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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 95
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“Who said anything about leaving,” Lance says to The Razor. “I’m not leaving without arresting you cretin.”

This caused The Razor and his men to roar with laughter.

“Laugh all you want but Lance Elliot does not make empty bluffs, you only have two options,” Lance says to The Razor who was still laughing mockingly. “We can do this the easy way or we can do it my way.”

“Interesting,” The Razor says, intrigued by Lance’s show of confidence. “So what’s the easy way?”

“You tell your boys to lay down their weapons and you turn yourself in.” Lance says.

“Okay? I’m not doing that, so what’s the other way?” The Razor asks.
“I make you.” Lance says.

“Let’s go with your way,” The Razor says with a wide grin. “I’m really curious to know how anyone is going to arrest me right in my territory,” The Razor bursts into laughter, waving his gun in the air. “Surrounded by my family.” He added gesturing towards the men standing around the table, with guns in their hands. “So tell me Lance, how do you intend to arrest the devil’s son in law?”

“It’s quite easy.” Lance says. “First, I do this,” He grabbed the tables edge and flipped it over, causing The Razor to fall off his chair, cards and wine flew in the air and whilst the goons were distracted Lance pulled his revolver out from its holster almost immediately. He pulled the trigger and shoots one of the goons holding Frank, right in the neck, blood spurts from his throat and the goon fell like a log.

Lance quickly rolled off his chair as the goons peppered his seat with bullets. Now freed from one of his captives, Frank punched the other guy in the nose; the goon staggered backwards holding his now bloody nose. Frank charged him and knocked him down with a right hand. Frank ducked behind a table as one of the goons fired a shot at him; he pulled his gun out and shoots the goon on the shoulder, the goon dropped his gun and fell with a thud.

Lance ran across the gambling section dodging bullets as three goons were shooting at him whilst chasing after him, Lance hopped on a table to give himself a boost and then he did a back flip right over the goons head and landed on his feet behind them, he fired a shot at each one of them before they could turn around to face him.

Lance smiled to himself, clearly pleased by his own performance. “Drop it.” The Razor says, holding his gun to Lance’s face, just a few feet away. Lance dropped his gun and raised his hands up. “Who the hell do you think you are?” The Razor says drawing closer to Lance furiously, the music had stopped playing and everyone was staring furiously at Lance. “I should kill you where you stand but death is too good for you, I’m going to make you suffer for your insolence. First, I’m going to kill your friend and I’ll make you watch him die.” The Razor says gesturing towards Frank who was been held against the wall by two men. “And then I’m going to cut you up limb by….” The Razor had barely finished his statement when Lance snatched the gun from his grasp and punched him in the nose.

“You talk too much,” Lance says grabbing The Razor by the wrist, twisting his arm in a painful lock.

“Urgh,” The Razor grunts in pain.

Lance pressed his gun against The Razor’s ear. “Tell your men to lay down their weapons or I’ll blow your brains out.” He ordered.

“You wouldn’t dare,” The Razor says. “Shoot me and your friend dies.”

“My friend?” Lance asked with a frown. “That fool is not my friend; you’d be doing me a favour by killing him.” Lance points his gun at Frank. “As a matter of fact I’ll prefer to shoot him myself.” And with that Lance pulled the trigger and shoots at Frank.

The Razor and his men were shocked as Frank fell to the ground. “You are a very cruel man, Lance Elliot.” The Razor says.

“It depends on your definition of cruel,” Lance says. “I’m been paid to arrest you Razor, so it’s all just business to me, I don’t care who dies.” Lance wraps his arm around The Razor’s neck and holds him as a shield in front of him. “If I could shoot my supposed friend, guess what I’ll do to you. Now tell your boys to lay down their weapons, or else.” Lance says pressing his gun to the Razor’s ear.

“D–drop your weapons,” The Razor says to his men. The men followed his order and dropped their weapons.

“Good,” Lance says. “Now come here Frank.” He yelled to Frank who was lying on the floor.

Everyone stared in shock as Frank stood up and walked over to Lance. The bullet had merely grazed his shoulder and hit the wall instead, Frank was smart enough to play along and fake dead.

“Smart move Lance,” The Razor says. “But there’s no way you’ll be getting out of here alive, you can’t get past my army.”

“You just wait and see,” Lance says. “Goodnight everybody.” He added and then he aimed at the roof and shoots the two disco balls on the ceiling, the lights went out and the room became pitch black, there was a commotion as everyone was struggling to find their bearings. Lance struck The Razor in the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him out. He threw the unconscious man over his shoulder and whispered to Frank. “Come on.”

Both men followed their instincts to make it through the commotion and find their way to the exit. Frank rushed over to the car and turned the ignition. Lance throws The Razor into the backseat and jumped in with Frank. “Step on it.” Lance says and Frank drove off at high speed.

“Can’t believe you shot me?” Frank says when they reached the main road.

“Are you mad about that?” Lance asks.
“No, I’m not,” Frank says.

“Good, cause I did it to save your life. It’d be ungrateful of you to be mad at me for saving your life.” Lance says.

“I know,” Frank says. “It’s just hard to believe, I mean it’s insane. What if you missed and truly shot me instead.”

“Then you’d be dead,” Lance says with a slight chuckle. “But then again I never miss unless I want to. Which in your case I wanted to, otherwise you’d be dead.” Lance says and Frank smiled. “I told you, you had to be ruthless to play this game. Strike fear into your opponent and use that fear against him, take advantage of every little distraction. That’s how you survive.” Lance added.

“Okay, okay. I don’t need any more lectures tonight.” Frank says. “Now we’ve got The Razor, we know where Bob Goatee is going to be and we’ve also got a lead on where to start looking for your friend, what happens now?”

“Now the show’s just getting started.” Lance says.

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