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The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 114
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Tang Wulin was quite miserable. As one of the two who received no injuries as well as being a male, he had been used as a living teaching example by Wu Zhangkong. With him as the opponent, Wu Zhangkong continuously used him to demonstrate combat techniques and important topics to the other students. Tang Wulin was knocked down time and time again by the teacher’s pointing stick.

He felt that this was Teacher Wu’s revenge for him being late to the match. But even so, this type of training was effective as it was clear just how quickly Tang Wulin was improving. This was the so-called, ‘pain and joy’.[1]

News of class zero’s establishment quickly spread throughout the academy, turning its five students into celebrities in an instant. Naturally, they couldn’t reveal what they were doing in class, so the curiosity of others died down after a few days and the academy returned to its usual tranquility.

As their only teacher, Wu Zhangkong provided them with plenty of guidance. Their curriculum required that they study different theories from those of regular classes and become more inclined toward combat training. And just as President Yu Zhen promised, the academy poured a tremendous amount of resources into the class. Regardless of whether it were the teaching methods, nourishing food, teachers, or facilities, all were provided and of the highest quality.

Ten days later, Tang Wulin was no longer the only one being beaten up by Wu Zhangkong’s pointing stick. Xie Xie, Zhang Yangzi, and Wang Jinxi had all recovered and could now join Tang Wulin in being beaten up for combat training. Ever since their recovery, inhuman cries of pain would constantly ring out from class zero.

They had rejoiced in Tang Wulin’s misfortune when they were still bystanders that were watching him being beaten up, but after experiencing the painful strikes of the pointing stick for themselves, they had gained a thorough understand of what pain truly was.
Wang Jinxi fared a bit better than the others as his Bone Dragon King made his body much stronger. But for Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie… they were definitely suffering. Zhang Yangzi was an Agility-Control System Soul Master and Xie Xie was a pure Agility System Soul Master so both of their bodies were suited for nimbleness and couldn’t compare in toughness with Tang Wulin or Wang Jinxi.

From the very beginning, Wu Zhangkong didn’t even know the concept of ‘starting off leniently’. Instead, each strike of his pointing stick would create a pain that penetrated all the way to their bone marrow! Yet, despite this unfathomable pain they were subjected to, they didn’t suffer any real injuries.

In Wu Zhangkong’s words: ‘Only pain can deepen your learning!’

The only one who was fortunate enough to be spared was Gu Yue. Perhaps it was because she was a girl, but Wu Zhangkong reined in a bit of his harshness when he taught her. Even when the occasional pointer struck, it only made her feel a bit numb.

“Today we will be running a few tests on your bodies so combat training will be suspended.” Wu Zhangkong announced this piece of good news the moment he entered the classroom.

They all harbored a fear of combat training now. That bone-piercing pain was simply too much.

Tang Wulin was the only one who felt some disappointment.[2] Having absorbed a portion of the Golden Dragon King’s soul, he had discovered over the past ten days of combat training that his body’s strength had risen to another level. Apart from his right arm, any place Wu Zhangkong’s pointer struck would experience extreme pain, but he would recover from it extremely fast without even leaving a bruise. Moreover, he felt that his soul power cultivation rate increased after receiving a good beating.

After those ten days of training, he sensed as though his body was on the verge of breaking through once more. It seemed that the fragment of the Golden Dragon King’s soul hadn’t been completely absorbed by him yet. The more he cultivated, the more completely he absorbed the soul.

He was also growing more and more skilled at controlling his bloodline power. Apart from the Golden Dragon Claw, which he couldn’t use too often due to the excessive amount of soul power it consumed, he could use the golden scales as he wished due to its minimal costs. Thus, his right arm had turned into his strongest weapon.

Wu Zhangkong brought them to a room that was filled with a scientific feeling. The interior of the room was covered in a layer of a silver metal which made them feel as if they had entered a silver world the moment they stepped inside.

Table after table of strange apparatuses were arranged within this room.
“We’ll start with the spiritual power test. Xie Xie, you’re first.”

Wu Zhangkong was holding onto a form, ready to record Xie Xie’s results.
Xie Xie’s spiritual power growth was quite normal. Compared to last time, his spiritual power had increased by two.

