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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 97
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“Who is Paul Mic?” Lance asks his eyes scanning from Jeff to Josh.

“From our findings at the school,” Jeff began. “Zack only had one known enemy as well.”

“And that’s Paul Mic.” Josh added.
“Why were they enemies?” Lance asks crossing his arms.

“Well, Paul supposedly had a problem with Tony who was Zack’s friend,” Jeff says.

“And you know what they say; a friend of my enemy is my enemy.” Josh says.

“Is that it?” Frank asks with a frown. “Is that what you arrived at? Just a hypothesis, you guys don’t even know for a fact if this Paul guy is the culprit you’re just making a wild guess.”

“D--n it Frank you’re really taking the piss right now.” Josh says angrily.

“Relax guys no need for any arguments,” Lance says. “But Frank is right we haven’t got time for wild guesses right now. The Zack I know probably has a dozen more guys who have got a beef with him in this city. The one I’m most interested in is Agent X, so unless this Paul Mic guy can lead us to him, we should all focus on Bob Goatee for today.”

“That’s what Jeff and I were getting at before Frank interrupted us.” Josh says.

“Paul had a business relationship with Agent X and Zack was the one who revealed this fact, which not only got Paul fired but also arrested.” Jeff says.

“So this Paul guy can lead us to Agent X?” Lance asks.

“I’m sure he knows something.” Josh says.
“And he’s in jail?” Lance asked.

“Nah, he pleaded innocent in court and his case was adjourned. He’s been remanded at police custody but he’ll probably be released at the next court case which is due next week, since no one is testifying against him and there’s no concrete evidence to prove him guilty either.” Josh says.

“Which police station is he been held?” Frank asks.

“Third division,” Jeff says.
“Let’s go have a word with him then.” Lance says.

The four of them started walking towards the entrance when Lance stopped and turned to Josh. “You wait here.”

“What? Why?” Josh asks.
“Bob is going to be at the downtown flour factory by four. So I need you to stay here and keep an eye on the area. I want to know when they get there, where they’re parking and how many they are.” Lance says.

“Alright,” Josh says and walks away.
Whilst Lance, Jeff and Frank were walking towards the exit a beautiful lady who appears to be in her early twenties approached them.
“Oh my,” Lance marveled at her beauty.
“Hey guys,” She greeted.
“Hey Lucy,” Frank responded.
“Lucy,” Lance repeated the name slowly.
“Oh hey you must be detective Lance,” She said with a heart melting smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you, nice to meet you.” She says offering Lance a handshake.

“It’s my pleasure damsel,” Lance says shaking hands with her.

“Perspective,” Frank scoffed.
“Would you be so kind to go out with me tonight?” Lance asks. “I’m new in this town and I need someone to show me around.”
“I can do that,” Jeff says and Lance frowned at him.

Lucy chuckled slightly and says. “I’m sorry but I’ve got a date with my boyfriend tonight.”
“Oh you have a boyfriend?” Lance asks.
“Yeah,” She says.

“How unlucky for me, but if anything ever happens to him just know that I’m still available.” Lance says with a smile.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” She says then turns to Jeff. “Have you seen my team mates?”
“Simon is in the chief’s office,” Frank answered instead.

“Oh thanks,” She says. “Nice meeting you detective.” She added before walking away.
“What’s a sweet girl like her doing on Simon’s team?” Lance asks staring after her.
“Can we go now?” Frank asks.

“Of course,” Lance says whilst walking away. “You guys should stop dawdling.”
“But you were the one del….” Jeff was saying but Frank shushed him.

“It’s no use arguing with him.” Frank says.
They all got in the car and Jeff drove to the Police station where Paul was been held.

Frank spoke with the officer in charge and they were granted access to interrogate Paul. Few minutes later, Paul was brought into the interrogation room.

“You guys wait outside,” Lance says to Jeff and Frank. “I’ll like to speak with Mr. Mic in Private.”

Jeff and Frank waited outside and Lance goes into the interrogation room where Paul was seated.

Paul sat on his chair with his arm folded over his chest and a frown on his face.

“Hy,” Lance greeted taking a seat in front of him.

Paul gave no response.
“Listen buddy. Do you know who I am?” Lance asks.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Paul says.
“Well you should care to know because I am the only man who can save you from your impending doom.” Lance says.

“Save me from my impending doom. What are you, a catholic priest?” Paul says mockingly, Lance couldn’t help but smile slightly. “My attorney already told me, there is no case against me and that I will soon be released. So I don’t need your help whatsoever.” Paul says.
“The thing about attorneys,” Lance says drawing closer. “They lie a lot.” He says almost whispering.

“What do you mean lie? I mean no one came to testify during the last court case and there is no evidence, everyone knows I’m innocent.” Paul says feeling a little bit unrest.

“Not everyone,” Lance says, pausing to gauge Paul’s reaction. “Do you know of a man named Zack Owens?”

“Well? Yeah he was the b-----d who made up that lie against me and got me into this mess.”
“Is that why you had to do what you had to do, which you did?” Lance asks a confused Paul.
“Do the what now?” Paul asked, completely mystified. “I don’t know what the s--t you just said.”

