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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“Joyce? What are you doing here?”
“Where is that moron?!” She barked. There was no doubt that someone had told her Serena was with me.
“Come on Joyce! Who do you mean?” I asked standing on her way towards the bed room. I was still confused on what to do. My fear and confusion increased when I saw her remove a pistol from her small handbag. She pointed at me.
“F--k off from my way or I will fire some bullets into your head!” She threatened sending a bullet to the ceiling. I knew what she meant, to find Serena and kill her at ones. She had to kill me first, I would never loose Serena again.
“What do you want Joyce? Please drop the gun.” I begged but my words hit on deaf ears.
“You leave me on a cold bed to move in with an illiterate harlot?! Today she must die!” She fired another bullet thus shaking every part of me.
“Don’t beg her David.” Serena was behind me, she had left the changing room where she was listening from.”Let her kill both of us, even in death we will still be together.” I saw her bit her lower lip, she now pointed the gun at Serena. All of us froze on our grounds. I gained some courage and made a step backward so that I was now standing beside my Serena. I put my right hand around her shoulder and she leaned her head on me.
“Listen to me Joy, I love and loved Serena, my Dad and your Dad forced me to marry you. Go ahead and kill us, we love each other.” I was emotional. I didn’t fear to die with Serena in my hands, she was all I needed in the world. “You idiot! Am your real wife! Your legal wife!” She barked.

“Serena is my wife, she carries my kid in her womb! Just udersta…”
“I carry your kid! David! Why do this to me?! Why destroy my happiness..” She was weeping bitterly and I thought it was the best time for me to get to her and get the gun. I made a step forward.
“Give me the gun please, we need to..”
“Stop! Harlot!” I saw her tighten her lips, place her finger on the trigger and pull it. I have never been able to understand how I did it but before I knew it, I had jumped and pushed Serena on the floor. The bullet was directed towards her chest, I had saved her but thats how I got the scar I have at the back of my shoulder. The bullet caught me but I saved my Serena. The blood was spilling on the floor. I felt a lot of pain, Serena was furious as she stood from the floor to face Joyce who had a gun pointed at her. I tried to stop Serena, I tried to beg Joy not to kill her but none of them seemed interested in what I was saying, each of them was carried away by her furry. Letting Serena die was the last thing I would do, I struggled to get up but before I managed, I saw Joyce pull the trigger ones more.
“Please don’t! Don’t kill her!” I begged, there was a loud bang and Joyce was on the floor. Brian was standing behind her.
“Sir! Are you alright?” He was concerned as he headed towards me. He gave me his hand and I managed to stand up. Serena was still freezing on her ground, she was obviously tensed after missing her death so narrowly. The fact was that though Joyce had not shot her, there was a gunshot.

Brian had hit Joyce from behind just before she released the bullet, she was still lying on the floor, her body wasn’t moving too. I was alarmed when I discovered a stream of blood flowing from where she was lying. I requested Brian to turn her so that she faced the ceiling. We were all shocked to discover that the blood was coming from her belly. She had fallen on the gun which had released a bullet in her belly,just near her cord. I saw Brian shake with fear. Each one of us had every reason to tense. She was a minister’s daughter. Before we could think of a plan, around six guards and two cops stepped in. There was no doubt that we were in a real mess.

The guards helped in dressing my wound so that the bleeding would be minimal as the restaurant Secretary was busy wrapping a white clothe around Joyce’ belly. Joyce was either dead or unconscious. I feared for the worst.

The ambulance took around ten minutes and by 1800hours, we were in MAMA LUCY hospital. Serena and Brian had accompanied us, more policemen had already arrived inthe restaurant by the time we left for the hospital.

I was taken to ward 12A as Joyce was taken to theatre direct , she needed an urgent surgery. Beside me on the hospital bed sat Serena and Brian.
“Brian.” I started.
“Yes sir.”
“Thanks for your courage, you have been my loyal friend, my loyal servant.”
“Its my pleasure to serve you sir, you have been so good to me and my family, I will live to serve you.” He was emotional.
“You won’t serve me anymore Brian.”
“Sir?” I saw her face turn pale and sad.
“You must take Serena out of this city.”
“My love..” That was Serena.
“The police will soon be looking for both of you, my Dad might also have you killed. I don’t want to loose any of you.”
“Sir? What about you? Where do we go?”
“Dad can’t have me killed, I will face the prison if I have to. You have to go now.”
“No my love, we will leave with you.” Serena was weeping.
“I have to remain here so that no one will come searching for us, I must fight for what the three of us believe in.”
“But sir…”
“Meanwhile I will transfer three million into Brian’s account, it will help both of you, when all is well, I will trace you guys. Now go.” I insisted knowing that the police would come and arrest them anytime .
It was difficult for me to part with Serena, both of us shed tears. Parting with my loyal servant and friend was not simple too.
“Brian, I trust you so much, you are like a brother I never had. God be with you, I love you Brian.” I felt like weeping.
“Sir..” I saw tears run down his cheeks.”you are my best friend sir I will miss to serve you, may God bless you and protect you.” He said between sobs.
“Take care of my wife and our unborn, Brian.”
“I will sir.”
“Serena?” She was still weeping beside me. She looked at me, her eyes were red. I felt as though I would never see her again.”When you give birth to our kid, name her *Victorious Love* whether a boy or a girl. Always know I love you, we will be together soon.” I kissed her wet lips. I used my finger tips to wipe her tears.
“I love you David, please don’t forget us.” She broke into fresh sobs.
“I won’t my love, please take her with you, Brian, before the police comes.” I watched them get out of the room, I doubted if I was to see them again.

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