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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 80
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The senior guard spoke on his telecom for a while, before turning towards Lance and gesturing to the gate with his hands. “You may go in, sir.”

Lance walked through the gate with his head up high. The grumpy guard gave a low bow as he walked past him. Jeff followed him and smiled when he walked past the guard who still had his head held low.

They were led by two securities towards a waiting car which would drive them from the gate over to the front door. The car drove them through the massive courtyard. There were a lot of guards patrolling the yard, Jeff was able to count forty six armed guards on their way to the front door. Lord knows how many they are in total number, definitely more than a hundred. He thought to himself.

They walked past a large fountain sprouting water across the beautiful garden. After three minutes drive the car stopped in front of the front door. A dozen guards secured the entrance door.
Lance and Jeff walked over to the door.

“ID.” Says one of the guards; a tall bulky man with an intimidating voice.

“Aren’t those pants too tight on you?” Lance says with a mocking grin.

The bulky guard clenched his fist and Jeff half expected the guy to punch Lance face in. Then the guard held onto his earpiece and was speaking with someone on the other end, after having the conversation he unclenched his fist and smiled.

“Pardon me sir,” He says, “You may go through.”

Lance and Jeff walked through the door and into a large room, also filled with securities. A man walked over to them, Jeff recognized the man as the deputy mayor, Gerald McCoy; he had seen the man a couple of times on the news, a very brilliant man who would one day make a great leader. He was wearing a green suit coupled with a white hat, he held a wide smile which showed his perfect white denture. He looked like a thirty year old man while he was in fact in his mid-forties. The man is a role model for Jeff.

“Gerald McCoy at your service,” He says doffing off his hat, and offering Jeff his handshake. “Nice to meet you Lance Elliot, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Uhm,” Jeff says shaking hands with Gerald, He was happy to be shaking hands with his role model. “Actually, I’m not Lance Elliot, he is.” He says gesturing towards Lance with his left hand.

Gerald looked from Jeff to Lance and then back to Jeff. “Well then,” He says breaking the handshake. “Who are you?”

“I’m his driver.” Jeff says with a smile.
Gerald gave Jeff a disgruntled look and then turned to face Lance who had his hands in his pocket and was looking up at the ceiling, whistling silently. “Oh my,” He says. “How silly of me, I should have known it was you. Your dressing confused me a little but I knew there was something special about your composure.” He says offering Lance his handshake.

Without looking away from the ceiling, Lance said. “I don’t shake hands.”

Just there and then Jeff felt like slapping him at the back of his head. ‘Never have I met someone with such a massive ego.’ He said to himself.

“Oh,” Gerald says withdrawing his hand; he still had that smile on his face. “This way then, the Mayor awaits.”

Gerald led them up some flight of stairs, through an elevator and walked them through some rooms; Jeff found the interior even more beautiful than what he had seen outside.

Finally they stopped in a large highly furnished room which Jeff felt must be the mayor’s living room. There, they found the Mayor sitting on his couch and watching the news. One of The Headlines read “Crime wave in Evergreen City.”

“You know Gerald,” The Mayor says, with his back turn to the trio. “It saddens me to see such news about my beloved city.”

“Sir,” Gerald says, “He’s here.”

The Mayor got up of his seat and walked towards Lance, his face lit up with excitement. “Lance Elliot it’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“At least, someone around here can recognize me.” Lance says.

“Who wouldn’t?” The Mayor says. “After all, not everyone is so blessed with those remarkable rare golden blue eyes.”

Truly Lance had one of the world’s rarest eyes. His blue eyes weren’t just blue, at a closer look one would notice that he had a ring of gold encircling around his blue pupil.

“You have very good eyes Mr. Mayor.” Lance says.

“Why, thank you.” The Mayor says, his hand stretched out for a handshake.

Please don’t say it, please don’t say it, please don’t say it. Jeff prayed in his mind.

Lance looked at the Mayor’s outstretched hand and then looked him in the eye and said. “Sorry but I don’t shake hands.”

Dang it, he said it. Jeff cussed under his breath.

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