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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 105
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“Stan, you’re alive.” Lance exclaimed. “I thought you were dead.”

“I hate to disappoint you but I am very much alive.” Stan (Agent X) says.

“You were alive all this while?” Lance says almost in tears. “You have no idea how much pain I felt for living you that night, how I kept living with the guilt, how…”

“Save me the useless, emotional craps Lance.” Stan cuts in. “You were too selfish to really care. All my life I’ve supported you, I was the only person who stood up for you, I helped you when you needed me but when it was your turn to return the favor, what did you do Lance?” Agent X asks. “You left.” He replied before Lance could give a response.

“I- – I was just a kid. I was scared.” Lance says in defense.

“So we’re going to blame it on fear uhn?” Agent X says in disgust. “Do you have any idea what I went through at the juvenile detention facility? Do you have any idea how those people treated us? Do you have any idea how much I suffered? But yet I never blamed you for it. I wasn’t mad at you for leaving me, I was in fact happy and hoping that you wouldn’t get caught. Instead I blamed it on the rich folks who do not care about the poor orphans, while their own kids get all the good things of life. I blamed it on the police force that saw and treated us as a bunch of ragamuffins. I hated them all with disgust and each and every day my hatred for this people grew and I vowed to pay them back in multiple folds when I grow up. I was going to be a torn in their flesh. After I broke out of the Juvenile I lived in the slums and I became a drug kingpin Lance. My influence grew in the crime family and so did my wealth. Then I thought of finding you and just like old times we were going to work together as a team to get what we want. I had a vision that you and I could rule the world as brothers.” Stan says his voice grew louder as he speaks. Lance remains silent.

“Only for me to find out that you have joined forces with the enemy, you had already joined the police force. Can you imagine how I must have felt seeing the man I went through so much trouble for siding with the same people who have made my life so miserable. But yet I did not give up on you, I tried everything I could to make you see the truth but you were blinded by love, so I knew getting rid of that lousy woman was the only way.”

“Is that why you killed her?” Lance asks.
“Yes, but that only seems to have aggravated you more and you started hunting for me and contrary to what you might think that I ran all the way here because I was afraid of you it was simply because I was afraid of what I’d do to you when I lay my hands on you. My hatred for you was growing but for old times’ sake I had to leave before I do something really bad to you but I made a promise that if our part should ever cross again that I will not spare you and here you are again.” Stan paused and then he took off his cloth. His body was covered with scars. “Now I’m going to show you what fear truly means.”

He rushed at Lance and struck him right across the head with his fist. Lance spins with the impact but Stan did not give him the chance to regain his balance as he struck him with a combo of an elbow to the back of the head, a knee to his ribs and another fist to his head. Lance held Stan’s hand as the later tried to punch him in the face.

“Stan. Stop,” Lance pleaded.

But Stan would not have any of it as he reversed the hold and grabbed Lance by the wrist before sweeping him off the floor. Lance landed on his back and Stan struck him twice with his fist.

Then Agent X got off him, “Come on Lance, is that all you got.” He says stretching his arms sideways. “Get up!” He yelled.

Lance who was now slightly bleeding from a bruise on his forehead and nose rolled over on his face and tried to pick himself up but then Agent X kicked him straight in the head, his feet connected with both Lance’s head and face. Lance groaned in pain as Agent X nearly blinded him with that kick.

“I will make you suffer the same pain I felt when I was tortured because of you.” Agent X says and then he delivers another kick to Lance in his ribs.

“Urgh,” Lance groans.
“Get Up!!” He yelled again.

Lance tried to pick himself up and Agent X kicks him again. “I will make you suffer.” Stan says.
“Do you really hate me that much?” Lance asked, finally getting up on his feet all bruised up.

“Hatred is an understatement for what I feel for you.” Agent X says.

“Fine then,” Lance says wiping blood from his nose with the back of his hand, then he drew a gun from his holster and tossed it at Agent X. “Kill me then, prove just how much you hate me and kill me. But I want you to know that I have always seen you as my brother and I still do.”

Agent X picked up the gun with a cruel smile on his face. “Goodbye Lance.” He says, he points the gun at Lance’s forehead and then he pulled the trigger but the gun was empty.

“Did you really think I’d be stupid enough to give you a loaded gun?” Lance says with a dubious smile on his face. “That was just a test to know if there was still some good left in you, I wanted to see if the young boy that always loved and supported me was still in there somewhere but now I can clearly see that he is dead and he has been replaced by a heartless and cold blooded killer.” Lance sighed and rolled up his sleeves. “Now let’s try that again,” He says and beckoned with his right hand. “But this time I’m going to fight back.” He added.

Stan roared and charged at Lance, wielding the gun as a club to knock Lance out but Lance sidestepped him and delivered some quick blows to his ribs. Stan tried to strike Lance with his elbow but Lance dodged and punched Stan’s arm instead, knocking the gun out of his hand. Stan tried to kick Lance in the head but Lance hits the ground and dodged. Lance jumped back up and struck Stan in the left knee before sweeping his feet off the ground.

