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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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When I came to, I was in the prison’s hospital bed. My mother and Rozina sat beside me. It took me sometime to remember anything. I remembered borrowing a newspaper from Warden Damian, I remembered seeing Serena’s photo on the cover page, tears flow on my cheeks when I recalled what I read before I fainted.
“Stop crying my son, please come down David.”
“Tell me it’s not true mother, tell me my Serena is alive,,,,” I couldn’t help it, I felt so desperate, I needed to die and follow my Serena and Brian, why would I live? Did I have anything or anyone to live for? I had my mind made up, I must be buried together with Serena, she had gone with my heart, I had no life to live, I had lived for her and now fate had taken her away from me. If at all there was next life, Serena and I would love and live, the world was too small to contain our love, it was too ignorant to understand our affection, it was too blind to see how much we loved and fitted for each other.
“David, gone or not gone, you will not have to ruin yourself in agony.” I hated her un-understanding voice, had she ever been in love?
“Listen to me mother, from now henceforth, you and Dad don’t have a child!”
“What?! What has come over you son?”
“I will never want to see any of you near me again. You failed me as parents and now I have lost the joy of my life!” I mourned between bitter sobs. Serena had been recovering, how could she just die? How could my own Serena leave me? She had refused to die in the accident because she never wanted to leave me. Something dawned to me, somebody killed Serena on her hospital bed. Before my suicide, one person was to die, my Dad, the minister was responsible for Serena’s death. I would shoot him and shoot myself before being arrested.

“My son.” My mother’s voice was sad and gloomy. I didn’t even look at her.
“You are my joy and happiness, in the whole of my life I have wished you joy and prosperity, you have been my comfort from when I lost your..I mean please try to comfort yourself.” I was so desperate to discover that in her statement , she had skipped and avoided something, who did she loose? My who? She obviously failed to say it that she had lost my Dad when I was young, how I wish she had said it and make things easier for me. Mutua had never treated me as his own son, his decisions about me were based on his own interest.
“Mom, am sorry but you will have to loose me. I have always been a good son to you, I understand that you have no choice than to support Dad but I won’t join you in it.” I stood to leave the hospital bed. “No son! Am your mother, I will…”
“Its rather too late for you!” I headed to the door ignoring my mother who was trying to block my way.

The nurse tried to call me back but I ignored her, the cops took me back to the cells. Tears were still flowing down my cheeks, my heart was in a great pain and I felt I would die anytime. Loosing Serena meant loosing my life. I couldn’t help crying even in the cells. My cellmates had no idea on why I was in tears, none of them knew whom I was.
“Captain you have to be strong me’en.” Mushtafa encouraged, they had nicknamed me Captain after beating the guy who had always bullied them in the fields, he was so muscular and violent and everyone had feared him. On Fridays we used to eat a piece of meat in the evening, the violent guy used to order ten guys to give their pieces of meats to him on every Friday, he mostly targeted the new prisoners , his biggest mistake was to slap me on face after picking my piece of meat which I was ready to let go. He was taken to hospital on that evening as I was taken to the displinerly committee. From then, everyone called me Captain David.
Mushtafa was a kind guy, so nice to be in prison. His home was in Somalia, he had just been caught in Kenya unlawfully and suspected to be an Alshabab member. He had just escaped from Somalia after loosing his both parents on an Alshabaab attack. He wished to live in Kenya and away from his own land but he was arrested and imprisoned for twenty five years, it was obviously my Dad’s order to have any non citizen from Somalia arrested. What if Mushtafa knew it? That I was the minister’s son?
On that day I made two calls through the warden’s phone. I was glad to reach Maccain who was a fellow lawyer, we had studied together in London. He promised to visit me in prison the following day. I wanted to appeal on my case, now that Serena and Brian were no more, I had no one to protect by being in prison, I needed to be out to revenge for them.
Deep within me I still didn’t feel it that Serena was dead, I felt her breath in the air, I felt her heartbeat in my mind, I saw her smile at the back of my mind but her death was the talk of the media.

On that particular night I didn’t sleep, I stared to the darkness listening to my slow heartbeats. My mind was on Serena whose burial was now being planed. At around dawn I leaned onthe wall and sleep took me away. I was walking in the streets , very lonely and suddenly I sported a familiar figure walking across the streets holding a kid who walked alongside her. I hurried and caught up with them. The figure was familiar, she turned to look at me.
“My love Serenaaa!” I woke up calling her name.
I was so disappointed to wake up from the dream, it was already 0900hours and it was time to take our strong tea.

The warden came for me even before I wiped my face. He told me that I had an important guest in the waiting room. I wasn’t excited to see my mother and Rozina again, but I was glad to meet Mohammed the cop who had vowed to work with me for justice. He had accompanied Rozina and my mother.
“Good morning sir.” He greeted me, was I still sir?
“Morning to you Juma.Its long since we met.” I shook his hand. “Sorry sir, I should have come to see you but…..”
“Its okay Juma.”
“David, take this phone and talk to your friend.” My mother requested. I didn’t take it.
“Please do, its important, that’s why we came.”
“Take it sir.” Rozina begged, I turned to Juma who nodded in agreement. I hesitantly took it.
I placed it on my left ear, they were all stating at me.
“David my love?”
“Serena! Serena!”
“David its….

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