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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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“Stop crying my love, I understood, besides, it’s a good thing to die in the hands of the person you love.” I tried to comfort her, I knew Serena loved me, Judas was wrong. I now believed in the young Brian, I shouldn’t have judged her so soon.
“Every time I remember that day I cry, how could I threaten to kill my own husband? Forgive me David.” She said between sobs.
“You did it out of desperation, Serena?” She wiped her tears to look at me.
“Yes my love.” Her voice was weak with emotions. She looked so innocent on her face, she was an Angel, ones more deep within me I swore never to let her go, I would die for our love.
“Forgive me, I should have told you everything , I never wanted to marry Joyce, they forced me.” I felt so sad, so agitated about it.
“Its ok my love, your mother explained everything to me, I cried a lot, my love?” She looked into my eyes.
“Yes sweetheart.”
“Am the one to be forgiven, I will never allow anyone to separate us.” That is when Serena revealed my betrayer, it was hard to believe but I trusted her. Judas, my best friend had visited Serena a couple of days before the wedding, I had already lied to Serena that I was in Mombasa and he knew it too, I hid nothing from him.
“I decided to come alone today.” Judas had told Serena.
“Yeah, David told me he was sent to Mombasa on Monday urgently.” Serena explained. Her words were met by Judas’ laughter. “Why do you laugh?” She was curious.
“Because you have been fooled.” Judas confessed between traces of laughter.

“Fooled? Can’t get it Judas, what do you…”
“David is in Kenya, right in this city, preparing for his wedding.”
“Wedding? What do you mean?”
“David and Joyce Ndegwa , the minister’s daughter will be having their wedding next week.” Serena was so shocked, she told me that her heart made one prolonged pause, her breath deserted her, she thought she would die.
“You mean David? My fiancee?” By then she was in tears.
” The fact is that David and you is like day and night, he is so rich, so prestigious to marry a peasant like you.” Judas had convinced Serena on how I couldn’t marry her, he despised the idea. He lied to Serena that I had deceived her,just to use her. He also told her that I had a plan of killing her to eradicate any interference to my wedding with Joyce. Serena was so hurted, she felt so desperate, she had decided to keep everything from her mother, she vowed to forget all about me. The killing of her mother on my wedding day proved Judas right, she then trusted his words. Even the day Brian and I visited her home, Judas called her and told her to be careful. Her story was so unbelievable, what exactly was Judas after? He was my best friend. I had always trusted him.
“If it were not your mother, I wouldn’t have known the truth David.” She concluded sadly. Tears were forming again in her eyes. I felt for her, my mind was on Judas, I would make him pay for everything.
Serena had come to get me out, by 1700hours we were getting into the restaurant. Brian and Serena were already good friends. Serena loved Brian, she liked him rather, loving might make jealous. My mother was a hero to me, she was an Angel in my life, how had she done it? Getting Serena back into my life was a gift that I swore to pay for one day. How I wish she is still alive to read my story.
Brian accompanied us upstairs as my mother was left talking to the Mananger.I badly needed a shower, I as well needed to change my clothes.

I opened a room for Brian as Serena and I got into our favourite one, our world of love.
“I badly need a shower hunnie.” I said unbuttoning my shirt.
“Will shower with you, you mind?”
“It suits me best, let’s pray we don’t spend our night there.” I joked.
“If the shower becomes so sweet then I won’t mind a night or two there, provided my husband is beside me in it.” She kissed me and unbuttoned the remaining buttons of my shirt.
” Let’s undress the king first.” She joked.
“And the queen follows! Long live the queen!”
“Long live the king!” She responded pulling my trouser to the floor.She looked at my erection and smiled shyly. I had tried to hide it but my J0yst!ck proved naughty, misbehaving, waking up when it ought to be asleep. I smiled back.
“Shower first!” I yelled removing her red top and the trouser followed. We were in our pants as we embrace ones more.
She held around my neck and kissed me , a passionate kiss that made my blood run hot. I discovered how much I need something, yes, I needed it. I held her pant but before I pulled it down, there came a loud knock from the door. I tried to ignore it but it persisted. I had no otherwise than to wrap a towel around my waist and head to the door.
“Am coming, who is it? Brian? What the hell do you…” I pulled the door open and Joyce Ndegwa stormed in….

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