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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I was totally confused, if Judas and Joyce weren’t with us, it would have been my ripe opportunity to tell Daniel that his sister was alive.

“Daniel please, lets go this way Daniel.” I led him behind the houses, I never expected Joyce and Judas to follow us there. I promised them that we would be sited together ones I was through with comforting Daniel.
I made him sit on the green grass as I sat next to him. We clearly heard the proceedings of the funeral via the public address.

“Daniel, I loved and I still love your sister so much, she is all that made and makes my heart joyous.” I might have been emotional, my heart was warm towards Daniel, he had some qualities of my Serena. His look gave me hope, I felt that I wasn’t so far from Serena.

“But sir, you should have protected her, now we can’t even trace her body for burial! Is that love?” He sobbed.
“Come down brother, Serena is as precious to me as she is to you.”
“She is gone sir! Gone and forgotten! You have already a new lover, do you expect me to get a new sister? Huh?!” He sounded bitter and desperate, having lost his mother and now allegedly loosing his sister Serena.
“Daniel? Do you trust me?”
I asked raising his chin with my right hand to look on his troubled face.
“Not at all sir, not with my sister’s body missing!” He protested.
“Do you know why her body misses? Because your sister is so much alive.” I saw him stare at me, as if he had seen me for the first time.
“Yes, its a long story, some people wanted her dead and so we had to take her to a hiding place and fake her death. We have to burry that body in order to rescue your sister’s life.” I saw his face brighten but there was confusion written on it.

“Sir? Did you say My sister is alive?”
“Yes Daniel.”
“I want to talk to her, call her right now!” He ordered with joy written all over his face. I explained everything to him even why I wasn’t supposed to call her regularly but I promised to let him talk to her after the burial.

My joy to see Daniel happy was short lived as I saw the widow behind us open, someone had heard everything I had told Daniel, he or she had entered into the house behind us and neared the window, there was no doubt that it was no longer a secret.

I didn’t find Joyce among the congregation, Judas informed me that Joyce had a call from home and that she had to rush.
“You should have taken her.” I recommended.
“I wanted to remain and stand by you, I know its not simple with you buddy.” He said passionately.
“Sure, I really loved Serena, I appreciate your concern bro.” I thanked,still wondering whom our eavesdropper was.

Daniel didn’t show any sign of sadness anymore, he had believed my words. The ceremony had many speakers from the village, all praising Serena’s personality and I was so proud of her, I wished my parents were there to listen to the qualities of my wife Serena. I couldn’t understand why my mother had failed to attend, it would be a better place for us to meet and plan.
Later on that evening, I was escorted back into the prison after saying goodbye to Daniel and Judas. So many journalists had seeked to know why I didn’t look sad yet I had claimed to love her, I just ignored them with a smile. A smile that was at the headlines of almost all the newspapers.


Two days later.


Joyce, Judas and I met in the court as agreed, the fact was that since the burial, Joyce had not visited me in prison, he used to send Judas.

I was glad that she had kept her promise of getting me out of prison. She had promised to confess that she fell on her own corked pistol as she tried to shoot Serena and I . I still didn’t like her cold look in the courtroom. The judge opened her file. I saw my mother’s face brighten.

“David Kamau Mutua.” She lowered her spects to look at me, I wondered why they all did that.

“Yes your honour.” I responded innocently.
“This court requires you to produce Serena who is believed to be dead but she is alive. You are accused of faking her death and kidnapping her to hide some truth.” I was about to protest when I saw Daniel enter the courtroom and stand beside Joyce Ndegwa. There was no doubt, I was in trouble.

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