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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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“Welcome sir.” She stood from her seat.
“David” I corrected her ones more.
“Am sorry sir, welcome sir David.” I couldn’t help laughing. The more I tried to correct her the more she seemed embarrassed. I saw her glance at the clock on the wall, she was no doubt wondering what I had come for at that time of the night. My stare on her well exposed body might have gave her an idea. The wrong idea for that matter, I was there to see how I could help her, I wasn’t there for her pants.
I sat on one of the simple chairs some metres away from where she sat.
“Am sorry I forgot your name.” I said to break the silence. She seemed so uncomfortable, very embarrassed, maybe due to the fact that the biggest part of her body was exposed. I could tell that her bra was of, I wasn’t sure about her pants. All I knew was that she was ready to sleep.
“Am Serena sir.” She said humbly.
“Yeah, that’s it, so, tell me Serena, what’s your plans?”
“What do you plan to do tomorrow? Go back to Embu?” She was still staring to the ground in embarrassment. Girls are funny sometimes.
“I would like to go back but I have to find a new job in order to clear my debt in your restaurant and as well get some money to get a lawyer for my mother.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, her voice was getting thick with emotions. It was a sad voice that penetrated somewhere in my heart. Deep within me I made a vow to do anything to help her. I had never felt for anyone the way I way I was feeling for her. Its like some connections were growing between us. I still never wanted to think it in a direction of love. For how long can a man escape from the jaws of love?

At the back of my mind I knew there was Ndegwa’s daughter, Ndegwa was the minister for transport and communication, he was the closest friend to my Dad who was the minister for internal security. My Dad had already made it known to me that I was supposed to marry Hon. Ndegwa’s daughter to strengthen their friendship. Besides of them being close friends, Dad and Ndegwa were business partners.

Ndegwa’s daughter was famously known, her name was joy. She was doing her masters degree in law in the united states. It was already seven years since I met her in their home in Karen where her Dad had arranged a big party for her birthday. By then both of us were shy, we had nothing to talk about. If it wasn’t my Dad’s demand, I wouldn’t have accompanied him.
Back to my Serena.

“Don’t mind about the bill, I will take care of that.” I saw her face brighten.
“Thanks a lot sir! I never knew such good people would exist in the city.” Her words made me laugh.
“They do, now I have to take my leave, don’t leave before you see me tomorrow.” I stood to leave.

“Thanks a lot sir. I will see you sir.” She stood to open the door for me, exposing more than I had already seen. ? It seemed to me my valentine was well spent.

“Enjoy your night.” I said as I stepped outside.
“You too sir, thank you.” I don’t know whether she closed the door or she spent with it open because I could still feel her eyes on my back as I walked along the pavement.
I had very little sleep that night, her image was all over my mind. I couldn’t even concentrate in my favourite series, Merlin. It was not until dawn that I got some sleep and dreamt with her.

At exactly 8.15 a.m I was in my favourite car outside the restaurant, I had sent my driver Ken to get her. In ten minutes time Serena and Ken arrived.
“Put her bag at the back seat.” I ordered or rather requested as I got out of the car.
“Good morning Serena.” She looked so confused, I had not told her anything.
“Good morning to you sir.”
“Get into the car, I want to take you home.” I opened the door for her.
“Am sorry sir, I can’t, please give me my bag.” She said with a serious tone.
“I must find a job and get money for my mother’s lawyer.” She complained taking her bag from Ken.
“That’s why we are going home, I will take Care of that, I am a professional lawyer.” I saw her face brighten with shock.
“Sir I can’t take all that favour from you,thankyou for the offer, its so big for me, goodbye.” Her voice was sad again.
“You want your mother to lot in jail? Do you have an idea of what she must be passing through?” I was getting even with her stubbornness .
“OK then, let’s go.” I smiled at her words, I don’t know why I smiled but all in all, I smiled.
“Yes sir.”
“Today your services won’t be needed, please rest.”
“But sir…..”
“Tell Dad I went to see a friend in Umoja.” I started the car with Serena beside me……

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