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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 101
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“Why would Lance want to kill Agent X?” Frank asks.

“Lance didn’t tell us everything about his past with Agent X,” Jeff began. “Michael told me that when Lance joined the police force a few years ago he fell in love with a female officer named Louis. Lance suffered from depression since childhood after losing everyone he cared about and his depression would eventually lead to rage which was never a good thing cause anytime he gets angry a lot of destruction follows and that’s why he had to leave the military. Lance would later resort to drinking to clear his mind but ever since he met Louis he never had to drink and was never depressed. He was really in love with her and they were planning on getting married.” Jeff says.

“So what happened?” Josh asked anxiously.
“Michael said she took a bullet for Lance during a gun fight which led to her death.” Josh answered. “Now guess who fired the shot.” Jeff asks.

“Agent X?” Frank says.
“Correct. And ever since she died Lance had made a resolution to never love any other woman or keep anyone close to his heart ever again because of the pain he felt when Louis died. Lance was depressed once more and he resorted to drinking again, he also vowed to avenge Louis death on Agent X which was why he went after him in Mexico forcing Agent X to flee all the way here.” Jeff says placing the beer on a table. “Now Lance has found Agent X once again just for him to realize that his best friend is missing and Agent X also happens to be the prime suspect.”

“Lance intends to kill him.” Frank declared, finally agreeing with Jeff. Jeff nodded in affirmative.

“Good.” Josh says.
“Good?” Frank asks in disbelieve.
“Well pardon me if I sounded a bit insensitive but I don’t see any reason why Lance shouldn’t kill that no good drug baron, the world will be a better place without jerks like him.” Josh says.

“Well that no good drug baron is at the top of the crime franchise in this city we need him alive to get information on those who are sponsoring the criminals terrorizing this city.” Frank says.
“And he’s probably the only one who knows about Zack Owens whereabouts, if Lance kills him we may never find his friend and I know he’ll never forgive himself for that mistake.” Jeff added.

“Well now that you put it that way, I guess I kind of understand.” Josh says.

“Hold on a second,” Frank says thoughtfully. “Lance once warned me not to let my emotions becloud my judgment but I think he’s about to make the same mistake. He’s heading into Agent X’s hideout without a plan and nothing but vengeance on his mind.”
“He might get himself killed.” Jeff says realizing the implication of Frank’s words.

“Do you know where the hideout is?” Frank asked Jeff.

“Yeah.” Jeff says.
“Good, let’s go.” Frank says.
“Hold on, hold on.” Josh says holding Frank back. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Lance needs our help.” Frank says.

“I understand that but you are injured, Jeff and I will go while you wait here and look after your shoulder.” Josh says.

“I’m okay.” Frank says.
“I think Josh is right, you should stay behind Sergeant.” Jeff says courteously.

Frank looked at the two for a while and then sighed. “Fine then I’ll stay behind, you two best be careful.”

“We will.” Josh says reassuringly.
“I’ll go use the restroom.” Frank says while Jeff and Josh were getting ready to leave. Frank left the room and after Jeff and Josh got everything they needed they left as well.

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