After Xie Xie was Wang Jinxi. His spiritual power was quite low, a mere 18 points.
“Wang Jinxi, you must spare no effort in improving your spiritual power otherwise you won’t be able to fuse with any more spirit souls in the future,” Wu Zhangkong dully advised him.
Wang Jinxi was normally very quiet. Just like usual, he merely nodded after hearing Wu Zhangkong’s words.
Zhang Yangzi’s turn was next.

“Spiritual power of 41. Not bad. If you do your best you might be able to break through from the Spirit Origin realm within a year.”
Tang Wulin was the second last to go.
Zhang Yangzi’s gaze was fixed on him. Among his three ex-opponents, he bore the greatest grudge against Tang Wulin for breaking his legs. He couldn’t help but feel the need to compare himself against Tang Wulin now.

In the past few days he had interacted with Tang Wulin, he discovered that Tang Wulin’s main power came from his body that was gifted with strength and that peculiar right arm of his. As for his martial soul, it was merely Bluesilver Grass. It wasn’t even worth mentioning to Zhang Yangzi. The more he found out about Tang Wulin, the more he felt that his loss that day was unjustified.

Since he’s an expert at assault like Wang Jinxi, just how high could his spiritual power be? It can’t possibly be that high.

Tang Wulin walked over to the apparatus and sat down. The spiritual power testing machine slowly descended, enveloping his head.

The test was beginning!

This spiritual power testing machine was the most advanced one the academy had. It displayed the spiritual power on a graduated scale with different colors. Thus, one could differentiate the spiritual power level based on the color shown.

Spirit Origin was white. The number representing Tang Wulin’s spiritual power kept on rising, and soon, it surpassed Wang Jinxi’s 18 points.

It steadily increased. 20 points. 25 points. 30 points…

Zhang Yangzi stared at the scale in astonishment. No way. He’s just an Assault System Soul Master with one ring’s worth of cultivation. How can he have more than 30 points of spiritual power? Even Jinxi pales in comparison to him…

43. He had now surpassed Zhang Yangzi and yet, the number was still increasing!
Xie Xie proudly said to Zhang Yangzi, “You see that? Wulin’s spiritual power is so great!”

Zhang Yangzi had an unsightly expression as he snorted. I refuse to acknowledge him!
“Fifty!” The quiet Wang Jinxi suddenly shouted.

That was right, Tang Wulin’s spiritual power surpassed 50. This meant that his spiritual power had progressed from the Spirit Origin realm to the Spirit Connection realm.

Sure enough, the scale turned from white to yellow.

Spirit Origin. Everything started from the origin and would grow from there. The moment one was born, they would be in the Spirit Origin realm with the most basic of spiritual powers. Spiritual power in the Spirit Origin realm was enough to bear a yellow spirit soul.

The Spirit Connection realm was when the heart could connect with the spirit, conveying simple thoughts. Once one attained Spirit Connection, one would be able to truly control one’s spiritual power and have it move to one’s needs as well as being able to support two yellow spirit souls or one purple spirit soul.

There didn’t seem to be much of a difference between Spirit Origin and Spirit Connection, but it was truly a qualitative leap! It was only natural for Wang Jinxi to be shocked. After all, reaching the Spirit Connection realm meant that Tang Wulin could already fuse with a purple spirit soul.

Dumbstruck, Zhang Yangzi stared at Tang Wulin with his mouth gaping. This guy’s martial soul is nothing, but his spiritual power is so amazing! He had never heard of someone who could break through to the next realm while still in the first grade of intermediate academy before!

Anyone who could break through to the next realm in the intermediate division would already be considered talented. It had to be said that the greatest obstacle for graduating from the advanced division was attaining Spirit Connection! This one requirement had already stopped countless Soul Masters from graduating.

Yet, Tang Wulin had already broken through while still being in the first grade! This was simply unfathomable!

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power reading finally stopped at 66 points.
Xie Xie had been bragging for him just now, but he was still stupefied after seeing this number.

It has only been a few days yet this guy’s spiritual power has already grown this much? His spiritual power growth rate is almost like a cheat!

66? Tang Wulin was also startled when he saw the results. Although he had felt that his spiritual power had increased after absorbing the Golden Dragon King’s soul, he had never expected to directly enter the Spirit Connection realm. This was simply too amazing for him! Strong spiritual power would be extremely beneficial for him when he fused with another spirit soul in the future as well as when controlling his martial soul and soul skills!

