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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 96
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(Next morning in the chief’s office)

Lance was sitting on a chair in front of the chief’s desk, Frank sat next to him.

“Congratulations on catching The Razor,” The chief says to Lance. “The mayor sends his regards.”

“It was nothing; I don’t sweat guys like that.” Lance boasted. “But as much as I’ll love to take all the credits, Frank really came in handy.” He added.

“Of course,” The chief says to Frank. “You did a good job, sergeant.”

“Just performing my duty sir.” Frank says.
“Well, congratulations once again and keep up the good work.” The chief says, he shook hands with Frank and then he offered Lance a handshake which he declined.

“You know I don’t shake hands.” Lance says.
“Sorry, my bad I forget things easily.” The chief says and they both laughed.

Lance and Frank walked out of the chief’s office and Frank points towards the hallway. “Oh look, Simon is back.” He says with a delightful smile.
Lance looked towards the hall and saw Simon walking down towards the chief’s office with a cast on his neck, accompanied by his team members Jack and Joe.

“Hey Simon,” Frank greeted with a smile and a concerned look. “Nice to see you back on your feet, how are you feeling now?”

“Never felt better,” Simon says. “It will take a lot more than some lousy hoodlums to put this old timer down.” He added.

“Well it’s good to have you back.” Frank says.

“It’s good to be back,” He says walking towards the door.

“Hy,” Lance greeted but Simon ignored his greeting and brushed past him into the mayor’s office followed by his cronies. “Well, that was rude.” Lance says to Frank when they were alone.

“Simon can get a bit cranky when he’s competing with someone but he’s a really cool guy if you get to know him better.” Frank says.
“I’m not competing with that oik pansy because there is no competition. I’m better than that arsehole in more than a thousand ways and even he knows it.” Lance says.

“Be as it may, Simon thinks you’re in his spot right now, so one way or the other he’s competing with you.” Frank says as they were walking down the hall. “And don’t you think it’s kinda hypocritical that you’re mad at Simon for been rude at you. I mean you’re the rudest person I know.”

“What?” Lance gasps in an exaggerated shock. “Name one time I have ever been rude to anyone.”

“You just declined the chief’s handshake by telling him that you don’t shake hands. If that’s not rude I wonder what is.”

“That’s not been rude,” Lance argued. “It’s called having principle.”
“Principle?” Frank says mockingly. “That’s an illogical principle.”

“Oh and there you go again with your logics and….” Lance was saying when Jeff and Josh ran up to them. “Any news?” Lance asks.
“Yeah, great news.” Josh says excitedly.
“Josh and I went over to evergreen high to inquire about your friend.” Jeff began.

“What were you able to pick up?” Frank asks.
“That’s what he’s getting at, stop interrupting.” Josh says to Frank, shushing him.
Frank sighed and Jeff continued. “So, quick trips round the school and we were able to gather some information about Zach.”

“From what we heard,” Josh says. “Zach only had one friend he was close with.”

“The nerdy guy?” Lance asks remembering the guy he saw in the picture with Zach.

“Yeah him,” Jeff says.
“His name is not the nerdy guy though.” Josh says. “It’s Anthony Jefferson.”

“So, if we can find this Jefferson guy we can find Zach?” Frank asks.

“Stop interrupting man.” Josh says.

Frank sighed heavily and shook his head. “You guys should just get to the point, we don’t have all day. Time is of the essence.” He says, Jeff and Josh were enjoying playing detective a bit too much and Lance himself didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry.

“All our attempts to contact Mr. Jefferson or even trace his location failed.” Jeff says.
“So? He just disappeared off the grid?” Lance asks.

“Yeah.” Jeff says.
“Just like Zach did.” Josh says.
“Which brings us down to our possible suspect.” Jeff says.
“Who?” Lance asks.

“Paul Mic.” Jeff and Josh said in unison.

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