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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Its true that death doesn’t come when you terribly need it, had I anything to live for? How would I live without Serena? My rejection by Serena was more painful than the fire that would have burnt me to death.

Brian sat beside on my hospital bed, he smiled broadly to see me open my eyes. There was a lot of pain at the back of my heard, every part of my body seemed so heavy to raise.
“How do you feel sir?” Brian was concerned.
“What happened Brian? Where on earth are we?” I knew we were in a hospital, but then in which hospital?
“We are in Aga-Khan hospital, you were attacked sir, by the villagers.”
“Wait,,,,so,,,,who saved me?” I was curious, I remember feeling petrol all over my body, I remember seeing Serena ready to strike a match box to roast me. I felt some tears, the only girl I loved was ready to kill me.
“I saved you sir.” Brian said proudly.
“You saved me?” I was was shocked, a servant boy? The young Brian saved me from the midst of angry villagers? Armed villagers? I was sure he had called the police, but how soon? I would be dead by the time they would be arriving.
“I had to use your gun sir, i fired it to scare away the crowd and drag you into the car with one hand as I held the gun with the other, we escaped narrowly..”
“Wait,,,,but I left my pistol in the house, you have a gun?”
“I knew it was important so I carried it for you, for emergency in case it…”
“You took my gun and carried it,,,,then you,,,,Brian,,,you,,,,a boy,,saved me using it?” It was interesting, I still felt like an idiot.

“Yes sir, I saved my master.” He smiled.
“Does anyone know about this? Me being attacked and you saving me?” I was curious.
“Yes.” He answered shortly, increasing my curiosity, incase my Dad came to know of that then Serena would die the same evening, some villagers would be killed too. I still never wanted to loose Serena, not through her death. As a matter of fact she had tried to kill me out of anger and desperation. It is painful when the person you love hates you to a position of trying to kill you, using her own hands, not even hiring an assassin. If not Brian I would be dead, dead by her own hands.
“Serena and the villagers know about it, you and I too.” He explained .
“Nobody else? You didn’t call home?”
“I didn’t, I feared for my job, your Dad would even have me arrested for allowing you to travel such a dangerous journey, my biggest fear was for Serena’s life .” Brian was so wise, he was a wonderful young man. I admired his wisdom, sometimes I wondered what he would be if he had gotten a chance to study.

I thanked him and insisted that no one should know about it, but, obviously, Judas was to know.

The first step was to leave the hospital by 1900hours which was against the doctor’s will. I never wanted to raise any alarm at home. I was glad to hear from Brian that no journalist had arrived by the time we drove away from the village.

There was no doubts that my Mother or Joyce had tried to reach me via my phone which was off. Brian had heard it ring when I was still unconscious and had switched it off.


The doctor handed a receipt to me after transacting the money into his mobile phone. He had written three types of medicines for me to collect at the pharmacy.
“Thank you doctor.” I thanked.
“Welcome sir.” I was shocked to hear him call me sir. My bigger shock was to get out of his office and see Brian in handcuffs, Four police were surrounding him. I was confused, I had to save him before they took him away.
“Leave him!” They all turned to me and by the time I discovered it, I was in handcuffs.
“David Kamau, we have an order of arresting you , for allegedly being involved in the death of an old woman by the name Janet. You have an option to remain guilty…” I couldn’t believe it.

At the same time, I was shocked to see Dad come out of the reception office. I was sure he would order them to release me at ones. He was their boss, I saw them bow to him.
He looked at me angrily.

“I warned you idiot, now face the music!.” He roared .
“But Dad…” I started.
“Boys ?!”
“Yes sir!” The police saluted.
“Take them away!”

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