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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 89
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“So,” Frank says, “What’s the plan?”
“Joseph,” Lance calls Joseph’s attention to himself. “I’ll need you to look into all the criminal files in the past five months that has anything to do with Zach Owens.”

“Okay.” Joseph says.
“This includes checking all the security cameras in the city,” Lance says, “Maybe we can track his movement on footage.”

“So much work for me,” Joseph says. “What will the rest of you be up to?”
“Jeff and Frank are coming with me.” Lance says.

“Where are we going?” Jeff asks.
“Since Bob Goatee has decided to put himself in the spotlight, we might as well take the dance to him first.” Lance turns to Frank. “You said his boys attacked Simon last night right?”
“Yeah,” Frank says. “He was attacked on his way home.”

“Where does he live?” Lance asks.
“Stark district,” Frank says. “He’d have to take the route that leads through Evergreen bay, which is where he was attacked.”

“Someone must have witnessed the incident.” Lance says. “Do you know the place?” Lance asks Jeff.

“Yeah,” Jeff says. “But I highly doubt we’ll find any witness who’s willing to reveal anything.”

“That’s right.” Frank added. “The locals fear Bob Goatee and his men so much that no one has the nerve to confide in the cops.”
“Never mind that,” Lance says with a smile. “I’ll get the truth out of them.”
“Of course,” Frank says with a smile. “I forgot we’ve got a super detective with us.”

“Well,” Jeff says. “I sure hope everything goes your way Lance.”

“You need not worry,” Lance says with a wide grin. “Cause things can only go in two ways; my way or no other way.”

“All right then,” Frank says. “Let’s go.”
(Later in the evening)

“So far we now know that Simon was attacked by some men driving a black sedan, and we also got the car’s plate number.” Frank says to Lance as they joined Jeff in the car. “Nice detective work.”

“I’m impressed,” Jeff says with a smile, turning around to face Lance who had settled in the back seat. “Those locals aren’t always willing to divulge anything to the coppers.”
“Well, Detective Lance was very persuasive; he knew when they were lying, when they were hiding something and he knew how to make them talk.” Frank says, settling in the front seat next to Jeff.

“Enough with the formalities,” Lance says to Frank. “Just call me Lance.”
“Alright Lance,” Frank says. “What’s our next move?”

“Send the information we got to Joseph, tell him to check all the security cameras in the city for a black sedan with that plate number,” Lance says opening a bottle of beer he bought earlier. “For the mean time, let’s all go home and have some rest, it’s been a long day.”

Later in the morning
Lance was woken up by a call on his phone.
“Hello.” He says.
“Hello sir, it’s me Jeff.” Came the voice. “Joseph found the gangs hideout sir, we need to get moving.”

“Good,” Lance says jumping out of bed. “Let’s go then.”

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