( Monstrous Numbers)
The final one to take the test was Gu Yue.
A thought suddenly struck Zhang Yangzi. Does the order Teacher Wu arranged us in mean anything? Aside from Xie Xie in the beginning, the spiritual power ratings have only been increasing high afterward. Spiritual power is also essential to Gu Yue… Could it be? Has she also broken through to the Spirit Connection realm?

His question didn’t go unanswered for long as the testing machine gave him the results shortly after.

Gu Yue’s spiritual power flew past the white line and into the yellow zone. Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi gawked as the number broke through 100 points in the blink of an eye, and even then it was still skyrocketing! Their jaws dropped in shock!

The final number displayed on the machine was 153.

How, how can she be this amazing!? Even if we disregard Eastsea City, I don’t think there is a single Soul Master on the entire continent that is this young yet has such high level spiritual power!

A human’s spiritual power would grow as their body matured, increasing all the way until they reached forty years of age. After the age of forty, however, an ordinary person’s body would begin to deteriorate, but Soul Masters could continue increasing their spiritual power until they were sixty years old.
Gu Yue was only nine years old, the exact same age as the rest of them, yet her spiritual power was actually in the Spirit Connection realm with over 150 points! With her talent, wouldn’t she break through to the Spirit Sea realm by the time she graduated from the intermediate division!?

In the Spirit Sea realm, the spirit was as vast as the sea and one’s spiritual power could be considered to have finally attained a high enough level to be considered the foundation for an expert. The ones who stood at the pinnacle of both Mecha Masters or Soul Masters would need to have at least reached the Spirit Sea realm. At this level, one would be able to support five yellow spirit souls or three purple spirit souls. In fact, one could even support a single black spirit soul!
Apart from the effects on spiritual power, the Spirit Sea realm could also help a Soul Master cultivate to six or seven rings. Thus, to become a powerful Soul Master, it was necessary to reach Spirit Sea.

Silence. The room was enveloped in silence.
Wu Zhangkong seemed to have expected this result as after Gu Yue left the machine, he casually said, “Next is the strength test.”
The order for the strength test was also very peculiar. The first one up was Gu Yue.

Similar to when she tested her powerful spiritual power, Gu Yue’s strength once again blinded everyone.

The strength test simply measured the power of one’s punch, and it didn’t measure anything like carrying capacity or how much stress their bodies could undergo.

After all, only attack power held any meaning to Soul Masters.

Bang! Left fist, 115 kilograms.

D, d--n! Zhang Yangzi nearly fell flat on his butt. Isn’t, isn’t she an elementalist Soul Master? Isn’t she just nine years old? How can she have 115 kilograms of strength?
Xie Xie’s reaction was identical to his. In fact, he was even trembling a little bit.

As Gu Yue turned her head, she shot a cold glance at Xie Xie, her eyebrows slightly raised.
Xie Xie swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quickly averted his gaze. This was his first time finding out that Gu Yue’s strength was actually so frightening!

Bang! Right fist, 143 kilograms.

Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie practically had tears streaming down their cheeks now. Can’t she give us just a little bit of face? Is she even a girl? Isn’t she actually a female T-Rex!?

A trace of surprise flashed through Wu Zhangkong’s eyes as he announced, “Next, Zhang Yangzi.”

Bang! Left fist, 61 kilograms.

Bang! Right fist, 69 kilograms.

He was able to attain these results because in addition to his speed, he was also a two ringed Soul Grandmaster, making his body much stronger than an ordinary person’s.
Zhang Yangzi originally hadn’t thought his strength to be subpar because after all, he mainly relied on his special attribute. Yet, when he compared his power with someone else’s, and that person was one who was similar as they relied on controlling the elements, he nearly wanted to weep.
“Xie Xie!”

Bang! Left fist, 153 kilograms.
Bang! Right fist, 164 kilograms.
Xie Xie wiped away his sweat as he relaxed and let out a deep breath. At the very least, he was physically a bit stronger than Gu Yue. Although he was an Agility System Soul Master, the nourishing effect his twin martial souls had on his body couldn’t be overlooked. Thus, despite being suited for nimbleness, his body was still fairly strong, which was also the reason why Wei Xiaofeng had suffered at his hands during the Class Promotion Tournament.
“Wang Jinxi!”

