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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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It was one week gone since the incident, according to my mother, Serena was in a critical moment in Kenyatta hospital. It was difficult for me to get the whole thing out of my mind, Brian had not deserved to die. Somebody had deliberately run them over with a car. Immediately after they left me in MAMA Lucy hospital, the two had hired a taxi but before they closed the Ruiru bypass, a truck was chasing after them and eventually running them off. The taxi driver died instantly, Brian died in Kenyatta hospital the following day, now one week was over and Serena was still unconscious. Nobody was around to visit her for she was the key suspect of Joyce Ndegwa’s attack. Every second on the clock added distress in me, there was no doubt that I had indirectly caused Brian’s death, the boy that could have done anything to save my life, the boy who had done anything to see me smile, he had not deserved such a desperate end. I mourned and cried for his life every day and night on my hospital bed. Joyce was already recovering though she had lost her pregnancy which belonged to Judas, that was not my concern whatsoever, my mind was occupied by Brian’s death and Serena’s condition.
On that afternoon, I was taken to court for I had already recovered at least halfway. According to my Dad’s instructions, I was to object the accusations of causing a fight between Serena and Joyce, my mother ‘s lawyer madam Achieng had advised me to say that Serena had invaded Joyce and I in the house and shot the two of us. I didn’t oppose Achieng, I just nodded in agreement.

The courtroom was into its capacity, journalists flocked and filled every remaining space. It was a story that had made headlines the whole of that week. My mother and Dad sat onthe front benches of the courtroom. The cops must have felt shy to guard me as a suspect in presence of my Dad who was their boss.

Achieng winked at me as the Judge opened his file.
“David Kamau Mutua.” The judge called lowering his oversize pair of spects to look at me.
“Yes your honour.”
“Explain to this court what happened into your house on date twentieth July this year.” He removed his spects and placed them on his file.
“Thank your honour, on that fateful evening I had a fight with Joyce Ndegwa who is allegedly called my wife.” I saw my Mom stand up and my Dad flown. Achieng tried to gesticulate something to me, there was murmuring in the courtroom.
“Silence!” The judge roared.
“Proceed.” I saw him write something.
“As we fought we happened to shoot each other..”
“Objection your honour!” Achieng shouted.
“Silence!” The Judge ordered.
“Your honour, Joyce and I were the only people inthe room, my begone servant boy and Serena are just but victims of injustice, if there is a price to pay for harming Joyce Ndegwa, I will be ready to pay it. Thank you your honour.” By then he was busy writing. I saw my mother wipe her tears, Rozina escorted her outside. Dad was staring on the floor.
“Your honour.” Achieng started. “I beg this court to understand the condition of my client, he has just lost his servant boy whom he loved dearly, his lovely wife Joyce is in a bad condition in the hospital, my client is in distress and due to desperation his mind is no doubt not sobre for…”
“Objection your honour! I condemn an insult to my condition, I am perfectly alright my lord. Thank you.” I bowed.
“As I was saying my lord, I think this case should be adjourned until my client gets back into his rightful condition, he loves his wife Joyce and he was shot protecting her.”
I was hurted by her words, everyone at home knew I loved Serena not Joyce, she was busy lying to the public and the court.

“Enough of these insult my lord, my interest is the truth, I regret my fight with Joyce who had suspected that I had another woman outside our marriage, your honour, my family wants to use the poor girl to get me free but I won’t allow that, justice must be done. Please judge me on the basis of attempted murder or domestic violence, am at your mercy my lord.” I saw Dad stand and leave the courtroom looking so furious. I knew he was up to something, I remembered Serena in the hospital. I sensed trouble. My mother had not come back into the courtroom.
“Do you have any plea to make David?” The judge, who appeared confused inquired.
“Yes your honour, the so called Serena should be freed from any accusation and be given security for the time being, I fear her life is in danger. That’s all your honour.”
He cleared his throat.
“This court finds Serena innocent of all the accusations, if her family wishes to file any case against her accusers, they have the space. Meanwhile, this court finds David Kamau Mutua guilty for causing violence and deliberately assaulting his wife Joyce Ndegwa, I therefore rule that…

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