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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 75
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“This was how it all happened.” Lance began, the room went silent as everyone was listening to him. “Jacob Austin did work as an engineer at one of Starlight’s branch in this city. After six years of hardwork he was transferred to the main branch where he was supposed to be promoted to the position of a Principal Engineer. Quite unfortunately for him the branch manager cheated him and in turn made his son Arthur Bradshaw, the Principal Engineer. Jacob was not very pleased with that and so he quits.” Lance says.

“I read his files, and the company’s records, it says he was promoted.” Simon says, he was shocked by the new revelation.

“He was officially promoted but unofficially cheated that’s why you would still find his name in the company’s records as the Principal Engineer but in reality he’s not, which would later serve as the perfect excuse to carry out the fire outbreak.” Lance says.

“How is Jacob involved in the fire outbreak?” The chief asked.

“Few weeks later Jacob who now bears a grudge against his former company, ran into an old college mate Rufus Barka.”
“Isn’t he the leader of the Arsonists?” The chief asks.

“That’s correct. He offered Jacob a spot in the gang and he agreed.” Lance says.
“So that was when he became a member of the Arsonists?” Frank asks.

“No, sergeant. Jacob needed to complete his first mission before he could be considered as a member of the gang. To prove his loyalty to the gang he had to raze his former place of work. Since he knew how to navigate his way around the company, he had set the bomb a couple of hours before the explosion.” Lance says.
“Then, why was he caught sneaking around the premises?” Joseph asks.

“He was carrying out his actual mission.” Lance says.

“What other mission?” The chief asked.
“A distraction!” Frank exclaimed.
“Exactly.” Lance says.

“A distraction? From what?” Simon asks, he was bewildered.

“Tom’s burger restaurant, the restaurant had been out of business for two years now. A man bought it a few months ago. Guess who that man is.” Lance says.

“Rufus Barka?” Frank asks.

“Exactly. He bought the restaurant because he thought it would serve as a perfect hideout for him and his gang by the time they arrive here. So when they were targeting a building that’s not too far away they knew the police might conduct a search on the nearby buildings. Jacob was chosen to serve as a distraction, once he was caught the police had to stop there search and since Jacob’s name happened to be in the company’s files they knew he would soon be released. Luckily Sergeant Frank was adamant and Unfortunately for them Lance Elliott is in town.” Lance says.

“But– how did you get all this information.” The chief asks, the same question that was on everyone’s mind.

“By going through his files of course.” Lance says.

“But, you looked at them for like two minutes.” Joseph says in utter disbelief.
“Well, that’s because I went through it twice.” Lance says.

“Bullshit, we all know that’s impossible. You obviously know more than you are willing to tell.” Simon countered furiously.

“Silence, Simon not another word from you.” The chief says with a risen tone. “You were the one that made us all to believe that the suspect was innocent and he almost got away because of you. The least you could do is to accept your mistakes, instead you choose to blame others for it, have you no shame?” The chief says and Simon was silenced as he hung his head down.
“I’ll be on my way now.” Lance says as he walks away, and then he came back. “And if a certain someone does meet me in the car in two minutes, let him know that he’s fired.” Lance says to no one in particular. “Adios.” He added as he walks away.

“I’ve got to go.” Jeff says to Joseph as he hurried off to catch up with Lance.

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