The slim-figured Wang Jinxi walked up to the strength testing machine. He inhaled deeply, mulling over what his results would be. Subconsciously, his gaze began to drift toward Tang Wulin, who was watching the machine for the results..

At that moment, a thought suddenly appeared in Wang Jinxi’s heart. Just how large is the gap between our strengths?

Bang! Left fist, 423 kilograms.
Bang! Right fist, 468 kilograms.

Terrifying numbers appeared. These numbers exceeded those of ordinary Assault System Soul Masters by far. In fact, it was comparable to a pure Power System Soul Master’s.

The total strength of his two arms already approached one thousand kilograms.

“Good!” Zhang Yangzi loudly proclaimed as if to vent the gloom he felt within his heart.

Wang Jinxi was fairly satisfied with this result. Even though his arms had recently been broken, his strength had still increased, so this result was considered to be pretty good.
“Tang Wulin.”

Wu Zhangkong observed Tang Wulin with a steady gaze. Naturally, he had also arranged the students in this test according to his estimates, from lowest to highest. It was just that Gu Yue’s strength had been outside of his expectations.

Tang Wulin walked over to the strength test machine with bright eyes and an intense desire to know just what level his power had reached after absorbing the essence of the first seal.

His hands subconsciously clenched into a tight fist, popping sounds emitting from his entire skeleton. The aura of the Golden Dragon King appeared, causing a slight change in Wang Jinxi’s expression.

He hadn’t even made a move yet, but his oppressive aura already differentiated him from the previous students.

Zhang Yangzi’s muscles began to twitch as he thought to himself, It won’t be that high. It won’t be that high. It won’t be that high…
Bang! Left fist, 1156 kilograms.

Bang! Right fist, 1348 kilograms.

A rumble resounded throughout the room, stunning the other four students.

Even though they knew Tang Wulin was very strong, they had never expected him to be this strong.

Even Wang Jinxi, who simply burst with power, was only barely able to match up to a third of Tang Wulin’s strength.

Wang Jinxi quickly recovered from his shock because he already had a rough estimate of the gap between the two of them from the Class Promotion Tournament match after Tang Wulin had knocked him back a few steps. He had been able to do this despite the fact that Wang Jinxi had released his martial soul together with his strength increasing soul skills. Moreover, Tang Wulin’s martial soul was Bluesilver Grass; would it be able to increase his strength at all? Simply put, Wang Jinxi hadn’t expected the gap to be this large. He had thought Tang Wulin would only be twice as strong, not three times.

“Is… Is he even a human?” Zhang Yangzi muttered in shock.
Wu Zhangkong didn’t let Tang Wulin return, rather, he coldly instructed, “Once more with your right hand covered in the scales.”
“Oh.” Tang Wulin raised his right arm as a golden light appeared, covering his arm with a layer of golden scales.

As the Golden Dragon King’s oppressive aura emerged, Wang Jinxi subconsciously retreated back a step as his martial soul began to tremble in fear, and perhaps even submission toward Tang Wulin.
Bang! 2,700 kilograms.

Numbness. Zhang Yangzi’s entire body was numb now.

Everyone else would already be impressed when the total strength of two arms was over one thousand kilograms. Yet, for this guy, one arm already had over two thousand kilograms of strength!

When this number appeared, everyone, including Tang Wulin, was fired up.

This number was truly too monstrous!

No wonder my Heavy Silver hammers feel so light now, especially my right hammer. So my strength has reached this level now, huh?
“Test your dragon claw now,” Wu Zhangkong said with a wooden expression.

“Oh!” Tang Wulin wanted to try it too. After raising his right fist, however, he lowered it and asked Wu Zhangkong, “Teacher Wu, if I break the machine, do I need to pay for it?”
Wu Zhangkong wrinkled his brows. “No.

This machine can bear up to five thousand kilograms of strength. Even if you somehow manage to break it, you won’t need to pay.”


A golden light quietly filled Tang Wulin’s eyes, turning his pupils into slits while a tyrannical aura burst forth from his body.

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