Lance sighed and reclined in his chair as if he was about to repeat something he has already said a thousand times. “A couple of months ago Zack Owens had his wife and child murdered and he himself suddenly went missing,” Lance paused to gauge Paul’s reaction, he looked surprised. “Now guess who the prime suspect is.” Lance says, pointing his index finger at Paul.
“Who? Me?” Paul asked his voice a bit shaken; he knew what this allegation could do to him.
“Few months later his best friend, your old rival Anthony Jefferson went missing as well,” Lance says staring into Paul’s eyes. “Guess who the prime suspect is.” Lance paused for effect and Paul suddenly feels suffocated in the large room. “You.” Lance added.

“But that’s crazy, all this while I’ve been in custody. I couldn’t have had a hand in any of this.” Paul says.

“True but I heard you’ve also had access to phone calls, maybe you called your boys to seek revenge for you and you thought no one would suspect you since you were still in custody.” Lance says.

“No, I swear I didn’t do any of that,” Paul says he was now sweating on his forehead. “I only phoned my mum twice you can check my records.”

“Hmm,” Lance nodded his head thoughtfully, as if he was reasoning along with Paul. “I see, so you had your mom do the dirty work for you.” He says.

“No, no I didn’t. Please don’t bring that woman into any of this.” Paul pleaded almost on his knees now. “I have no hand in this, please believe me.”

“Then you must have organized it before you got arrested.”

“Why aren’t you listening? I said I have no hand in it.”

“Trust me whatever punishment you would have gotten from your supposed association with Agent X will now be multiplied, because we are talking about the death of two people here and the whereabouts of two men are still unknown. All the evidences are pointing at one person and that’s you Mr. Mic.” Lance says.

Paul made to speak but Lance cuts him off. “I know what you’re about to say, that you didn’t do it.” Paul nodded in affirmative. “You are saying that now but no one is going to believe you cause all the evidence are against you like I said but I believe you.

Actually I really don’t care whether you’re guilty or not. I’m just an hired investigator, what I care about is getting the bigger fish cause they’ll guarantee bigger pay and the bigger fish in this case is Agent X.” Lance says staring into Paul’s eyes, his eyes were betraying him he knows something about Agent X, Lance was sure of that. “So help yourself by helping me help you.”

“How do I do that?” Paul asked.
“It’s simple all you have to do is tell me where I can find Agent X and I assure you that I’m going to find a way to pin all this deaths on him. His crime files are really large no one would notice if I just slip this one into it.” Lance says.
“But if I do that, then that would mean I agree that I’ve had an association with a criminal.” Paul says.

“True but instead of been punished for it, I would present it to the court that you greatly helped in arresting the biggest crime boss in the city and guess what, you’ll get full pardon and you’ll be released in no time.”

“Uhm,” Paul says taking a deep breath. “I’m going to have to speak with my attorney about this first.”

“He’ll be here in a few hours, but I’m afraid it might be too late by then cause as soon as I leave from this place your files would have been submitted to the authorities and by then I wouldn’t be able to help your case anymore.” Lance says getting up from his chair. “But not to worry you’ll probably get life imprisonment, let’s just hope the judge is in a good mood or you’ll be sent straight to the electric chair.”
“No please don’t go,” Paul says. “I’ll tell you where you can find Agent X.”

Lance smiled and gets back on his seat. “Now you’re talking.”

“Agent X, from what I know his location is always changing, sometimes he’s not even in the city and only a few close associates of his know how to reach him. People who want to hire his service meet with these associates and they’ll link them up to him. One of them is the owner of The Big Bang club her name is Sandra, I’m sure she can lead you to him.”
“Thank you for the information Mr. Mic,” Lance says.

“No problems as long as you clear all the allegations against me like you promised.” Paul says.

“Truth be told Mr. Mic, there was no allegation against you I made that up, In fact you would have been released at the next court case.” Lance said. Paul’s mouth fell in shock.
“What do you mean I would have?” Paul says laying emphasis on the word have, he knew Lance didn’t make a mistake when he chose to use the past tense.

“I’m sure the jury will be lenient on your case and you’ll probably get six months of jail time, at most a year.” Lance says getting up from his seat.

“You liar! You tricked me.” Paul yelled.
“Don’t act so surprised now, I’m a detective that’s what we do, we lie, we play mind games, it’s all part of the job.” Lance says.
“But I already told you where you can find Agent X, why don’t you just let me go like you promised.” Paul pleaded.

“I could do that but you know what they say the enemy of my friend,” Lance says with a smirk as he makes his way to the door. “It was a great pleasure meeting you Mr. Mic goodbye.”
“You freaking b-----d, when I get out of here I’m going to make you pay.” Paul threatened.
“If only I get a dollar for each time someone has said that to me I would have built an empire by now,” Lance says to Frank and Jeff when he joins them outside.

“You got him to spill?” Frank asks.
“Like I always do,” Lance says.
“Great,” Jeff says with a smile. “So now we’ve got a lead on Agent X.”
“Yeah but we have more pressing concern right now. It’s almost four.” Frank says.
“Then it’s time to get Bob Goatee.” Lance says.

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