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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 86
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Lance sat in front of Michael as they spoke about Zach. Michael seems to be more reasonable now that he’s sober.

“He came here after he fooled those cops into thinking that he was dead.” Michael says. “He told me he needed to move away from here, he didn’t tell me where he was going.”
“And you didn’t bother to track him?”
“Of course, I tracked him,” Michael says with a frown. “You make it sound as if I wanted this; just so you know I never wanted any of this to happen to him, he was a very good friend.”
“If you really care about him you would have called me, you wouldn’t be here wasting money on women and drinks.” Lance says.
“Come on man, what else was I supposed to be doing in this boring place.” Michael says.
“Not wasting money on women and drinks.” Lance says.

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Michael says.
“Were you able to track him?”
“No man, I could never pinpoint his location, it felt like he disappeared off the grid or something.” Michael says.

Just then Jeff who was still standing by the door sneezed. “Sorry,” He says.
“Bless you,” Michael says.
“Oh,” Lance says. “I almost forgot that you were here, come here let me introduce you two.”

Jeff walked over dragging Lance’s luggage behind him with one hand and carrying his briefcase in another.

“This man right here is Jeff, he’s my new driver.” Lance says to Michael before turning to face Jeff. “And this is Michael.”
“Nice to meet you.” Michael says as he shakes hand with Jeff.

“Nice to meet you too.”
“Now that we’ve sorted that out,” Lance says. “Where’s the arsenal?”

“It’s down in the basement.” Michael says.
“Alright let’s go.” Lance says. “Bring the luggage.” He says to Jeff.

Michael led them down into the basement; the room was filled with military grade weapons hanging on the walls, some were lying on a table. Jeff’s mouth dropped.

“Add these ones to the rest.” Lance says to Michael as he hands him the luggage.
‘What the heck is going on here?’ Jeff thought. ‘Why so many guns?’ Jeff knew there was no way Lance brought all these guns just because of the mayor’s assignment, he has other plans. ‘Didn’t he say that he was planning to come to this city even before the mayor hired him? Something big must be going on here.’

Michael proceeded to do as he was told arranging the guns in order.
“Where’s the bathroom?” Lance says, “I could use a shower and some change of cloth.”
“It’s the third room to the right, upstairs; it’s coupled with a bedroom, I kept your clothes in the closet.” Michael says.

Lance turned his back and went upstairs.
Jeff decided to use the opportunity to get some information from Michael. “If you don’t mind me asking,” Jeff says. “Why so many guns, what are you guys planning? From what I can tell this weapons are military grade.”

“That’s top secret son,” Michael says waving a gun towards Jeff. “You knowing about it now mean I’ll have to kill you.”
Jeff gasped.

“Just kidding,” Michael says as he drops the gun with the rest. “Let’s get back upstairs.”

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