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The Last survivors - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Osoba lowered his raised arm and cast the power on the objects inside the small box and poured on it some oil which Ochuma gave him earlier. He reached out to ignite the match in his hand and they heard a thud, “Puhm!” the head of the second guy Simon came with hit the ground. The fast moving man swung his sword at Melinda aiming for her neck. Melinda ducked lamely; the match stick was already burning, Osoba dropped it on the small box. The man with the sword busted into flames and went with the wind. No one got a good look at him, he was took fast, but whoever he was they were thankful he was destoryed by the fire. Melinda was lying face down and was bleeding from the neck.

The others were celebrating that the evil in Michael’s grave had been destoryed and didn’t notice Melinda. Etim looked her way wondering why she was not celebrating; he moved closer and saw blood oozing from her neck. He feared the man’s sword must have slit her throat and shouted “She is dead! The woman is dead!”

Michael was lying on a stone altar in a persian looking temple, badly charred all over. A number of the elders of the Circle of Stars stood around him “You are dying my Lord. You have to chose a man to take your place and complete your reign. It has to be done now. We fear you will not see the sun rise tomorrow morning”, said the head of the elders of the Circle of Stars. “Summon him and let him complete my reign. He is the one I couldn’t stop; he is outside of the Circle of Stars, but I am the Lord of his star”. “Who is that my Lord” Asked the head of the elders of the Circle of Stars. “He is Simon, Simon Temile. I release his star”. Michael didn’t say another word after that; he lay on the altar breathing weakly.

“I killed her! It is my fault! I should have put her in a hotel room. I killed Melinda”. “It is not your fault you did what you thought was best at that point. Stop blaming yourself! Stop it!” Shouted Osaba as he tried to calm Austin down.

Simon was acting strangely; some very strong force was pulling his attention to some place. He ran out of the hospital reception, got into Osoba’s bus and drove off not knowing where he was headed. Something was pulling him to a destination.

While Austin mourned bitterly, a nurse ran into the reception and announced to them “The doctors have just got a pulse on the lady; they are trying very hard now to stabilize her. She lost a lot of blood”.

Austin hit the floor on his knees and prayed. “Thank you God for bringing Melinda back, please don’t let her slip away again. Save her please!” He cried bitterly as he said those words. When they arrived at the hospital that night, the doctors had given them the impression that Melinda’s condition was almost beyond anything they could do. After the doctors had got a pulse, Austin and the others waited and hoped that Melinda’s condition would improve. They were all focused on Melinda’s recovery and didn’t notice Simon had left the hospital driving to an unknown destination under the spell of the elders of the Circle of Stars.


Melinda, Austin, Verah, Osoba, Ochuma, Etim with some others will have to battle with the elders of the Circle of Stars and the return of Michael in the body of an old friend of theirs…….

The question is……

Who amongs them will be The Last Survivors?
Find out in the next chapter

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