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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“You are alive my love?”
“Yes hunnie, alive and kicking.” She giggled. I was more than excited, I prayed that it won’t be a dream, it would be so terrible for me.

The truth was that my Serena was alive, I was very eager to know where she was and what made everyone including the media believe that she was dead. My mother decided to explain everything.

My Dad had paid the cops who were guarding Serena in the hospital, I had obviously requested the judge to make sure that Serena had security in her ward that is in Kenyatta hospital. I wasn’t aware that one of the cops assigned the duty to guard her was Juma, the cop that had vowed to work with me. My Dad was not aware of it when he approached Juma and his colleague, offering them half a million each and promotions if they helped him to have Serena killed. Such a huge offer couldn’t be ignored, Juma was aware that in case he turned the offer down, his partner would do it and get the double pay. Juma was interested in saving Serena’s life as per our agreement, he arranged with one of the nurses whom she termed as a good Samaritan and they shifted Serena on the same night that she was supposed to be injected with a poisonous syringe. In the same hospital, a young girl of almost Serena’s age had died the same day as she was delivering a child, the kid survived but the girl died. The nurse therefore decided to replace Serena with the corpse of the poor girl. Unaware of it, Juma’s partner came with the poisonous Syringe and injected the dead girl believing that it was Serena. Juma took some snaps as the body was being carried away to the mortuary and sent them to my Dad who paid them instantly. Later on that day, every media reported about Serena’s death which to them was mysterious because she had been recovering, according to the doctors, she was out of danger but ‘maybe her wounded spinal cord had blocked or collapsed, postmortem would play its part.’ By then Serena was on a hospital bed in Mombasa. I was so moved by the story, I hadn’t imagined such a great job from Juma. I couldn’t help shedding tears of joy. I vowed never to to loose Serena, I wanted to be out of prison to protect her, I wanted to marry her right away, I wanted her to bear me my first child. She had miscarriaged after the accident but I knew we would make another child.

I requested my mother to send a million shillings to the Juma’s account but he objected.

“Sir, I must say that I would be doing myself a great injustice by continuously making money from your struggle for a better nation, you struggle for us to live well, we should support you with no pay, I won’t take any cent from you anymore, besides am now being promoted and my salary would double my previous one.” I was moved by Juma’s words, there was no doubt that he was as wise as my late servant boy Brian. I didn’t oppose him but I thanked him for his loyalty.
“Thanks a lot Juma, thanks mom and Rozina.”

“Welcome my son, remember that the girl that died had a newborn, what do we do?”
“Oh that! If no one takes the child then will definitely be my kid, my child with Serena, what’s it gender?”
“A girl.” Mom replied. I wished it was a boy child but all in all I would be excited to adopt her as my own, she came when we needed help, her existence saved Serena’s life. I proposed her name to be Victory Njeri, Njeri was my mother’s second name.
According to Juma, it was not wise to make regular calls to Serena, somebody might track the line and trace her. The best thing was for me to try and get out of jail so that we can try and file cases to all those who were involved in trying to kill Serena. On that evening, Juma introduced to me Detective Mwangi who would be investigating cause of the accident in which Brian and the driver died. I was determined to have Dad face the law for I believed that he was involved in all that had happened.

On the same evening I met with Maccain, my fellow lawyer whom I had requested to meet. Previously I had wanted him to file an appeal for my case in which Serena would be accused as the one who shot Joyce and I, now that I knew she was alive, I wanted him to advice me on what to do.
“Am sorry for everything David, I will try to help you, meanwhile we have to give your late Serena a good send off.” He as well believed that Serena was dead. Her burial was to be in two days time, sometimes I got sad about it only to realize that it was a fake burial, they were to burry the wrong person. I wondered if my mother and Juma hadn’t played a trick on me, how comes no one had discovered that the corpse didn’t have Serena’s appearance? I had no choice than to remain in faith, I had hopes, big hopes.
“Yes, she must be buried like a queen, she was a queen to me. I have to revenge for her death, legal revenge.”
“First of all, let’s approach Joyce and convince to have you released.” That was a good idea, the best at that time, Joyce was now at home and almost fully recovered. I wondered if she would have me released.
“Knowing that Serena is dead, Joyce will have you released so as to have a family with you.” He adviced, I saw some lights and I smiled at the idea.
I had not given Maccain my feedback when the door was pushed open, I raised my face to see Joyce Ndegwa and behind him Judas followed.

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