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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 82
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Lance walked out of the mayor’s office; he went down stairs into the living room where Jeff was waiting for him.

“Come on let’s go.” Lance says handing Jeff the briefcase.

Jeff had a frown of his face and he made a low grunt which shows that he was not a happy camper at the moment.

“What’s up with you?” Lance says as they walked over to Gerald who was waiting to escort them out but Jeff didn’t reply.

Jeff was silent for a while but then he spoke up when the three of them were in the elevator. “It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Deputy.” He says to Gerald.

“The pleasure is all mine; Jeff.” Gerald says with a smile.

‘Such a nice man, he even remembered my name.’ Jeff happily thought.

Gerald led them to the front door and bid them fare well. A car was already waiting to drive them out to the front gate. After making it to the front gate Lance started towards the grumpy guard they had met earlier.

‘Trouble,’ Jeff thought.

But when Lance walked over to the now humbled guard he fished a thousand dollars out of his pocket and gave it to him.

“Life is short.” Lance says to the guard. “Don’t be a grumpy fellow.”
The man nodded and mouthed a thank you.
“I can’t believe this.” Jeff says when they have both settled in the car.
“What’s that?” Lance asks.

“For starters you just gave a man who insulted you a thousand bucks,” Jeff says. “But I who has done nothing to offend you, you used me as bait.”

“I did not.” Lance says.
“You did too.” Jeff countered. “Didn’t you say that back at the mayor’s office, that I was bait.”

“Bait is not the right word to use.” Lance says. “Impersonator would be the right vocab to use. You were impersonating me and that’s all, nothing wrong with that.”

“I was impersonating you?” Jeff says with a scoff. “To do what exactly, tell me.”
“Well,” Lance says. “You were going to have fun been Lance Elliot for a day and if you had just shot your mouth you would have enjoyed all the attention at least till we’ve met the mayor.”
“And what happens if there had been a sniper waiting for you like you said uhn.”

“Then you’ll probably be dead by now but look on the bright side; there wasn’t.” Lance says with a smile. “Now make yourself useful and drive me to that bar you spoke of.”

“Oh,” Lance says withdrawing the paper from his pocket. “And tell me how many people you recognize from this list.”

Jeff looked at the paper and said. “All of them.”

“Well, in that case, I’m going to have to arrest you.” Lance says bringing out his handcuff.
“What?” Jeff’s expression changed instantly. “Arrest me? but why?”
“Because you know all the gang leaders, you must be a gangster yourself.” Lance says struggling to keep a straight face. “I bet you work for this guy right here. What’s his name? Agent X.”

“NO!! No I’m not a gangster,” Jeff exclaimed, panicked. “I know all those names because I live in this city; those names are very popular around here ever since the crime wave crisis started.”

“Ah!!” Lance says as he burst out laughing. “You should have seen your face, “NO!! I’m not a gangster, please don’t arrest me.”” Lance says imitating Jeff’s panicked state using a funny voice.

“That wasn’t funny.” Jeff says, he was laughing now as he watched Lance imitating his act. “I did not sound like that.”

“You did too.” Lance says, “You were like, “I don’t want to go to jail, I want my mommy.” You sounded like a little girl.” Lance says in between laughs.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” Jeff says with a smile as he chuckles, “By the way that’s the last person I would want to work with if I were to be a gangster.” He said pointing at Agent X on the paper.

“Why is that?” Lance asks feigning ignorance. “Have you guys met?”
“Oh we’ve met alright,” Jeff says with a frown. “That’s the masked a-----e who I told you about.”

“The one who got you fired at the hospital?” Lance asks.

“Same one,” Jeff says, and then his face light up like he just remembered something. “That reminds me; you said something about having a friend in this city right?”

“Zach,” Lance says.
“Zach Owens?” Jeff says; Lance nodded. “I think I know where he is.”

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