

“First of all I want to inform this court that in this courtroom we have fixed some microchip devices, whatever whispered on those benches where the accused, accusers and the witnesses are is audible to the judge.” She stopped to stare at the direction where Joyce, Judas and Daniel were sited, she then stared at me.

“During the proceedings of this case, Joyce the accuser, shifted to the accused benches and whispered something to the accused, David, please inform this court what Joyce told you, the information might change the direction of the judgement.” At last there was hope, I felt like laughing loudly and mocking Joyce for her inconsiderate action.
“Thank you your honour, Its true that Joyce came and whispered something to me, she gave me an option to lie to this court that Serena tried to kill us and also to give out Serena, by doing so I would be free because she will stop Daniel from witnessing.” I saw Joyce face turn pale as my mother’s face Brighten.

“In that case, this is my judgement, this court apologizes to David on behalf of the prosecution and closes this case. We therefore find Joyce Ndegwa guilty for trying to blackmail and accuse falsely, the court have started to doubt the on whether David really shot Joyce, the court therefore requests David Kamau to file a case against Joyce for accusing and blackmailing, on the case of assaulting and shooting Joyce, fresh investigations will be done with David filing an appeal for his case.” I saw my mother stand and jump with happiness as Joyce collapsed on the benches….

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