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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 99
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Frank was just about to cuff Bob’s hand behind back when one of the goons who was lying on the floor regained consciousness and snuck up behind him. The goon drew his knife as he approached Frank from behind; Frank didn’t notice because he had his focus on Bob. Once in range the goon raised his knife and stabbed Frank in the back. Frank gasped as the sudden pain spreads through his body. The goon pulls the blade out and Frank collapsed on the cold floor..

“Ahh,” Bob snarled with a huge grin. “Who’s the big man now.” Then he turns to his goon. “Come on let’s go.”
“Get your hands off me,” Lance yelled at Simon, his voice held such a daring authoritative tone that Simon was forced to comply. Lance grabbed the documents from Simon’s hand and tossed them in the air. “I don’t give a flying fvck about your papers, I do what I want and I take orders from nobody. I’m going in now and don’t you dare try and stop me again or I promise you’ll regret it.” Lance turned towards the factory and Simon thought it would be best to let him be given how sincere he sounded with his threat.

Lance ran towards the factory’s front door but then he decided to go in through the back, Jeff ran after him, Simon and his boys followed suit.
Just as Lance reached the backdoor he met Bob Goatee trying to escape with one of his goons. Lance grabbed the goon by the shoulder and slammed his head against the wall. Bob was running towards the road, Lance knew he could outrun the fat Bob and catch up with him in a few seconds but just as he was about to give chase. Jeff called him.

“Lance, Frank is bleeding out on the floor, I think he’s hurt.” Jeff says.

Lance turned around with a worried look on his face, his heart dropped when he saw Frank lying on the floor, covered in blood.

“You think?” Lance yelled at Jeff as he runs up to them. “Go get the car.” He added as he throws Frank up on his shoulder.

“Sir, I think Sergeant Frank got hurt.” Jill says to Simon as they were chasing after Bob.

“Sad but we must focus on catching Bob Goatee.” Simon says breathing heavily as they chased Bob down the street.

They were closing in on Bob who was getting agitated on sighting that his getaway cars have been rendered immobile, he was glad when he saw that the last one was still in good condition. He jumped in and drove off before Simon and his boys could catch him.

(At The City Hospital)
The doctor walks up to Lance, Jeff and Josh who were sitting in the waiting hall.

“How is he doc?” Josh asks.
“His condition is currently stable; he’ll be fine be rest assured.” The doctor says.
“You’re lying,” Lance says.

“What?” The doctor asks in bewilderment.
“You’re saying this but your eyes is saying something else.” Lance says to the doctor. “You’re not sure if he’s going to make it are you?”

“W-well like I said he’s in a stable condition but he has lost a lot of blood you see but he’ll be fine we’ll try our possible best.” The doctor says.

“Alright doc, please try your possible best. Sergeant Frank is a rare gem.” Josh says and he shook hands with the doctor. The doctor nodded and walked away.

Lance sighed heavily covering his face with both hands.

“Relax Lance,” Jeff says placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure Frank will be okay.”
“Yeah, he’ll pull through. He’s a strong one.” Josh added he knew Lance blames himself for what happened to Frank.

“You may not know this but I lost my family at a very young age.” Lance says with a sad look on his face as the memory resurfaces. “My mother died the day I was born, my dad and my older brother both died in a car accident, it happened on my birthday.” Lance says, Jeff and Josh were shocked at the tragic event and were rendered speechless. “Everyone abandoned me saying I was cursed. I was scared that I was going to be alone in this world then my grandma came along, she took me in and I felt loved again. My whole world revolved around her but she went through a lot of trouble looking after my welfare and I worried about her a lot. I was always bullied at school; students would refer to me as the cursed kid. Don’t look into his eyes or you’ll be jinxed, they’ll say. Even the teachers were no different, they think I was weird cause I always knew all the answers to their questions, the truth is I could take a quick glance at a note and I’ll have memorized everything I see. Tyler, the school bully would beat me up each and every day and throw me in the dumpster. The kids would make fun of my old clothes which was all my grandma could afford,” Lance says, his voice breaking. “But there was only one kid who stood up for me. His name was Stan, he was the only kid who understood me and he was the only friend I had back then. He was staying at an orphanage at the time, he told me how he was been maltreated at the orphanage, he showed me the scars he had all over his body from been brutalized by the people at the orphanage. He came to me one day with this crescent shaped scar on his forehead the head mistress at the orphanage had burnt him for delaying with his chores, and he told me was going to leave one day.” Jeff and Josh listened attentively; they knew Lance must have a good reason for sharing his story.

“I asked him where he was going and he said anywhere but this hell hole. So I thought about it myself, anywhere would be better than this town where everyone sees me as a curse, where no one loves me. I thought about my grandma, if she would miss me but I felt she’ll be better off without the struggle to provide for me and I decided that it would be best for everyone if I left. So, one day I did, I went with Stan and we left the town and soon we joined a group of kids living in the streets. That was when I learnt to toughen up; the street is a cruel place, even more since I was a kid. We had to fight for everything, from the last crumb of bread to the last drop of water. We stole fruits from cargoes, picked pockets in markets; we had to do all this just to survive because no one cared about the children living in the streets. Stan and I were together in all of this; he was like the brother I wish I still had.” Lance took a deep breath at this point; he had a sad smile on his face.

“So, what became of you guys? What became of Stan?” Josh asks.
“One of the kids in our group murdered a man, I think the trader caught the kid when he was trying to steal from him, then he stabbed the man before he could raise an alarm. This incident provoked the town folks and they organized a group of vigilantes to hunt us all down and one after the other they caught the kids living on the street, we don’t know which fate befell those who were caught but Stan and I were not going to wait to find out. We decided to flee the town and escape through the jungle but on that fateful night we encountered a group vigilantes who were on patrol, they chased after us and we ran as fast as we could through the thick bushes but Stan tripped and fell, hurting his leg. I helped him up but he could barely stand on both feet not to talk of running. He urged me to leave without him that he was going to slow me down, I refused but he pleaded that it would all end in naught if we both got caught, So I…I left him.” Lance says with a shaky voice, although Jeff and Josh couldn’t see his tears they knew Lance was hurting inside.

“That is so sad to hear.”Josh says.

“Yeah.” Jeff agreed sadly.
“The thing is bad things always happen to the people around me,” Lance says. “I never should have involved any of you in on this, so let’s break this team up.”

“No, no, no. There’s no need to do that,” Josh argued and Jeff nodded in agreement. “Look you’re over reacting right now; stuff like this happen often in the line of duty but that doesn’t mean we should break up the team.”

“Yeah, Frank is going to be okay and together….” Jeff was saying but Lance raised his hand and cuts him off.

“No, not together, not anymore.” Lance says. “It was Frank today tomorrow it might be either one of you. I’m sick and tired of seeing the people I care about getting hurt. That’s why I prefer to work alone, this is why I don’t have a partner because I know that I can take care of myself but I cannot guarantee your safety. I’ve been fighting with this realization for a while but I think that Zach might be in this mess because of me. I have a lead on Agent X and I’m going after him,” Lance says and then he paused. “And I need to do it alone.” He added.
Lance got off his seat and walked out of the hospital. Jeff and Josh rushed after him calling him back.

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