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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“Hello David.” Joyce greeted we didn’t hug as used to do before, a cold handshake was enough. Judas shook my hand as well.
“So at long last am remembered?” I teased. Judas smiled but Joyce didn’t. “I don’t think anybody would forget you David, my dream was to come and get you out of here not to see you as a prisoner, you deserve better.” Joyce remarked, she was bitter as she said it.

Judas shook his head in agreement with her words. I knew there was something behind them coming to get me out.
“David you have been a loyal friend to me since childhood…”
“But you betrayed me Judas, you weren’t loyal to me!” I felt so agitated, my few weeks in prison had no doubt changed me.
“David, I only wanted the best for you, I knew you would never be happy with Serena…”
“And you were to be happy with her? You tried to s£duce her Judas! My own fiancee, yet you call yourself my friend? Give me a break!”

Judas was a real idiot, Serena had told me everything, Judas had promised to marry her regardless of her condition before she had an accident and a miscarriage. How could he promise to marry a lady who was pregnant with my child?
“David am so sorry about that but it was your Dad’s plan.. ” He said apologetically.
“My Dad’s plan?”
“He paid me to do it, I did it believing it was a way of helping you.”
“My Dad paid you?!”
“And like an idiot, you betrayed me because of money?!”

Our argument was so frictional and Joyce had to intervene. I hated Judas for that, though I promised to forgive him, I doubted if I would ever trust him again. How I wished Brian was still alive and get to know our betrayer. He would have said..”Sir! I told you sir, I warned you against trusting Judas..” Poor Brian, was he seeing everything from the world of dead? How I wished he lived to fight the battle of injustice with me.

“David.” Joyce broke the silence.
“Yes Joyce.”
“Its not my joy to see my husband in prison, now that the enemy to our marriage is gone, you have to get out of prison and build our family with me.” She stared at my face to notice any reaction, I kept calm.
“What do you say?” She inquired.
“Nothing.” I answered shortly, I still wasn’t sure on what to do and how to do it.
“You don’t want to be free?” Joyce sounded annoyed, annoyed because I had not appreciated her offer of getting me out.
“Well, how do you plan to get me out?” I was curious.
“I only need to stand infront of the court and confess that Serena, the village girl shot me, it wasn’t you.” She explained. I cleared my throat, struggling to remain calm.
“In that case, I prefer dying in this prison. If we must use her for me to be free, am sorry , am ok here.” I headed for the door.
“No David!” Joyce was in front of me with tears.
“David! What is wrong with you? You are my husband! You know I love you, why are you so difficult to understand?” She was crying. I pitied her, would she cry the whole of her life? I saw Judas and Maccain get out of the room.
Joyce was crying uncontrollably.
“Sorry Joyce.” I held her into my arms.”if you love me Joyce…”
“You know I love you David, I would do anything for you, am sorry I lost our child but we…” She said between sobs, she sounded so desperate.
“Alright alright. Take it easy, prove this by telling the court the truth, that you fell on your own gun and shot me accidentally.” I requested.
“But I will be jailed David!”
“Nobody will jail you because I won’t file any case against my wife.” She was moved by my words, she looked up into my eyes.
“Sure? You mean your words?” Her voice was so weak with emotions.
“I mean my words.” I lied looking aside and avoiding her sharp eyes. She wiped her tears.

“David I love you so much, do you love me?” She shook my body.
“But I said it earlier.” I forced a smile.
“I want to hear it a million and one times.” She demanded.

I decided to give her a kiss than lie to her. Somebody pushed the door before I did it. If I was with Serena I would have gotten annoyed but now I saw it as an advantage. “Your time is over David!” A cop from the door called. I knew I had taken more than the usual time that day.
Our agreement with Joyce was to have my case appealed after Serena’s burial. She wanted it to be done the following day but I requested her to let us send Serena off first. She even volunteered to help in planning for her burial. She was obviously happy to have ‘me back’. All I wanted was to have the whole case cleared and she would never see me again.


During the burial, in the village where I had almost met my death. The compound was full of people, the media was there too. I was escorted by two armed cops into the burial, ‘Serena’s buria’. Most of the attention was on me as I approached the tent. My mother had promised to attend, I expected to meet Judas and Joyce as well. I was about to get into the tent, when Daniel, Serena’s young brother pulled me by my shirt.
“Hello Daniel .” I was excited to see him. I loved him.
“Sir David,that coffin there doesn’t contain my sister’s body, that is not my sister.”He cried loudly attracting some attention. I was confused! She had seen the corpse already. Joyce and Judas stood behind me……(To continue.)
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