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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I carried Serena like a small child to my bedroom. The bed appeared more cosy than before. I placed her slowly as though it was hurting. By then my joy stick was meters ahead of me. My many years sexual desire roasted my every part. I felt like a bull that had not seen water for a month and now had seen a pool of cold and clean water, the desire for the bull to gulp the water at ones was my desire for Serena.

I bent and kissed her lips, she crossed her hands around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. I now knew how seventh heaven felt like. I started my hands slowly from her cheeks to her neck and camped on her hard t--s. She breath more hard and fast, at same time deepening the kisses, she made it so fast that if we had a commentator, he would have termed it violent love making.
Her hands moved from my neck to my waist, she sq££zed my waist me against her’s . By then my hands were struggling to unlock her interlocked legs with my right hand. My pants were already getting wet. I got hold of her pants and she raised her body so that I pushed them down. My hand felt no penetration, she was a virgin, my Serena was a virgin. Two virgins making love, the bed can tell the rest. The walls too must have been disturbed by her screams, the bedsheets can still complain of the blood they had to swallow.

On the following morning I woke up to find out that not Serena neither I was covered, we had slept late and uncovered. I looked at my Serena beside me, how I wished I would wake up with her beside me in the remaining days of my life. She was still asleep, she looked so comfortable in her sleep, so innocent, she had not hesitated giving me her dignity, I wondered whether I had done the right thing. What if Dad stood his ground to object our marriage with Serena? Would he disown me? Would I choose to remain with Serena instead of my Dad? I looked at her closed eyes, was she not 100% confident of my love? I would never leave her, deep within me I swore never to break her heart. The clock read 0900 hours in the morning, ‘should I wake her up?’ I thought it was not wise and headed for my morning shower.

*one month later*

I had just arrived from Tasia to see my friend Judas, he had just arrived from Italy where he was pursuing his masters degree in Political science, he was my best and only friend I fully trusted. I had told him everything and had advised me to stick in marrying Serena. He advised me to follow my heart.

On arriving home in that evening, Brian informed me that Dad wanted to see me immediately. I headed into his house, he was in his study room perusing a Daily newspaper.
“Good evening Dad.” I greeted.
“Evening to you my son, how was your day?” He was still looking on the newspaper.
“It was fine Dad, am just from seeing my friend Judas.” I said sitting on a sofa opposite his.

“Oh! Judas is back from Italy?!” He sounded excited, he loved him, in fact he had geared his scholarship in Italy, Dad had made connections so that Judas was among the government sponsored students for the masters degrees abroad, all because he was my friend. Judas had gotten his degree from Maseno university which was one of the best local universities offering Political Science course. “Yes Dad, he will be coming to visit us tomorrow.” I informed.
“That’s kind of him.” He said shortly leaning on his sofa. He then cleared his throat.
“David.” He started.”five weeks have gone since we informed you about your marriage with Joyce Ndegwa.” He stopped to survey my face. I didn’t day a word. He proceeded.”As a concerned Dad, I have paid two million shillings to Ndegwa and his wife as dowry for your marriage with Joyce, I will still pay another lot after the marriage which will take place on next week but one.” I looked at him and then around the room, I didn’t see any metallic rod to hit his thick head with. How could he arrange my wedding without my knowledge? With a girl I didn’t even love?

“But Dad I think you are forgetting something.” I tried to control my anger.
“What my son? I must also inform you that I have made connections with the president, immediately after your wedding, you will be appointed as the new Kenyan’ ambassador in Britain, the company in Britain will now be for you and Joyce your wife, I will give it to you.” He smiled. He must have thought that his promises would sweep me off my stand. He was wrong.

“Excuse me Dad.” My phone was ringing, it was Serena. I walked out of the room.
“Hello my love?”
“Yes hunnie, are you alright?” I asked.
“Of course not completely alright without seeing my husband around.” She teased.
“I will come over before it is dark, in one hours time I will be there .” I promised.
“Don’t fail, I have something to tell you.”
“OK sweetheart, bye.”
I told my Dad to leave me think about it , I was to meet him after super. “Ok son, though you have no choice. Take care.” He left the room in a hurry, obviously avoiding any argument.


I reached Umoja at exactly 1920 hours, Brian was with me.

Umoja was where I had bought a plot for Serena and her mother. Her mother operated a wholesale shop as Serena operated an m-pesa shop at Dynamo area. It was easier for me to visit her at least four times per week.
I was curious to whatever she wanted to inform me. Serena and her mother welcomed us warmly.

“Meet Brian, my servant boy.” I introduced Brian, they were happy to meet him.
I had come to like him very much. I had nothing to hide from him, he was wise and very sharp.

We spent around an hour in the house enjoying some nice kienyeji food and conversing. After the food, Brian followed Serena’s mother carrying the dishes, it was obviously a way of giving Serena and I time to talk.

“I missed you so much.” Serena confessed looking into my eyes, her old habit of driving me emotional.

“Me too sweetheart, that’s why am here.” I held her cheeks and kissed her.
“David?” She sounded sober from any emotion. It wasn’t like her.

“Yes my love.” I felt afraid of what I knew not.

“I am…..” She stared on the table.
“You are? Speak up hunnie.”
“I am pregnant.( part eleven coming soon, don’t miss?)

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