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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 71
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“I said what is going on here?” Simon yelled.
“I sent Jeff on an errand and he absconded with my money.” Jack says to Simon as he got back up.

“We just came here to caution him for what he did, when this detective started beating us up.” Joe added.

“What the hell are you doing? You just got here and you are already causing trouble.” Simon says to Lance.

“No that’s not how it happened.” Jeff says from a distance.

“Keep your mouth shut Jeff.” Simon said.
“Jeff now works for me as my personal driver, so I’m the only one who gets to send him on errands.” Lance says staring at Jack. “Or tell him whether or not he should keep his mouth shut.” Lance says this time staring at Simon. Simon wanted to talk but Lance raised a finger and cuts him off. “And you mister had better watch your tongue around me, cause I am a man who can make your life a living hell.”

Simon eyes were filled with anger. “Let’s go boys.” He said to Jack and Joe.

They were walking towards the exit and Simon was thinking of ways by which he could get back at Lance for the insult he just gave him. “Halt!” Lance says and Simon and his boys stopped. “I know what you’re thinking Simon, so let me give you a golden advice that just might save your life. Don’t you ever mess with Lance Elliott, ever.” Lance said and Simon furiously walked out.

Frank Dudley a thirty years old sergeant was walking towards the interrogation room when Joseph Hart a twenty nine years old comrade ran up to him.

“Hey man, guess what.” Jose says.
“What? Jose what?” Frank said.
“You know Detective Lance Elliott, right?” Jose says.

“Of course I know him, what is it?” Frank asks impatiently.

“And you know Jeff right?” Jose asks.
“I do.” Frank said getting more and more impatient.

“And you know Jack and Joe, right?”
“Everyone knows those two trouble makers. Just get to the point, I have an interrogation to attend to.” Frank said getting annoyed. Jose can be very annoying when he’s over excited, in fact he annoys people every time with his questions and confused theories.

“Well today, in the office, while you were away, Jack and Joe were troubling Jeff and then Lance gave them a beating and then Simon showed up and then Lance puts him in his place and then…” Jose was saying.

“I can’t understand a word you just said, try that again but this time slowly.” Frank says and Jose nodded his head as he described what happened in the office in details.

“Wow that’s great.” Frank says when Jose was done giving the details. Frank wasn’t a big fan of Simon and his massive ego, so he was glad that someone could finally put him in his place and so was Jose.

“‎Isn’t it? Won’t it be nice to work for someone like Lance? You know, the same way Jack and Joe are a part of Simon’s team. Working together with someone like Lance Elliott will definitely earn you a bit of respect. Am I right?” Joseph says.

“Lance Elliott is a world renowned detective, he’s considered to be one of the most successful detectives in the world. I’m sure working for him will earn you more than a bit of respect. You’ll go places, you’d be on the news, you’d get to stand by his side when he receives awards, you’d get some of the credits and your pay will definitely increase.” Frank says after thinking for a little while.

“What? I didn’t even think about it to that extent. Working with Lance Elliott is the best thing that could happen to me.” Jose says excitedly.
“Yeah it will but I don’t think he will accept you.”

“Why not?”
“I checked his records, he never had an assistant. He likes to work alone, I don’t see any reason why he would take one now.” Frank says.

“Classic Frank, you are so pessimistic. I’m sure he will accept me given how talented I am. You just wait.” Jose says and walks off.
Frank shook his head and went into the interrogation room.

Lance was sitting at his desk doing nothing.
“Man, I’m bored.” He said. He checked his watch and saw that the time was 6pm. Remembering that he had a date with the air hostess, he got up from his seat.

Josh came over to him and smiled. “Hey Detective, I’ve got to tell you man I’m your biggest fan. So I was super excited to finally get to meet you. I mean you’re such an awesome detective the best in the world…” Jose was saying.

“You want to make a request so just go ahead with it. I do not appreciate your flattery.” Lance said.

“Well, I just wanted to ask if you can choose me to be your assistant? I could be of great help to you, I could…” Jose was saying.

“No.” Lance blurted out as he cuts in before Jose could finish his statement. He picked his phone from the table and walks away.

“But– but.” Jose was stuttering as he followed him.

Lance got to the entrance and met Frank Dudley waiting for him.

“Detective Lance. Please come with me I need your help.” Frank says with a serious face.
“I’m sorry but I have a date.” Lance says.
“It’s very important Detective. I need the help of someone of your expertise. So help me out, Please.” Frank says holding his palms together.
‘But, I have a date.’ Lance says to himself as he followed Frank reluctantly.

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