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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 84
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I stared down at the paper in my hand as Jeff drove off, the names were listed in chronological order, I felt the mayor had arranged them in the order of their notoriety as I read the name’s in my mind.

Number one; Agent X A.K.A(The Drug Kingpin)
Number two; Bob Goatee A.K.A(The Big Goatee)
Number three; Razor A.K.A(The Devil’s Son In-Law)

What a corky name
Number four; Twelve Fingers
Number five; Toxic A.K.A(The Poison)
Number six; Sexy Killer A.K.A(The Sexy Killer)
Number seven; Period A.K.A(.)

That about sums them up, as expected, none of them seems to be using their real names though so investigation is going to be a bit hard but I’ll work around it.

But first things first; it’s time to find that foolish friend of mine.

“According to the address we should be closing in on the house right now.” Jeff says.

“Great,” I said. “Now listen this place is meant to be a secret, so far only four of us know about it so you must promise to keep it a secret.”

“Sure, I’ll keep it a secret,” Jeff says. “But I’m not so sure about them,” He added pointing towards a house with loud music blaring from it. Girls can be seen dancing around in the living room, lots of girls. It’s like a night club.

My jaw dropped
“This can’t be the place,” I said.
“This house matches the address and it’s the only house on the whole block,” Jeff says. “This is definitely the place; I’m one hundred percent sure.”

“Motherfu-Cker turned my secret dome into a f-----g night club?” I said with a clenched fist. “Lord help me, I’m going to kill that fool.”

“Michael!!!” I yelled as I rushed out of the car.

(Bob Goatee’s apartment)
The Big Goatee; a huge man with large muscles and a thick head which seems almost too big for his thin neck, The Big Goatee as he was called is as a result of his long beard which grew only at the center of his huge chin but he preferred to be called, Bob Goatee, in reference to his real name Bob.
He was having a phone conversation in his moderate size living room while resting on his couch. Four men, each armed with an assault rifle gathered around him, a big bowl of fried chicken and a half empty bottle of beer, lies on the table in front of him. Just then one of his men rushed in. The four armed men poised their rifles at him thinking he met be an intruder.

The young man threw his hands up over his head. “Don’t shoot, it’s just me.” He says. “I need to speak with the boss.”
Bob raised a hand and his men lowered their guns, he ended his conversation and looked at the man who just entered. “This better be good Benji,” He says as he reached for a chicken b----t and bites a large chunk out of it. “I was having an important conversation.” He says with his mouth full.

“Squid and some of our boys got arrested yesterday,” The man who Bob referred to as Benji says.

“What? How is that even possible?” Bob says as he takes another bite at the chicken. “Weren’t they parking heat?”
“They were just messing around on the road downtown,” Benji says. “They weren’t expecting any resistant so they were unarmed.”
“Fools,” Bob says wiping oil from his mouth using a towel, “Don’t I always tell you to be prepared for anything? So tell me who arrested them?”

“The cops,” Benji stupidly says.
“I’m surrounded by fools,” Bob says tossing a bone at Benji’s head. “What I need is a name, who was the officer in charge of the arrest?”

“Our source at the police station says the arrest was led by an officer named Simon.” Benji says.
“Our job is to spread fear and terror into the out of the citizens of this city, that’s what we’re been paid to do,” Bob says as he takes a swig directly from the bottle of beer. “People won’t fear us anymore if we allow some officer to arrest one of our own without making a fuss about it. We need to make an example out of him,” He burps loudly. “Gather some boys, Tell them to find him and tear him up.”

“Yes sir.” Benji says, he turned and starts walking out.

“I want it done tonight, Benji or else you might just end up like this poor chicken here,” Bob says and burps again.

Benji gave a quick nod and walks out.

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