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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 81
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“Of course, how silly of me,” the mayor says with a smile. “Handshaking is so old school, come on son give me a bro hug.” He drew Lance in for a hug and gave him a pat him on his back.

Lance made a disgruntled face during the hug, this clearly doesn’t bode well with him but he managed a smile when the Mayor broke the hug. It took every ounce of strength Jeff had to keep himself from laughing.

“If you don’t mind me asking though, why are you dressed like that?” The mayor asks eyeing Lance clothing curiously. “There’s nothing wrong with what you are wearing, don’t get me wrong but from what I’ve heard you are a very fashionable person. You are always dressed to kill and your dressing always stands out in any crowd.” The mayor says and then as if he was noticing Jeff for the first time he asked. “And who is this guy?”

Jeff wanted to introduce himself but Lance cuts him off. “You said it yourself Mayor,” Lance began. “Everybody knows my dressing always stand out due to my high taste in fashion but,” Lance says whilst stroking his hair. “I also like to practice caution and be as discreet as possible when I’m in a new city. That’s why everyone knows the name but only a few knows the face.”
“Why?” Lance asks no one in particular and moved on to answer his own question. “Because I have a lot of enemies you see and no one is going to expect me to show up here dressed like this, so if there had been a sniper waiting at the gate to shoot me down they would have shot this guy instead.” Lance says pointing at Jeff and then he started laughing when he saw the look on Jeff’s face.

“Ah!” The mayor exclaimed laughing hysterically. “What brilliance.”

Everyone was laughing now even Gerald had a smile on his face. The only person, who wasn’t smiling though, was Jeff.

The Mayor looked at him and shook hands with him whilst still laughing. “Nice to meet you Mr. Uhm…”

“Jeff, Jeff Sheldon.” Jeff says he found himself smiling now, happy to be shaking hands with the Mayor.

“Well,” The mayor says now facing Lance. “I’m sure you are a very busy man and so am I. So let’s not waste either of our times and get down to business, shall we?” The Mayor says as he gestures for Lance to follow him upstairs to his office.

More stairs? Lance grunts as he followed the mayor.

Jeff trailed after him but Gerald placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Sorry Mr. Sheldon.” The Mayor says turning to face Jeff. “It’s a private business.”
“Wait here.” Lance says as he follows the mayor.

Lance followed the mayor into his office, a spacious room with a chair and a desktop computer. The room is shielded by walls made out of glass; one could see the entire front yard and many other parts of the city from up here.
“You know this city used to be a humble, peaceful paradise, every tourists delight.” The Mayor says, looking out the walls. “But now crime rate rises every day, bank robberies during the day, kidnapping, murder, assaults.” The mayor sighed before adding. “Drug kingpins,”
“That doesn’t sound like paradise no more.” Lance says.

“Yeah,” The mayor says with a worried look on his face “And you know what they say? They say it’s my entire fault that everything changed during my administration.” The mayor says slamming both hands on his desk.
“I suppose, that’s why you called me here? A private investigator,” Lance says. “My job is to solve mysteries and carry out investigations, not to help you stop bank robberies or patrol the streets at night to prevent assaults. That’s the work of your local police.”

“Have a seat, Detective,” The mayor says settling down on his seat; Lance then sat in front of him.
“My advisors tell me that the best way to take care of this issue is to handle it from the grass root level and by that I mean taking out the gang leaders and I believe that you are the best man for the job. I have a list here with me,” The mayor says retrieving a piece of note from his desk and handing it over to Lance. “That list contains the name of the most popular gang leaders in this city.”

Lance looked at the List in his hand; there were seven names in total. The first name on the list caught his attention. “Agent X.” He says.
“Yes,” The mayor says. “Having one of the world’s biggest drug kingpins in my city does not look good on my reputation as mayor, does it? I believe you two have a history.”

Lance was still staring at the name when the mayor continued. “It is said that you were the only person who ever came close to catching this guy and that he had to flee from Mexico all because of you.”

Lance said nothing he seems to be deep in thought.

“You once dedicated your career to catching this guy and yet you failed,” The mayor paused as if waiting for his words to sink in. “I’m giving you a second chance at redemption son.”
Lance still didn’t utter a word; it was almost as if he had gone mute. A beautiful lady walks in with a tray containing two cups and a bottle of wine. The mayor asked her to pour Lance some wine before she left.

“You know son, you and I are not very different,” The mayor says.

Suddenly Lance reached out for the glass of wine in front of him and downed it in one shot. “With all due respect Mr. Mayor,” Lance says wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “You and I are nothing alike. You are a man who walks around with scores of securities watching your back; hundreds of them are guarding your house. You spend your leisure time playing golf, if you don’t want to speak with anyone let’s say the press then no problem you’ve got a personal assistant for that, you never have to worry about a thing other than going to the bathroom, and no one will ever disrespect you, why? Because you’re the mayor, but me I’m the type of guy who goes to sleep every night with a gun under his pillow. I spend my leisure time dodging bullets in dark alleys. More than a thousand people want to see me dead right now. People respect me not because I’m a detective, it’s because I’ve earned their respect and my actions speak for me. So, like I said we are very different Mr. Mayor”

“Well,” The mayor says clearing his throat. “While you may be right in some ways; you seem to forget our similarities, the fact that we have both achieved a great measure of success at an early age, you are just twenty seven and you’ve become a world renowned detective. I myself have become the mayor of this great city at a tender age of forty nine. So, you see we are both alphas in our own territory we make our own rules.”

Lance shrugs and the mayor continued.
“I’m curious about one thing though,” The mayor paused as if waiting for Lance to ask him, what it is. It never came, so he continued. “The man who introduced me to you said that you are a very busy person who gets a lot of contracts, he said you might not even consider my proposal. So, I’m wondering, what made you want to come to Evergreen City? I’m guessing it’s not just because of the beautiful scenery.”
“Old friends,” Lance Says.

“You have friends in this city?” The mayor asked curiously.
“Maybe,” Lance says pouring himself another glass of wine.

“Anyways,” He says pushing a briefcase which had been lying on the table towards Lance. “Open it.”

Lance opened it and it was filled with dollars.
“It’s your full payment, 30 million dollars.” The mayor says.

Lance smiled as he shuts the briefcase close. “You have a deal Mayor.” He says looking at the list in his hand and then shoving it in his pocket. “I’ll have every name on this list behind bars very soon.”

“Good,” The mayor says breathing a sigh of relief. “I suggest you start with Agent X, my men have been hunting him for the past two years now with no yield.”

“I’ll have him arrested in two weeks.” Lance says.

“I understand that you are a super detective and all but I’m sure it will take more than two weeks to apprehend a man like Agent X, unless of course he turns himself in. Like I said my men have been after him for nearly two years now and we still don’t know his hideout.”

“I’ll have him arrested in two weeks.” Lance repeated himself.

“Evergreen is a very big city. What makes you so sure?”

“Because,” Lance says emptying his third cup of wine. “Crime fighting is a game and no one plays it better than Lance Elliot.”

Lance got up from his seat and grabbed the briefcase. “Farewell, Mr. Mayor” He says as he walks out of the office.

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