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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 87
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“So,” Michael says to Jeff. “You’re the new driver?”

“Yeah,” Jeff says.
“How long has it been?” Michael asks.
“Ever since he arrived yesterday,” Jeff answered, he was starting to wonder why he was been interviewed.

“Hmm,” Michael says thoughtfully. “Let’s hope you last longer than Tim.”

“Who’s Tim?”
“Who was,” Michael corrected. “Poor Tim is dead; he used to be Lance’s driver.”
“How did it happen?” Jeff says, sadly.
“Sniper,” Michael says, “Tim got hit by a bullet meant for Lance.”

“Oh.” Jeff was shocked.
“I don’t mean to scare you but your death is inevitable.” Michael says.”As long as you are working for Lance, that is.”

Jeff swallowed hard. “W-why is that.” Jeff stutters.

“Because danger follows that young man everywhere he goes,” Michael says looking towards the room where Lance was having a bath. “I have never met a single man with so many enemies and the number keeps rising every day. How he manages to stay alive is both a mystery and a miracle. Working with him is like signing a death contract. I’m sure Zach is in so much trouble because he was associated with him.” Michael continued, he looked at Jeff and says, “Hope you have a will.”

“Uhhmm,” Jeff says. “But you work for him as well, how come you’re still alive.”
“That’s because I have great survival instinct,” Michael says with a smile. “Lance is a cool guy though, so long as he’s been drinking. Most of us lose our minds when we’re drunk but drinking is what helps keep him sane. Haven’t you noticed how grumpy he gets when he hasn’t been drinking?”

“Yeah,” Jeff says. “Why is that?”
“When Lance was a kid he lost his parents and only brother in a car accident, his father’s relatives took over all of his properties and Lance was left with his grandmother who struggled to raise him on her own. Lance was bullied a lot when he was in school, other kids would make fun of him for what he was wearing. The bigger kids in school would beat him up for getting the highest score in class and he would return home with swollen eyes and lips.” Michael says.

“His grandmother worried about him a lot, Lance felt like a burden to her so he left home. He had to live on the streets for two years or so, he learned to survive on his own at a very young age. He joined the army at the age of twelve where he went through some rigorous training, a lot more happened after that before he became the man he is today.” Michael paused and looked towards the bathroom before facing Jeff. “As you can see Lance has been through a lot in his life, he has lost a lot of people that he care about, he has watched his loved ones die right before his eyes and memories of the past still haunt him till today. Drinking helps keep him from remembering those sad memories and going crazy.”

“It’s really hard to imagine that someone like him has had it so hard.” Jeff says sympathetically.

“Yeah,” Michael says. “Given the fact that he’s an egoistic b-----d.”

“Who are we talking about?” Lance just came out of the room looking refreshed with a change of cloth. Michael was unaware that he was standing behind him.

“Nobody,” Michael was startled. “We should get to work on finding Zach.”

“We?” Lance says. “I don’t think so. I will find Zach; you my friend are going to Shanghai.”
“You are sending me to china? But I like it here.” Michael says, clearly displeased.
“I didn’t say China,” Lance says with a smile. “I said Shanghai.”

“What’s the difference man, I can’t even speak Chinese.” Michael says. “What are you sending me to china for?”

“That’s where The Moth was last seen, Cede has a lead on him and you’re going there to aid him in his investigation.” Lance says.

“T-The Moth?” Jeff says. “But that guy is a psychopath; he killed so many coppers to escape from prison.”

“And he is worth a lot of money.” Lance added.
“Well,” Michael says. “That still doesn’t change the fact that you’re sending me to my early grave.”

“Your plane leaves in two hours,” Lance says ignoring Michael’s plea. “Miss it and you’ll be walking to china.”

“Alright,” Michael says giving up. “But I’ll need some money for equipments and miscellaneous.”

“Yeah,” Michael says. “Food, drinks and we might also need to pay for information you know.”

“Fine,” Lance says as he picked up his briefcase and tossed it at Michael. “Thirty million that should be more than enough now get go.”

“Alright, let me pack my things.” Michael says as he walks into one of the rooms.
Lance sat and poured himself some wine before facing Jeff. “You are going to help me find Zach,” He says. “I don’t usually ask for help but I don’t know this city and I need to find Zach as soon as possible. So you’re going to help me.”

“I’ll be glad to help.” Jeff says.

“Yeah but I need a team,” Lance says thoughtfully. “I need someone who knows this city very well.”

“That would be me.” Jeff says with a smile.
“I would need a tech guy as well.” Lance says.
Jeff thought for a while and says. “I might know someone who can help you with that.”
“Very well then, let’s get going.” Lance says as Michael walks out with a luggage. “We’ll drop you off at the airport.” Lance says to him.
As the three of them moved out of the house, Jeff wanted to ask Lance about his weapon storage but he felt this might not be a good time. He just couldn’t shake off the feeling that something huge might be coming to Evergreen city and Lance seems to be the only one who is prepared for it.

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