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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 76
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“Where to?” Jeff asked Lance as he joins him in the car.

Lance shows him an address on his phone. “This address.” He said.
“Okay.” Jeff says as he turns the ignition on. I’m still curious to know, how were you able to tell he was lying?” Jeff asked Lance as he was driving. “And please don’t tell me it was magic.” He added.

“The eyes.” Lance says as he was massaging his temple with his thumb.

“What?” Jeff asks.
“The eyes don’t lie. One look into his eyes and I could tell what his true intentions were.” Lance says.

“Wow, so you just look into someone’s eyes and know what they are thinking, just like that?” Jeff asks, Lance’s explanation was confusing him even more.

“Actually, there are three methods by which you can tell if a person is lying. One of it is to study his reaction. Some people react differently when they are lying, another method is to listen to the sound of their voices. That’s how lie detectors work and then there’s the study of the eyes. Of all this methods, the study of the eyes is the most accurate.” Lance says.
“And you can use all three methods?” Jeff asks.

“Yeah.” Lance says.
“Wow, I mean that’s incredible.” Jeff says.
“Well, enough chit-chat. Now drive faster, I’m running late.” Lance says.
“Yes boss.” Jeff says.

Few minutes later.
“We are here.” Jeff announced parking in front of a bar.

“So this is the place?” I asked.
“Yeah.” Jeff says.

I got out of the car, peered through the window and saw my date among the crowd sitting in the bar. She wore a White Ruched Off Shoulder Long Sleeves Dress and she was sitting at a table for two, waiting for me. “You can go.”
“Where?” Jeff asks.
“Anywhere, just go.” I said.
“When should I come back for you?” Jeff asks.
“In the next one hour.” I said.
“Okay, have fun.” Jeff says as he drove off.
Oh yes I will.

I entered the bar and saw some men and women heading upstairs, holding hands. This bar seems to be renting rooms out, sweet. I thought as I started walking towards Meredith. She smiled as she looked up and saw me.
“Wow Meredith, I must say you simply look like a goddess.” I said as I sat on the vacant chair.
“You were late Handsome.” She says with a smile.

“Pardon me, but it was all due to my lousy driver.” I said.

“Never mind, now that you’re here, let’s take an order.” She says, as she beckons to the waiter.

The waiter soon brought the menu. “So, what shall we order for?” She asks.

“Anything you like, I’m okay with it.” I said.
“Okay then, we’ll have the chicken salad.” She says handing the menu back to the waiter.
“Add two bottles of wine to it.” I said, I mean what’s dinner without a few bottles of wine.
“Which brand, sir?” The waiter asked.
“Chandon.” I said.

“Do you drink wine?” I asked Meredith.
“Of course.” She says.

“Alright make that three bottles.” I said to the waiter. The waiter left and came back with the orders.

“Let’s eat.” She says.

Twenty minutes later.
I was paying the bill for the food we ate.
“You barely ate your food, why?” Meredith asked, When she realised that I only ate little from my food.

“I have no appetite for food. I just can’t get my mind and eyes off you.” I said.
“Well at least you had enough appetite for some wine.” Meredith says, staring at the now empty bottles of wine.

“There’s always room for some wine.” I said with a smile.

“Speaking about rooms, I got one for us upstairs. Hope you still have some appetite left.” She says.

Man, I’ve been waiting all night for her to say that. I knew since I could see the lustful look in her eyes.

“Do I? I guess we will just have to find out for ourselves when we get there.” I said with a smirk.

“Come with me.” She says, as she led me up the staircase.

Looks like I’m getting la!d.

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