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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 78
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Lance woke up to the loud blaring of horn. Looks like Jeff wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
“Ugh.” Lance grunts. “I’m going to kill this guy.” Lance says to himself as he forces himself up from bed. Jeff stopped honking when he spotted Lance through the window.

Lance had changed his clothing when he arrived in his room last night before going to bed; he now wore a sleeveless tank top with shorts that barely covered his knee. Lance walked down the stairs into the living room where he found his suitcase on the floor resting against the couch. Jeff had placed it here last night. He walked into the beautifully decorated kitchen and went straight to the fridge. He had hoped to find at least one bottle of beer but he was to be disappointed as the fridge was filled with fruits, fruit juices, sodas, a few breads and a couple of milkshakes. ‘It seems the owners of this apartment do not fancy alcohol.’ Lance thought. “Bah!” He says in a disgruntled tone. ‘How can anyone survive in here, with this booze free refrigerator, I would die if I were to be locked in here for two days.’

He helped himself to an apple from the fridge before proceeding to the living room. He picked his luggage up and dragged it out the front door. The early morning sun shines brightly and its light illuminates the beautiful garden. Lance hadn’t noticed its beauty when he arrived last night. He stopped for a moment to take in some fresh air and appreciate the beautiful garden; this was soon interrupted by a loud honk.

“Hurry up, sir.” Jeff says as he honks again.

‘That horn is like a toy in a child’s hand.’ Lance thought as he started towards the vehicle with a frown. He opened up the backdoor and placed his luggage in the backseat.

“You are taking your luggage?” Jeff asked.
“My stuff stays with me; it’s none of your business.” Lance says. “Tell me something Billy….”

“Actually it’s Jeff.”
“Who cares what your name is? Tell me who the boss around here is?”

“You,” Jeff says with an innocent smile.
“Good, then you know who’s supposed to be in charge, don’t you?”

Jeff wanted to say something but Lance cuts him off. “Listen!” He says. “I wake up when I want to not when you want me to, I don’t like been woken up when I’m not ready to be awake. I’m letting you off easy this time but next time, I’m going to kill you. Are we clear on that?”

“Sure.” Jeff says, his eyes fixed on Lance’s casual clothing. “But I was just about to talk about what you are wearing.” He added.
“What’s wrong with my dressing?” Lance asks as he gets in the front seat beside Jeff.
“Everything,” Jeff says with a disgruntled face. “I was expecting you to go for a much more formal dressing. After all, you are having a meeting with the mayor of this city, not attending a beach party.” Jeff was formally dressed himself; he wore a white suit coupled with a striking red tie and a perfectly ironed black trouser. One could see their reflection through his shiny shoes.

“Just when did you become my wife, Ted.”
“Uhm… It’s Jeff.”

“Nobody cares what your name is driver, now just shut your trap and drive.”

Jeff took another look at what Lance was wearing. He couldn’t imagine anyone in their right state of mind will dress so casually for such an important meeting. Did he even shower? Jeff thought to himself. “Please, just go back and change.”

Lance shoots him an angry look and he gave up and drove off.

Jeff spoke throughout the ride, he was telling lance about the various attraction centers in Evergreen he also spoke about the mayors that have led this city and what each one of them contributed to its growth during his administration, but none of this seems to amuse Lance. He held a frown all through.

Jeff couldn’t get him to smile or even get his attention. It wasn’t until Jeff told him he knew a place where you could find the best beer in town. That was when Lance faced him with a smile on his face.

An hour later they arrived at the mayor’s mansion.

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