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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 85
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Lance started towards the front door, Jeff followed him.

“Go get my luggage,” Lance says to Jeff. “And the briefcase.”

Jeff rushed back to the car and returned with Lance’s Luggage and briefcase. Then the two walked to the front door. Lance tried to open the door but it was locked, bolted from inside. He knocked on the door several times before a lady wearing a tight dress and shorts opened the door.

‘Those shorts are too short.’ Jeff thought slightly averting his eyes from the woman.
Lance pushed his way through the door and into the living room; the air smelled of alcohol and the loud music was ear piercing, bottles of expensive wines littered the living room some were on the table but most of them were lying on the floor. Lance scanned through the score of half unclad women dancing in the living room till he spotted Michael sitting on a chair he had a girl giving him a lap dance while he was drinking from a bottle of beer.

“Michael,” Lance yelled over the sound of the music.

Michael looked away from the girl on his lap and faced Lance. His drunken eyes went sober as he stared at Lance in shock. In a flash, he pushed the dancer off his lap and bolted for the bedroom door.

“Oh no you don’t,” Lance says as he dashed after him, he jumped over the table and flew over a couch in pursuit. He caught Michael by the belt just as he was about to escape into the room. Lance dragged him back to his chair. “Stay right there.” He says to Michael who readily obliged.

Some of the girls have noticed Lance’s presence and were staring at him, but most of them were still dancing and drinking. Lance walked over to the speaker and turned off the music.

“Alright girls,” He yelled. “Party is over now beat it.”
“Who the f--k is this guy.” A girl says.
“I ain’t going nowhere,” Says another. “This party is just getting started.” She yelled and the others gave a loud cheer. The girls were obviously drunk. Soon enough someone turns the music back on and the girls resumed their dancing.

Lance walked up to Jeff who was standing at the door; he took his luggage from Jeff, la!d it on the floor and opened it. Alas, the luggage was filled with guns, lots of different types of guns.

Jeff was stunned and his jaw dropped, “How did you get that through the airport’s check?” Jeff asked.

“Let’s just say I know a guy,” Lance said. He picked up a shotgun and aimed it at the speaker, he fired two short bursts at the speaker and it smoked, the music stopped and everyone starred wide-eyed at Lance. “Now I’m going to repeat myself for the last time,” Lance says cocking his gun. “Beat it!” If the girls were drunk a minute ago they were definitely sober now as every one of them screamed and rushed through the door they were running as fast as they could.

“Those girls won’t be coming back any time soon.” Jeff says as he watched the ladies running down the street.

“Good,” Lance says to Jeff as he approached Michael. “I asked you to build me a house and keep it discreet but instead you turn it into a club, so you’ve been wasting my money on girls and booze?” Lance leveled his gun on the frightened man. “Give me one good reason not to blow your brains out.”

“Cause we are such good friends and business partner?” Michael says with a nervous smile.
Lance gave him an evil grin. “Before I kill you my dear friend and business partner,” Lance says in a sarcastic tone as he draws the gun away from Michael. “I could use some information. Has Zach been here by any chance?”

“Uhm?” Michael stutters. Lance points the gun back at him. “No.” He says.

Lance looked into his eyes and cocked his gun. “Do yourself a favour and try not to lie to me especially when I have gun leveled at you. You of all people should know better.” He shoves the gun under the drunk man’s nose. “Now let’s try that again. Where is Zach?”

“H—h-he’s here.” Michael start’s stuttering again. “I mean he was here but not anymore.”

“When was the last time you saw him?”
“F-few months ago.”
“Be specific.”
“It’s been four months.”
“Why was he here?”
“Someone was framing him for murder.” Michael says. “He needed a place to hide and he needed some guns as well.”

“So much has happened.” Lance says moving the gun away from Michael’s face. “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Zach didn’t want you to interfere,” Michael says, feeling relieved now that he no longer had a gun pointing at his nostrils. “He said it was personal and he needed to handle it on his own.”

“And you agreed to keep it from me?” Lance says returning the gun back to Michael’s face. “Who do you take orders from, Zach or me?”

“Of course it’s you,” Michael says. “It’s just that Zach is a friend and he made me promise.”

“So, where is he now?” Lance asks.
“I don’t know.”

“So, you have no idea where he went and you are here partying, and yet you call yourself a friend,” Lance says with a frown. “You better hope for your own good that nothing bad has happened to him or else….”

“Chill out man, you’re getting worked up for nothing,” Michael says with a smile. “Zach is a big boy he can take care of himself, I’m sure he’s fine.”

“And enough of the threats, I know you’re never going to shoot me anyways,” Michael says getting up from his seat; he is a couple of inches shorter than Lance. “You need to relax and have some drink man. You look like you can use some of this.” He staggers to a table in his drunken state, he pours some wine in a cup spilling half of it on the floor he was clearly drunk, and then he offers the drink to Lance.
Lance smiled as he collects the glass from Michael then he throws the content in his face.
“Aah, It burns,” Michael m0aned as he rubs his eyes in pain. “That’s worse than getting shot, Why did you do that man?”

“Just checking the wine’s quality,” Lance says as he pours himself another glass and drinks from it this time before throwing the rest at Michael’s face again.

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