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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 73
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Simon was sitting at his desk, he had some files in front of him which he was examining, when Joe came over to him.

“Team leader, I’m glad you’re here.” He exclaimed excitedly.

“I’m not interested in what you have to say Joe, as you can see I’m busy.” Simon says without looking up from his files.

“Trust me sir, you’ll want to hear this one. I just overhead Frank asking that new detective to help him out with his case.” Joe says.
“Which case?” Simon asks. Joe had his attention the moment he made mention of Lance.
“The one involving The Arsonists, he’s asking the Detective to help interrogate the suspect.” Joe says.

“But, we all know that man is innocent.” Simon says.

“Yeah but Frank thinks he’s not and I think the detective thinks so too.” Joe says.
“So this idiot wishes to make a fool of himself on his first day here.” Simon says smiling.
“But, what if Detective Lance can prove the guy is guilty? Then won’t he make a fool of you?” Joe asks.

Simon shoots him an angry look which made him to regret saying those words. “That’s Impossible.” Simon says resting his back on his seat.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve heard a lot of news about his interrogation skills and techniques. They say he can get the truth out of anyone just by looking into their eyes. All I’m saying is that it won’t look good on you if he should prove the suspect guilty, since you were the officer who declared him innocent in the first place.” Joe says.

“Do you take me for a fool?” Simon asks.
“No sir.” Joe added whilst shaking his head sideways.

“I know how dangerous the Arsonists are, I wouldn’t have made a declaration that the suspect was innocent unless I had proof. That suspect Jacob Austin, I checked his files and guess what I found?” Simon asks, as he was staring into Joe’s eyes.

“What?” Joe asks.
“The building that was burnt down, is a branch of Starlight company a company that produces digital and mechanical devices. It is a global company that has its branches both inside and outside this country. They have a total of twenty-seven branches in this country, three of those branches can be found in t‎his city with one serving as the main branch. Every 3 months an engineer is sent from the main branch to each of the two branches to ensure that all the facilities that are being used are in good conditions.” Simon says.

“How does that prove Jacob’s innocence?” Joe asks.

“I looked into Jacob’s files and records and apart from the fact that he has a clean record, guess what else?”

“I’m not good at guessing.” Joe says.
“You are not good at anything Joel.” Simon says as he chuckles.

“Please just tell me. What else?” Joe pleaded.
“Jacob is also an engineer, one that works at the main branch of Starlight company here in this city.” Simon says.

“Then he was sent from the main branch to inspect at the branch which later got burnt that same day but the securities ought to have recognised him, why did they have to call the cops on him and claim that he was sneaking around?” Joe asks.

“That’s because, The day the building got burnt was the first time he would be sent to inspect at the branch.” Simon says.

“Then I guess that explains why the securities didn’t recognise him which means the man is innocent just like you said.” Joe says.
“Exactly.” Simon says.

“But, if the man works at such a large company, why is it that no one has come to bail him out?” Joe asks.

“That’s because ever since Frank had arrested him, the man has been denied the right to an attorney or even a phone call because everyone thought he was a member of the Arsonists and Frank says he didn’t want to take any chances of him contacting his gang members.” Simon says.

“But then if the man is truly innocent, if he decides to sue us we will all be in big trouble. Shouldn’t we inform them about this? I wonder why Frank himself hasn’t found out what the man’s true identity is. He should have read about it in his files.” Joe says.

“That’s because I’m the best judge of character around here, one look at the man and I knew he was innocent. You know how Frank says the man had questionable tattoos, well one of them happens to be the sign of a cross. Why will a member of the Arsonists have a cross tattooed on his body?” Simon asks.

“You’re right, it makes no sense.” Joe says.
“Exactly, and that’s why I took the liberty of carrying out a thorough investigation about him, and at the end of the day I found prove of the man’s innocence.” Simon said.
“But, yet again should we not tell them about this? Even if the man wasn’t innocent, interrogating him without an attorney is wrong. But, This man is innocent and interrogating him any further could lead to a lawsuit.” Joe says.
“Hmm.” Simon was rubbing his forehead with his right thumb as he was thinking for a while. “I have an idea Joel. One that will portray me as the hero and Detective Lance will be seen as a fool in which he is.” Simon finally says as he got onto his feet and went closer to Joe and he whispered into his ears.

Lance and Frank were standing right outside the interrogation room, a room with four sides and a one way mirror on each side. Lance was observing the man from where he stood.
“What do you think?” Frank asks.

“I think I need to get a closer look.” Lance says as he proceeded to open the door.

“Hold it right there.” A male voice says.
Lance looked sideways and saw that the man was none other than the chief of police, Scott Norris. Joseph who had informed him of the interrogation was standing besides him.
“Just what do you think you’re doing Detective? This man’s case has been finalised, he has been proven innocent and you have no right to subject him to further interrogation. And I mean why are you still here, there is no need for you to start working on your first day here. You’ve had a long journey, and you need a rest, we have rented an apartment just for you, your driver has the address, so why don’t you just go there and relax.” Scott says.

“Interrogating suspects is another form of relaxation to me.” Lance says.
“Listen to me Detective that man is innocent, we have enough evidence to justify that.” The chief says.
“If he insists on interrogating the suspect, allow him to do so, sir.” Simon says as he joins them, he was accompanied by Joel Tyler.
“But, you and I know that this man is innocent.” Scott says to Simon.

“But, our world class detective doesn’t seem to believe that so allow him to carry out the interrogation in order to ease his mind, but on the basis that, if he can’t prove to us that the man is guilty he must agree to take full responsibility for any lawsuit that the man might take against us after he had been released.” Simon says.

“Well if he does agree to take full responsibility then I guess it’s okay if he carries out the interrogation.” Scott says.

“No, don’t agree to it. I know Simon he must have something up his sleeves. Doing this might taint your good reputation and it might even cost you a lot of money.” Frank whispered to Lance.
“I agree to those terms.” Lance blurted out without a second thought. “But, first I need to have a look at the suspect’s files.” Lance says.
“It’s right here.” Frank says as he fetched some files from a table nearby and handed it to Lance.

“We could give you an hour or two to examine those, if you’ll like.” Simon says as Lance was examining the files, knowing fully well that Lance won’t be able to uncover the whole truth in just two hours, and even if he did and chooses to back out of the interrogation after he had agreed to it, it will make him look like a confused loser. Which is exactly what Simon wants.

“Done.” Lance says after examining the files for two minutes.

“Did he just say done?” Joe asked Simon in a low voice.

“I’m sure he’s just bluffing. Let’s just stay here and watch him make a fool of himself.” Simon whispered back to Joe as Lance made his way into the interrogation room.

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