Stan landed hard on his back hitting his head against the hard floor as he grunts in pain.

“Get up!!” Lance yelled and then he kicked Stan across the head just like Stan did to him earlier.

Stan crawled and dragged himself to the entrance, while Lance picked up the gun he dropped earlier. He was just about to take the shot when Josh came in with a gun in his hand followed by Jeff. The two hadn’t noticed Stan and before Lance could warn them. Agent X knocks Jeff down, snatched the gun from Josh and held him at gunpoint.

“Don’t do it Stan.” Lance says.
“Drop your gun and step back or else I’ll blow his head off.” Stan yelled.

“Please don’t shoot.” Josh pleaded.
“I’m warning you.” Stan says.

Lance grunts loudly and then he complied.
“Now step back… both of you.” Stan says to both Lance and Jeff and they did as they were told.

Now standing next to each other, Jeff asked Lance. “What should we do?”
“I told you not to come.” Lance says in anger.
“Are this your new friends.” Stan asked mockingly.

“Let him go Stan.” Lance warned.
“What’s your name?” Lance asked Josh.
“Oliver, Oliver Puddles.” Josh says frightfully.

Lance would have laughed under normal circumstances but this is not a laughing moment.
“Well, Mr. Puddles prepare to say goodbye.” Stan says and then he pulled the gun’s hammer back.

“Stan, don’t!” Lance yelled seeing the determined look on Stan’s face he knew he meant to shoot.
The sound of the gunshot echoed through the room but it wasn’t from Stan’s gun.
The gun fell from Stan’s hand as the bullet impaled his arm and he fell to the ground squeezing his eyes in pain. Josh picked up his gun and aims it down at Stan. He looked towards the door at the man who fired the bullet.

“Frank.” Josh exclaimed.
“Looks like I came just in time.” Frank says.
“You were in the trunk.” Jeff pronounced. Frank nodded. “I knew I heard something.”
“Lance, are you okay?” Frank asked with concern, seeing how Lance was bruised up.
“I’ll be,” Lance says and then he picked up the gun that fell from his hand earlier. “Right after I end this.” He added, and then he walked up to Stan and aimed the gun down at his face.
Stan looked up at him with a shrewd smile on his face. “Do it! Go ahead and kill me while I’m on my back. You’ll only be proving that you are no different from me. We’re killer’s you and I, always have, always will be.” Stan says and then he laughed.

Lance pulled the gun hammer back and was prepared to shoot when Frank steps in.
“Stop Lance, you’re better than this. You’re not like him.” Frank pleaded.

“Get out of the way Frank.” Lance yelled.
“Killing him won’t change anything; it won’t bring her back Lance.” Frank says. “Think about what you’re doing; think about your friend Zach. If you kill him now we may never find him.”

Lance scoffed bent down and grabbed Agent X by his wounded shoulder.

“Where is Zach?” He roared.
“I don’t know.” Stan yelled back.
“Stop lying or he’ll kill you.” Josh says.
Lance let’s go of him and got up. “He’s telling the truth.” Lance says sadly.

“What?” Jeff exclaimed.
“Maybe he’s lying.” Frank says.
“He’s not.” Lance says matter of factly. “The eyes never lie.”
“Then where is he?” Josh asked.
“I don’t know.” Lance yelled tiredly, he was getting fed up. “All this trouble and yet no Zack.” He says softly placing his palm on his forehead and walking away.

Frank and Jeff walked up to him to console him. “It’s okay Lance, I’m sure we’ll find him.” Frank says.

“Yeah, we’ll definitely find him we just need to keep looking.” Jeff says.

Lance heaved a heavy sigh and smiled. “I’m sure we will.”

“Hold on, who’s that?” Frank says pointing to a man who’s passed out on the ground. “Is that the chief?”

“It is him.” Jeff exclaimed.
“How’d he get here?” Josh asked as he walks up to them.

“He’s wor…” Lance began but then he paused and stared at Josh with a shocked expression. “Shouldn’t you be watching Agent X?”

“Oh!” Josh exclaimed and turned back but Stan wasn’t there anymore.

“Looking for me?” Agent X says. He was now standing next to his chair with the bomb and remote in his hands.

“Stan what are you doing?” Lance asked.
“Looks like we were destined to die together Lance, all of us will die.” Agent X says laughing like a mad man as he approached them.

Lance looked into his eyes and saw a lunatic. Stan was crazy and was willing to press the button. “Run!” Lance yelled to his team.

Jeff and Josh rushed to pick the chief up and then they all started running out of the room.

Agent X kept laughing maniacally. “There is no escape. We—we w-will all die together.” Then he pressed the button.

{Boom} The bomb went off.

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