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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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The line went dead. It was beyond doubts that my love Serena was in trouble, her mother was dead, according to the caller. I couldn’t fail to connect Dad with all that, he had already left the house with his body guard. I knew he had hired goons to kidnap Serena , but why murder the innocent woman? Serena’s mother didn’t deserve to die. I felt like taking my pistol, finding Dad and shooting him to death. Our traditions would call it uncouth, maybe even a taboo or abomination. My eyes were full of tears, there was no doubts that I had caused Serena mother’s death. I shouldn’t have persisted in marrying her, maybe my mother was right, Dad was a monster, he wouldn’t hesitate in having Serena killed. I couldn’t imagine that, I wouldn’t hesitate killing him either.

Brian found me in the dressing room and I told him everything, i feared for his job and life too, if Dad would know that he had supported me in the plan, his life would be in danger, Dad was a monster, I had no doubt. There were rumours that he used his position as the minister of internal security to import and traffic drugs, in partnership with Ndegwa who was the minister for transport and communication. He was my Dad and I loved him, i had taken all the rumours as mere allegations by his political opponents, but then he had so much wealth for a minister. He was still my Dad and I didn’t like the allegations anyway, imagining them being true was a sin too. But I knew he was a tough man, popular in and outside the country.

Brian advised me against risking Serena’s life, Judas advised me the same, according to them, I had no choice than to do the wedding with Joyce.

“David you have to be wise, can’t you see your persistence has already claimed an innocent life? Do you want Serena to die too? If you love her, do it for her, wed with Joyce and save the poor girl’s life.” Judas advised.
“Really? Will she ever listen to me? What will happen to her and the unborn?” I was desperate, I needed an advise, an appropriate one.
“Look David, Serena may never forgive you for keeping the information from her, besides, she will be so bitter discovering that you have caused the death of her mother.” Judas was annoying but his words were true. Causing Serena’s death wouldn’t be the sign of love. I had no choice. Involving the police would have been a better solution, but then, my Dad was the boss of all the police in the country. They would take his command and kill Serena than save her.
“But who told Dad about my plan? It was only between the three of us.” I asked suspiciously. I trusted both of them, I couldn’t imagine any of them.
“Who else if not your illiterate servant.” Judas suggested.
“You mean Brian?”
“Of course, this cheap guys can sell your neck for just a few coins.” He said confidently.
“Well, according to me, Brian might not be learned and wealthy as well but he will never ever betray me?” I was so confident. I had known him for long, he was like a brother I never had, he would do anything for me, just to see me happy. He was always a loyal servant.
“So its me? Or who else then? We were three of us!” He seemed agitated.
“Come on bro! Of all the people, you would be the last to suspect, stop being funny you dummy.” I parted his shoulder as I teased him, he smiled.


There was not much to record in the wedding, much happened but I was so stressed up to recognize them. Ministers and their assistants gave speeches and their gifts. His Excellency the president gave us a new limousine and a cheque of six million, his deputy gave us a new BMW and a cheque of two million shillings. The others gave envelops full of cheques and cash as well. The wedding was broadcasted by four of the most popular TV stations, Dad had paid for that. I didn’t enjoy even a single moment, all I wanted is for the cursed event to be over, I would rush to see Serena. I knew she was in real mess and trouble.

My inability to control my tears as I placed a ring around Joy’s finger was the headline in the newspapers the following morning, the rumour writers so known as journalists wrote that, I was so happy such that I couldn’t control my tears. I hated the irony.

The honeymoon was planned to take place in Britain but I declined it, I objected it by claiming that I was unwell.
“In that case Serena dies.” That was a text that came immediately ten minutes after I objected the journey to Britain.

I had no option again, I had to do everything to save Serena, provided I wont make love to Joyce.

A whole week in Britain was like a whole week in hell to me. Judas and Brian were among the people who had accompanied me. Trying to twist Joyce so that we couldn’t make love wasn’t easy. With Judas and Brian, we still made a plan. On the third night of the honeymoon , all of us got drunk, including her, in fact I made sure she was totally drunk. I had promised to make love to her that night, that was after threatening to call home and report that I was avoiding her.

I carried her into the bedroom, she was talking uncontrollably out of drunkardness. She was still calling my name, I gave her the kisses she demanded. She held my waste and rolled her tongue in my mouth, it tasted alcoholic. I caressed her t--s and kissed her neck, her waist was broader than that of Serena, I thought Serena’s was the best. She got hold of my belt and made it loose, by then her eyes was closed and her hands felt week. She was still determined to push my trouser downward, she didn’t manage but her hand penetrated under my pants and she was holding it! There was no doubt I had erected. She rubbed around it and I knew trouble was knocking. That wasn’t our plan with Judas and Brian. I was confused whether to do it or arouse her completely, undress her and then call Judas who had agreed to break her virginity. My hand stopped when I remembered Serena who was obviously mourning her mother’s death.

On stopping, Joyce opened her eyes and pulled me closer .
‘Is she really drunk?’ I feared that someone had told her our plan, maybe she wasn’t that drunk. The way her hand worked under my pants, she knew what she was after.

“Am all yours David, break me tonight.” Her voice was more steady and sober this time.

I was scared, I knew I had messed up already. Tears started making their way when she held my hand and pushed it under her skirt and pants. She pushed down my trouser successfully and my pants followed. By then both of us were wet, both of us were in need. Yes we were. I accept, I needed sex, but, sex with her? I wasn’t sure yet, but why then did I push her pants down?

I was almost getting into it when the lights went off…( part thirteen coming soon. Find out, will David break Joy’s virginity? What was their plan? Who is the betrayer among them

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