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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 72
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“Alright tell me, What is it you want from me?” I asked Frank forcing him to stop as we were walking.

I was wondering what in tarnation could be more important than my date with the hot air hostess.
“Have you ever heard of The Arsonists?” Frank asks.

“No.” I said.
“They are a group of rogues, who have been terrorising the neighbouring towns and cities.” Jose who was following us says.

Neighbouring towns and cities? Last time I checked, I agreed to signing a contract with the Mayor of Evergreen city.

“Much like a cult group, this guys worship Vulcan.” Frank says interrupting my thoughts.
“Vulcan? Isn’t that the Roman God of fire?” I asked.

I’m a genius. Yeah, I know.
“Yeah, and this guys believe everyone should respect and worship Vulcan and they go about setting fire to anything inflammable just to prove to people how powerful he is. Crazy right?” Frank says.

“Yeah, it’s crazy but I kid you not I’ve witnessed crazier scenarios.” I said.
“That’s why I need someone with your experience.” Frank says.

“How can I be of assistance and mind you my contract lies with Evergreen city anything that’s happening in its neighbouring cities is none of my business.” I said.

“Few months ago this was none of our business either. There was a time when this guys wouldn’t dare to set a foot in this city but ever since we had a new mayor, it almost felt like a crime plague had spread throughout the entire city, now rogues like the Arsonists are now at large in our dear city.” Jose says.

“They made their presence known two weeks ago when they had set a building up in flames. Two people died in that fire and dozens were injured. A week after that and another building was set on fire and several casualties were recorded as well.” Frank says.

“Wow, sounds really serious.” I said.
I guess there are things more important than my date.

“Frank is the sergeant in charge of the case, he arrested a suspect as of recent. One who he believes to be a member of the Arsonists.” Jose says.

“He is one of them, I’m sure of it. But the fact that he refused to confess to it after being interrogated many times by myself and a couple of prosecutors everyone but me now think he’s innocent.” Frank says, biting his lower lips as his anger was clearly showing in his eyes.

“It’s not just about the fact that the guy didn’t confess, it’s because you have no concrete evidence against him. He has already been held in our custody for more than 24 hours, holding him here for much longer without any evidence would be an infringement on his rights.” Jose says, his words caused Frank’s anger to rise even more.

“Tell me Frank, you must have your reasons for suspecting this guy.” I said.

“He was caught sneaking around the building that was razed last week minutes before the fire began. As if that’s not suspicious enough this guy has suspicious tattoos all over his arms and body.” Frank says.

“Sheesh… My grandfather recently had tattoos drawn all over his arms and legs, tell me does that make him a criminal?” Jose says.
“Probably.” I said.

“Detective Lance I know you have more experience than the rest of us that’s why I need your help to find the truth cause I’m not just going to sit here and wait for them to raze another building and kill more people.” Frank says.

“Actually when it comes to solving mysteries, It’s not always all about how much experience a man has, sometimes it’s about how talented you are and how brilliant your thoughts are. Every mystery or story has two sides to it, like the two sides of a coin but the problem is as we would a coin we tend to look at it from one side at a time, as a result of which we don’t usually get to see the true picture.‎There is the probability that Jose and the others were right about the guy being innocent, and there’s the probability that Frank is right and everyone else was wrong about the fact that the guy is one of the Arsonists, and then it is plausible that you are both wrong.” I said.

“Can we both be wrong?” Frank asks.
“That’s in fact very plausible.” I said.
“How?” Jose asks.

“It is possible that the guy may not be innocent he might be guilty but for a different cause.”
“So you’re saying that the guy may not necessarily be a member of the gang?” Frank asks.

“Exactly Frank, who knows maybe he was just an accomplice maybe he was just a spy or maybe he was just a distraction.”
“A distraction? From what?” Jose asks.
“From the real crime, he might just be an hired hand whose job was just to distract the securities from their duties in order to allow the operation to be carried out unhindered. So how will you expect him to confess to been a member of the gang when he’s truly not.” I said.
“Wow I never thought about it that way, Detective Lance you really are something spectacular. How do you do it?” Jose asks.
“It’s simple, I simply look at every possible sides of any given case. There might be more than two sides to a story, you simply have to look hard enough but all shall be revealed as soon as I get to speak with the suspect.” I said.
“Today was supposed to be my last chance at interrogating him and getting him to confess. Hence the chief will have him released. That’s why I came running to you when I couldn’t get the truth out of him before the chief sets him free.” Frank says.

“Then we’d better make haste then, Jose go and meet the chief tell him I insisted on questioning the suspect, I’m sure he’ll agree to it.” I said and Jose went ahead to meet the chief. “Come on sergeant let’s go.” I said to Frank as he led me to the interrogating room.

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